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Brandi Hall Hallie Nix Julianna Wade Angie Johnson.

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1 Brandi Hall Hallie Nix Julianna Wade Angie Johnson

2  Born in Hoquaim, Washington  Moved to Aberdeen, Washington  Sickly Child

3  Mother, Wendy  Father, Donald  Divorce  Withdrawn  Moving  Impact On Nirvana’s Music

4  School  The Melvins  British Bands  William S. Burroughs The Melvins

5  The Beatles  The Monkees  Sex Pistols  The Clash  Black Sabbath  Kiss

6 The Beatles  Helped form Pop Music  Beatles effects music greatly  Wrote own songs  Beatles inspire Clash, Sex Pistols

7 IImportant Punk Rock Band UUnique sound. New Musical Style CCobain listens at an early age

8  Popularized by Sex Pistols  Superior lyrics and melodies  Political views and looks  Nirvana Influenced by Clash

9 Black Sabbath  New slowed, screaming style  Influenced Nirvana’s sound and lyrics

10  1986-Kurt formed the band the Stiff Woodies, with long- time friend Krist Novaselic  Kurt was drummer, Krist was bass-guitarist, and many different guitarists and vocalists  Later changed name to Skid Row featuring Aaron Burkhart on drums

11  1986-Burkhart replaced by Chad Channing  1987-Nirvana was formed  Kurt was lead vocalist and guitarist, Krist was bass-guitarist, and Dave Grohl became the permanent drummer

12  Nirvana began doing performances in Olympia  Made ten demos with producer Jack Endino  In December of 1988, Nirvana released their first single “Love Buzz”

13  In 1989 Nirvana released their first album Bleach  This album featured songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Come As You Are”, and “Something In The Way”  It recorded for just over 600 dollars

14  Nirvana’s popularity grew after appearing on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball and Saturday Night Live  A new form of music had been born

15 1991 Melody Maker's Album of the Year- Nevermind 1991 Melody Maker's Single of the Year- Smells Like Teen Spirit 25/01/92 #1 Kerrang's Indie Metal Charts- Bleach 25/01/92 #1 Kerrang's Metal Charts- Nevermind 1992 Spin Magazine's-Artist of the Year 1992 MTV Video Music Awards- Best New Artist - Smells Like Teen Spirit - Best Alternative Group - Smells Like Teen Spirit 1993 MTV Video Music Awards- Best Alternative Video - In Bloom - Best Art Direction 1994 MTV Video Music Awards- Best Alternative Group - Heart Shaped Box1994 Rolling Stone Magazine's-Artist of the Year

16 1995 Grammy's- Best Alternative Album - Unplugged In New York - MTV's #1 Video of All Time - Smells Like Teen Spirit - MTV's #1 Album of All Time - Nevermind - Triple J's Top 100 of All Time - #1 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Massive's #1 Album - Nevermind - Alternative Press #1 Album of the 90's - Nevermind - Spin Magazine - Top 90 albums of the 90's -- #1 Nevermind 1998 Kerrang-Kerrang's most influential artist of all time -100 greatest gigs of all time (published July 1997) -100 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die (published January 1998) 1998 MTV's most Buzz worthiest group of all time- #1 Smells Like Teen Spirit

17 1999 Q Magazine's -#1 single of all time - Smells Like Teen Spirit 1999 Kurt Cobain: Guitar World Magazine's-Artist of the Decade 1999 Guitar World - Nevermind #1: "20 Albums of the 90's That Mattered Most“ 1999 Diamond Award-Nevermind (over 10 million copies sold award) 1999 Kerrang: Best Song of All Time- Smells Like Teen Spirit 1999 Kurt Cobain: Rolling Stone-Artist of the Decade 1999 VH1 Top 90 Videos of the Decade- #1 Smells Like Teen Spirit 1999 Much Music Top Videos of the Century- #1 Smells Like Teen Spirit2000 Guinness World Book Of Records- Most Played Video on MTV Europe: Smells Like Teen Spirit 2000 Guinness World Book Of Records - Most Sucessful Posthumous Albums: MTV Unplugged in New York & From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah weitere Awards folgen

18  Married Courtney Love  Frances Bean Cobain  Depression and Drug Abuse  Marital Troubles  Guns

19  Kurt was rushed to Hospital  He enters a detox program  Courtney files a missing persons report  Kurt is found by electrician

20  Was Kurt murdered or was it suicide?  Investigations and Books

21 http://www.vh1/artists/az/cobain_kurt/bio.jhtml

22 Beatles: 452393.stm 452393.stm The Sex Pistols http://www.fact- The Clash Black Sabbath: _pgtyp=pdct&artistid=3693 _pgtyp=pdct&artistid=3693

23 What was Nirvana first called? What was the name of Nirvana’s first hit song? Who was Kurt Cobain married to? What was the name of Kurt’s daughter?

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