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Optimizing BEA WebLogic Applications Proven Best Practices For Optimizing BEA Deployments Tamir Roter Director, Emerging Europe

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1 Optimizing BEA WebLogic Applications Proven Best Practices For Optimizing BEA Deployments Tamir Roter Director, Emerging Europe

2 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com2 of capital expenditures are spent on IT US Dept of Commerce 50 % Today’s IT Reality of IT projects are delivered late Aberdeen 90 % of IT projects are delivered over budget Gartner 50 % of IT projects fail to meet objectives Gartner 50 % of IT projects are cancelled prior to completion Aberdeen 30 %

3 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com3 Are we working on the right things and working efficiently? Are we delivering optimized applications that meet service levels? Mercury’s BTO Offering BUSINESS VALUE DemandApplications BTO APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS BTO IT GOVERNANCE APPLICATION DELIVERY APPLICATION MANAGEMENT BTO WORKFLOW INFRASTRUCTURE

4 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com4 Mercury’s BTO Product Portfolio BUSINESS VALUE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS IT GOVERNANCE APPLICATION DELIVERY BTO WORKFLOW QUALITY CENTER QuickTest Pro WinRunner TestDirector Business Process Testing App Delivery Dashboard App Delivery Foundation 2004 Deliverables in Gray PERFORMANCE CENTER LoadRunner LoadRunner TestCenter Tuning Diagnostics Capacity Planning App Delivery Dashboard App Delivery Foundation APPLICATION RESOLUTION CENTER BUSINESS AVAILABILITY CENTER Topaz Auto RCA Application Diagnostics Future new applications App Management Foundation Topaz Service Level Mgmt Topaz Customer Impact Topaz Business Process and End-User Mgmt App Management Foundation App Management Dashboard (TBA) Governance Dashboard Governance Foundation Change Mgmt Financial Mgmt Time Mgmt Resource Mgmt Project Mgmt Program Mgmt Portfolio Mgmt Demand Mgmt GOVERNANCE CENTER APPLICATION MANAGEMENT App Management Foundation App Management Dashboard (TBA) App Management Foundation App Management Dashboard (TBA) Topaz Auto RCA Application Diagnostics Future new applications Topaz Service Level Mgmt Topaz Customer Impact Topaz Business Process and End-User Mgmt RESOLUTION CENTER BUSINESS AVAILABILITY CENTER

5 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com5 Mercury’s Momentum Superb Financial Performance Top 15 enterprise software company Top 5 fastest growing $1.2B cash $500m revenue run rate Customer Success 75% of Global2000 55% Distributed ASQ Market Share Triple Winner of SAP Member’s Choice Three time SSPA Service Award Winner $500 $0 $ Millions 200120022003199819992000 $188 $307 $361 $400 $480–500 $121

6 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com6 Optimized approach to deployment Requirements Management Load Testing Functional and Regression Testing Test Planning Production Tuning Performance Monitoring Real-time Alerts Root Cause Diagnosis On-going Analysis Defect Management Application Development Pre-deployment Post-deployment

7 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com7 Strategic Alliance Mercury selected by BEA as a 3 Star Strategic Partner Only enterprise testing vendor Mercury solutions used by BEA: Engineering, Professional Services & Proof Of Concept Centers Strong technical integrations: Support for HTTP, TUXEDO, Jolt, RMI & CORBA protocols Integrated performance monitors for WebLogic & Tuxedo

8 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com8 Joint Mercury/BEA Customers And many more...

9 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com9 BEA Servers Are Key Components in Today’s Web Systems BEA based architectures have many moving parts Comprised of many technologies, vendors, protocols, h/w, s/w Mercury Interactive solutions can test them all

10 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com10 Web Servers App Server DB ERP/CRM MQ Messaging DEVELOPMENTDELIVERYMANAGEMENT JSP EJB SERVLET EJB JDBC APP SERVER EJB JDBC SERVLET J2EE – A Chaotic New World More Complexity, less skills Lifecycle Boundries “blurred” Centralized IT Key TrendsResulting Pain Hard to Diagnose Problems Apps “Thrown” into Prod., need fix now 100s Apps to Manage

11 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com11 The First Application Delivery and Management Suite for J2EE Mercury for J2EE ™ Start With Business Process Correlate Visibility From App. Perf. to Business Impact Accelerated Problem Resolution Manage Entire J2EE Ecosystem Leverage Across Lifecycle

12 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com12 Mercury ™ for J2EE DELIVERYMANAGEMENT Mercury Foundation Common Diagnostics Platform: Performance Assurance Platform: LoadRunner, QTP, Test Director Mercury Delivery Monitoring, Problem Identification: Topaz for J2EE Mercury Management Transaction BreakdownDeep Diagnostics Shared Scripts, J2EE Probe Technology

13 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com13 Key Concerns How to reduce time and resources needed for application roll out? How to insure business process quality? How to avoid performance surprises in production? How to eliminate all potential performance problems in advance of any business impact? How to ensure I have enough capacity in my environment for my application? Application ComponentsSystem HealthBusiness Process

14 Quality Center

15 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com15 TestDirector Provides Anytime, Anywhere Web Access to Testing Assets CustomersManagement Product Mgmt. QA Team Development

16 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com16 TestDirector Manages The Entire Testing Process Requirements Management Test Planning Test Lab Defect Management Single tool for the entire test management process Web-enabled for access for all project team members Customizable workflow to follow your best practices Open and integrated with lifecycle tools

17 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com17 Automated Functional Testing Saves Time and Money Sample Calculation Increases Test Coverage. Enables focusing on new functionality. Creates reusable tests. Eliminates human error

18 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com18 BEA WebLogic Test Management & Functional Testing Best Practices Build test cases based on requirements Maintain traceability throughout the test lifecycle Use best-of-breed tools with open architecture Store and share all scripts in a central location Verify all BEA client user interfaces Ensure broken-link testing & verification Determine expected results & calcs before testing Automate only tests that you need to run repeatedly

19 Performance Center

20 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com20 “Manage The Chaos” Mercury Delivery Offerings ApplicationConfiguration Application Diagnostics Transaction breakdown Component, method, SQL Down to source code Toughest J2EE issues System Tuning Isolate system bottlenecks Tier or component level Knowledge-base Centralized console PERFORMANCE TESTING Business Process Emulation End-to-end Monitoring Identify System Bottleneck

21 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com21 Mercury LoadRunner Web ServerApplication Server DatabaseInternet/ WAN LoadRunner Controller LoadRunner Virtual Users Industry-leading automated scalability and performance testing… PERFORMANCE MONITORS Replaces real users with thousands of virtual users Generates consistent, measurable, and repeatable load, managed from a single point of control Efficiently isolates performance bottlenecks across all tiers/layers with automated reporting and analyses

22 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com22 Integrated Analysis, across User, app, system Mercury Difference Automated Load Generation And Testing for Unit, Component and App Industry Leading Performance Optimization Center - Automated analysis integrated Transaction Breakdown for Intuitive Guided Diagnostics Mercury LoadRunner

23 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com23 Now With Complete J2EE Diagnostics and Analysis APP SERVER BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle 9iAS Performance Monitors OPERATING SYSTEM Windows/UNIX Server Monitors HARDWARE/NETWORK Network Delay, SNMP Monitors COMPONENT LoadRunner J2EE Microsoft COM+;.NET Performance Monitors Integrated MonitorsAutomated Analysis Code J2EE Deep Diagnostics Method LoadRunner Transaction Breakdown Module NEW

24 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com24 Diagnostics Goes Deep DIAGNOSTIC Bottleneck Identification Isolate Slow Methods Breakdown by Tier Core part of Mercury™ J2EE Family DEEP DIAGNOSTIC Synchronization & Deadlock Memory Leaks and Thrashing Specific Data value Issues Intermittent Slow Methods Goes Very Deep DELIVERYMANAGEMENT

25 Business Availability Center

26 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com26

27 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com27 Complete Enterprise Class Production Visibility Enables Rapid First Level Triage Empower Operations to identify problem silo, accurately escalate to correct queue Proactive Alerting Early warning leads to fixing problem before major outage 24x7 Real-time Monitoring Complete Monitoring Coverage Monitor across end-user, application and system tiers from a single console

28 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com28 Reduced Time to Problem Resolution Component and Method Level Visibility In-depth views into performance of J2EE components, methods and SQL statements Drill Down to Instance and Source Code Facilitates rapid diagnostics and resolution for the toughest J2EE problems Mercury End-to-End J2EE Diagnostics Metrics in Context of End User Transaction Transaction Breakdown relates component performance to overall business process Automated Analysis Across Tiers Correlating metrics across end-user, application and system tiers for automatic root cause analysis

29 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com29 Indepth Application Monitoring Mercury Difference Broadest Monitoring Agentless System Monitoring True End-to-End Business Process Monitoring Complete J2EE Environments and More Mercury for J2EE

30 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com30 Customer Success Production WebLogic application not scaling beyond 15 users Limited access to developers familiar with the application code Challenge Solution Topaz for J2EE discovered JDBC problems Replaced old Oracle drivers and optimized code Major Insurance Company Isolated problem in under 48 hours, application performance improved now meets objective RESULT “Mercury for J2EE provides an early warning threshold allowing us to fix a problem before it causes a major outage.”

31 ©2002 Mercury Interactive Corporationwww.mercuryinteractive.com31 Mercury Interactive DELIVERMANAGE IT GOVERNANCE

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