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F.3 EPA Tourism In Hong Kong 陸羽茶室 Luk Yu Tea House (9:15-10:15am.) Location : 24-26 Stanley Street Central Tel : 2523-5464 Business Hours : 7:00 ~

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2 F.3 EPA Tourism In Hong Kong


4 陸羽茶室 Luk Yu Tea House (9:15-10:15am.) Location : 24-26 Stanley Street Central Tel : 2523-5464 Business Hours : 7:00 ~ 22:00 History of Luk Yu Tea House: Since Luk Yu Tea House already been there for 60years, but still remain in its own graceful Hong Kong style. Inside the restaurant, the old fashion decoration, waiter and waitress who dressed in traditional Chinese Cheung Sam, the menu, all of these make us seems to be back to the 60’s. 陸羽茶室已有六十多年歷史,卻依舊保持著舊式香港茶樓的格調,室內裝潢古色古香 、穿著傳統唐裝的老侍應生及充滿懷舊氣息的菜單,讓人深深感受到在這裡「飲茶」 ,彷彿回到香港五、六 0 年代的茶樓。 The restaurant is 3-storey. The first floor is open for walk in clients, the second and third floors are for group bookings or reservations. We can order some dim sum which the other restaurant never made. 茶室共有三層樓,一樓為散客接待區,二、三樓則為團體訂位區或者是不想被打擾客 人想另闢房間談事。最特別的是可以品嚐其他餐廳嫌麻煩不做的點心,像滑雞球大包 、蝦仁鮮荷飯、雲腿鯪魚角都是非常難得見到小品。另外,推薦菜單上沒有但老客人 必點的白肺湯,它可是用紅棗、豬肺、鹹白菜、杏仁等數十種材料熬煮,堪稱陸羽茶 室的一絕。

5 “Luk Yu Tea House” is place full of the most Chinese Traditional. 16 years ago, the Queen Elizabeth second planned to come to Hong Kong, the one who in charge this visit, was always came to this Tea house too. He/she once planned to turn the tea house to be the Queen’s personal restaurant on those days, but the colonial governor of Hong Kong had made a tour indisguise and patronized first. 「陸羽茶室」是香港唯一最具中國色彩的地方 。十六年前,英女皇首次來港,安排接待節目安排的一位負責人,也是日日必到 陸羽的常客,曾有意把陸羽包下,作為華人飲宴女王的場所。不過殖民地的港督 卻微服出巡先光顧了。

6 Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum (10:45AM-11:45AM) Location: Stanley History of Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum: The old museum inside the Staff Training Institute (STI), which kept and displayed artefacts and documents related to the Correctional Services, was already a main attraction for students and group visitors to the STI. Introduction of Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum: Inside the new museum, there are nine galleries, one mock gallows and two mock cells. A mock guard tower constructed on the top of the premises highlights the theme of the museum.


8 1 Punishment and Imprisonment 2, 3 Prisons History and Development 4 Inside Prisons 5 Staff Uniform, Insignia and Accoutrement 6 Vietnamese Boat People 7 Home Made Weapons and Unauthorised Articles 8 Staff 9 Overseas Cooperation and Experience Sharing In addition, there is an annex for the display of products made by prisoners. A Community Education Centre built on the podium of the parade ground aims to introduce the Department's correctional and rehabilitative programmes to the public.

9 Stanley Main Street (12:00PM-12:30PM) Location: Stanley History of Stanley Main Street: Stanley was originally a small fishing village existing for few centuries, you can find several historical buildings in the area which represent different stage of development Introduction of Stanley Main Street: Stanley is one of Hong Kong's most popular destinations, an exciting and low-cost shopping centre and a place of considerable historical interest.

10 Murray House (12:30PM-1:00PM) Location: Stanley History of Murray House: Murray House was built in 1846 as an army quarters for the British Officers and original located at Garden Road, Central where the Bank of China Tower now stands. It is one of the oldest and unique examples of the western Colonial-style architecture. The House was dismantled in 1982, but over 4000 granite stones and pillars were numbered and stored carefully. Murray House was finally revitalized at Stanley in 2000. The exterior outlook is remained, and inside, you can find an exhibition lobby to presents the history of the building and several restaurants. Introduction of Murray House: OA popular market town for both locals and visitors on the sunny South Side of Hong Kong Island, Stanley's relaxed ambience, fresh air and bargain buys have made it would famous. Murray House is a restored colonial building (1844) that was dismantled and moved to Stanley from its original site in Central. It house up market shops and restaurants.


12 Lunch at Tse Kee( 謝記 )(1:15-2:15p.m.) Location: Aberdeen Introduction of Tse Kee: In Aberdeen, the place we must visit is Tse Kee, a very famous noodles shop. The fish ball noodles ( 魚蛋粉 ) there is the most celebrated dish, it is full of the taste of the fishing village and worth trying.

13 Visit Aberdeen fishing village by sampan (2:15-3:00p.m.): Location: Aberdeen History of Aberdeen Fishing Village: Hundred years ago, Aberdeen was a fishing village and also is the first place that developed in Hong Kong. Introduction of Aberdeen Fishing Village: Nowadays, there are still hundred of boat people in Aberdeen Fishing Village and retained the traditional culture of fishing village in the past. When you arrived here, you can take a ride on the sampan and ride around the Aberdeen Fishing Village, it was about $100. The sampan can be say as the symbol of Hong Kong. It was very special!


15 Tea at 華樂冰室 (11:45-12:00a.m.) Location: Near Lascar Row Introduction of 華樂冰室 : In order to take a rest after shopping around, we will bring the foreigner to the traditional Hong Kong canteen, 華樂冰室 to have tea time. She/He can taste the local special food there such as tartlets and tea, which can’t found in other countries.

16 Lascar Row (4:00-5:00p.m.) Location: Sheung Wan History of Lascar Row: In the past, Lascar Row was the place that sold the goods on the roadside. Also, there were many Indian live in there, and because people called them ‘ 嚤 囉差 ’ in the past, so that Lascar Row’s Chinese name is called ‘ 嚤囉街 ’ now. Introduction of Lascar Row: When we need to go to Lascar Row, we have to climb the ladder in Ladder Street, it is quite hard to climb up to there. In Lascar Row, there are many Chinese traditional goods and they are all sold in cheap price. They are goods such as old books, clocks, and stuffs of Mao Tse tung, Deng Xiao Ping, etc. But there are also some expensive antiques like vases, statues, etc. They are really great! Lascar Row is a good place that can buy special souvenirs for friends. Stuffs of Mao Tse tung


18 Man Mo Temple(4:30-5:00) The Location of Man Mo Temple: Cheung Wan The history of the Man Mo Temple: This temple situated in Hollywood Road was built in the 27 th Year of Emperor Daoguang. Qing Dynasty (1847 A.D). the 2 sedan chairs seen inside this temple were for the carrying of the statues of the gods “ Man” and “Mo” whenever there was a parade. Each year, members of the Tung Wah Board of Directors Congregate in the temple for the Autumn Sacrificial Rites to pay Homepage to the two gods as well as to pray for the prosperity of Hong Kong with Government Officials, consuls and social celebrate. Introduction of Man Mo Temple: What do “man” and “mo” represent? Literally, “man “means “civil” and “mo” means “Martial”. The Man mo temple itself is dedicated to the two gods, King Man and Holy King Kwan. Inside the Man Mo Temple there are many tourist were praying, shaking the sticks, and adding the money to the temple. The temple is full of smoke which is given out by the but it also make the

19 Hollywood Road (4:00-5:30p.m.) Location: Sheung Wan History of Hollywood Road: Hollywood Road was the first street of Hong Kong, it was opened up in 1844 and lived many Chinese people. It was named as ‘Hollywood Road’ because in the past, there were many trees called ‘Hollywood’ planted, so it was named as ‘Hollywood Road’ now. Introduction of Hollywood Road: Hollywood Road is the place which sells antiques and very famous in the world. You can buy any antique that you want in this place, they are all national in color, but they are quite expensive. Hollywood Road Toys in Hollywood Road

20 Shopping in Central (5:40-7:00p.m.) Introduction of shops in Central: -Shanghai Tang Store: The things there are expensive but special. -Chinese Arts and Crafts: The things there are cheaper and a good place for buying souvenirs. -Rocky Road: There is some special stuff and many necessaries can be bought in there.

21 Foot massage (7:00-7:30p.m.) Location: Wellington Street, Central Introduction of Sun Chuk Tong (foot massage center): After traveling for whole day, the foreigner must be very tired. To reduce her/his tiredness, we have considerately arranged the foot massage service for half an hour. This massage center, SUN CHUK TON is located at Wellington Street and which is the opposite side of Yung Kee Restaurant. She/He can first have a relaxing time there then goes to Yung Kee to have a nice dinner.

22 Yung Kee Restaurant 7:30-9:00pm Location: 32-40 Wellington Street Central History of Yung Kee: - More than half a century ago, it was a modest cooked food stall in Kwong Yuen West Street. Its founder, Mr. Kam Shui Fai was renowned for his Roast Goose. So even tourists and crewmen flocked in groups to savor the specialty from Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal. Yung Kee acquires fame for its gourmet specialty-Roast Goose. It becomes well known among people in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, and it also attracts many tourists from foreign countries. After tasting the Roast Goose, they buy and carry it home with them by air to share among relatives and friends. For that, Yung Kee's Roast Goose is nicknamed "Flying Roast Goose". Yung Kee's founder, Mr. Kam Shui Fai, is also called "Roast Goose Fai". From a young and penniless restaurant apprentice to become the owner of Yung Kee Restaurant and Yung Kee Building, which is situated in prime Central commercial area, Mr. Kam Shui Fai, the self-made man, has been acclaimed as a legendary figure for his success by foreign and local press. In 1978, the five commercial units were torn down and rebuilt to become the site of the present day "Yung Kee Building". The restaurant was furnished to modern standards and the management and operations were streamlined. However, the traditional good services have been maintained to serve customers.

23 Introduction of Yung Kee: Since 1968year Yung Kee continuously received different awards. And the “Top Fifteen Best Restaurants in the World” was the first awards for Yung Kee, which was given by Fortune Magazine (USA). Yung Kee also had plan menu for their customers. We can order different set, A La Carte or take out order. (International Restaurant Award given by International Gourmet Expo in 2003) (set B of the menu)


25 Group members  Rena Tsui  Vivian Sung  Mona Ng  Hody Law  Veronica Chiu


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