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SQA update November 2015 Statistics 2013/14 SUBJECT Entries 2013 Entries 2014 Pass rate 2013% Pass rate 2014% Int 1FTT 4537496.597.3 Int 1HFT 3933799.5100.

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2 SQA update November 2015

3 Statistics 2013/14 SUBJECT Entries 2013 Entries 2014 Pass rate 2013% Pass rate 2014% Int 1FTT 4537496.597.3 Int 1HFT 3933799.5100 Int 1LCT 5084296.197.6 Int 2FTT 186669392.4 Int 2HFT 3161858290.3 Int 2LCT 423776.259.5 HFTT 17415694.892.3 HHFT 84695389.891 HLCT 31633797.694.9 AHHFT 323391.784.2

4 Statistics 2013/14 SUBJECT Entries 2013 Entries 2014 Pass rate 2013% Pass rate 2014% Int 1Practical Cookery 662052096.294.6 Int 1SFW Hospitality 26427571.374.6 Int 2General Operations 13411293.389.3 Int 2Practical Cookery 5936369096.898.2 Int 2SFW Hospitality 958994.789.9 Int 2Creative Cake 11388449998.9

5 Statistics 2013/14 SUBJECT Entries 2013 Entries 2014 Pass rate 2013% Pass rate 2014% Nat 3Fashion 3397 Nat 4Fashion 31986.8 Nat 5Fashion 36398.3 Nat 3Health 15373.9 Nat 4Health 112692.5 Nat 5Health 176378.2 Nat 5Cake Craft 56195.7 Nat 3P Cookery 40487.4 Nat 4P Cookery 419395.3 Nat 5P Cookery 359098.4

6 Results Services Exceptional Circumstances…dealt with pre-certification Post Results Services…Candidates have been informed if an upgrade has been given, new certificates will be issued next week Key statistics for the Post Results Service system will be published by the end of November

7 What went well in session 2013/14 Teachers use of professional judgement and understanding of the assessment requirements Good practice in delivery eg Hazelhead Academy working with Robert Gordon University, who supported their delivery of Nat 5 HFT Increased teacher involvement in our proceses Key Messages, Verification feedback and Course Reports online at:

8 Moving forward…  CfEx Management Board report cm4837161.asp?strReferringChannel=thecurriculum&strReferringPa geID=tcm:4-685175-64&class=l4+d148561 cm4837161.asp?strReferringChannel=thecurriculum&strReferringPa geID=tcm:4-685175-64&class=l4+d148561  Changes to Mandatory documents  Reduced verification in line with growing teacher confidence  Advice on how to carry out Internal Verification/toolkit  Upload Understanding Standards materials exemplifying assessment decisions

9 Course Awards 2013/14 British Nutrition Foundation National 5 Health and Food Technology  Rebecca Frienling, Stonelaw High School, Glasgow Advanced Higher Health and Food Technology  Bernard Munro, Perth High School Quality Meat Scotland Hospitality Practical Cookery Intermediate 2  …to be confirmed

10 Quality Meat Scotland  QMS are running their meat voucher scheme in session 2014/15. The voucher entitles your school up to £100 worth of red meat products  They also offer cooking demonstrations to help support the curriculum  Find out more by contacting Jennifer Robertson, Health and Education Coordinator, at

11 Session 2014/15 Last year of existing courses! Briefs online in the SQA secure site for:  Fashion and Textile Technology Nat 5 and both Highers  Health and Food Technology Nat 5 and both Highers …..please note, submission dates are: Nat 5 24 th March Higher 23 rd April 2015 Recipes for Int 2 and Nat 5 Practical Cookery online by 1 st Feb 2015

12 New Highers Fashion and Textile Technology Health and Food Technology We will publish the following:  Exemplar question paper  Marking instructions  Guidance document Please note, the existing Highers can be delivered this session

13 Advanced Higher in Health and Food Technology Course content  Food for Health (single Unit)  Food Science, Production and Manufacturing (double Unit) – progression is from the Higher level ‘Product Development’ + ‘Contemporary Food Issues’ Units Course Specification, Course Assessment Specification (including Mandatory Skills, Knowledge and Understanding), Unit Specifications  Updated and re-published in May 2015, all support materials will use the amended specifications at time of publication

14 Advanced Higher in Health and Food Technology Support packages  Package 1Unit-by-Unit31 October 2014  Package 2Portfolio28 February 2015  Package 3Combined30 April 2015 Course Assessment  Specimen Question Paper (40%)28 February 2015  Project (60%)31 March 2015 Subject Implementation event for Advanced Higher Health and Food Technology - 27 th January 2015 Please use the following link to book your place:

15 Scottish Studies Contextualised Units for:  Nat 3 to H Health and Food Technology – Contemporary Food Issues with a Scottish Context  Nat 4 Hospitality Skills For Work - Hospitality: Working in the Hospitality Industry – Scotland

16 Quality Assurance approach 2014/15 Existing qualifications: Visiting Int 1 Home Economics9 th March to 2 nd April 15 Practical Cookery16 th March to 11 th May 15 Hospitality Skills for WorkJan 15 onwards Creative Cake ProductionFeb/May 15 Central Home EconomicsApril 15 HospitalityApril 15

17 Quality Assurance approach 2014/15 New qualifications: Nominee training for National 1 to Higher (Sept/Nov 14) Verification round 1: National 1 to Higher (Feb 15) Verification round 2: National 4 to Higher (May 15) Materials to be made available/sampling strategy Nominees

18 The Nominee experience…s! Liz Nicoll, Preston Lodge High School Principal Verifier, Hospitality: Practical Cookery Wendy Waldie, Preston Lodge High School Nominee, Hospitality: Practical Cookery

19 Understanding Standards coursework events 20 th NovFashion and Textile Technology Dunblane 24 th Nov Health and Food Technology Stirling 26 th NovHealth and Food Technology Aberdeen 25 th NovHospitality: Practical Cookery Stirling 27 th NovHospitality: Practical Cookery Aberdeen 2 nd DecHospitality: Practical Cake Craft Stirling Please note, these events are for subject specialists

20 Skills for Work in Food and Drink Manufacturing  Course provides an insight into the Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry  Offers opportunity for Interdisciplinary Learning  Links with Health and Food Technology and Science delivery  ‘Wood report’ highlights the need to create ‘vocational’ partnerships, this course gives you the chance to work with the Food and Drink Industry Provides articulation to the NPA in Food Manufacture

21 Keep in touch Curriculum for Excellence Subject pages for Cake, Cookery, Fashion, Health MyAlerts SQA CfE Liaison Team / 0303 333 0330

22 Springboard Future Chef 2015  Enriches Students Learning  Directly Supports the Food Curriculum  Includes Interactive & Practical Resources  Nurtures Industry Links  Provides Life Skills For more information:

23 Contact details  Manuela De Freitas Qualifications Officer for existing Home Economics, new Fashion and Textiles and Health and Food courses 0345 213 5480  Suzanne Train Qualifications Officer for existing Hospitality, new Cake and Cookery courses 0345 213 5602 0345 213 5492


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