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Being a GP Locum Dr Emma Wilson GP Locum.

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1 Being a GP Locum Dr Emma Wilson GP Locum

2 What I do currently Finished registrar year in Edinburgh August 2008
Locum sessions in Tayside, Fife, Forth Valley OOH work Tayside and Fife Medical Education Fellow 0.5 wte

3 Pros Independence, you choose when & where
Ability to work in variety practices More clinical, less paperwork Self employed benefits Still able to contribute towards NHS Pension scheme Can mix with special interest Good introduction into general practice outside your training practice Home is your base. Tax back for all self employed work related journeys, Portion of mortgage if you use a study partly for work.

4 Cons Inconsistency of work. “Quiet periods” Lack of employee benefits
Lonely Limited control of working conditions (but can protect by terms and conditions) Payment delays Keeping accounts

5 Challenges Different organisational practices
Blood tests/xrays/physio/ecgetc Referrals Computers, Coding and QOF ?Professional standing Setting rates -“Cartel” Getting started Appraisal

6 Practicalities Getting started Pension Tax Obtaining work Organisation
First day

7 Getting started August comes around quickly
Most are already registered with RCGP as AiTs Pay £700 to PMETB Apply for CCT through e-portfolio as soon as ARCP signed off PMETB send confirmation to GMC Your CCT should arrive before the 1st August (6 weeks) GMC updates registration up to 2 weeks before PMETB write to you E-portfolio – message on home page to electronic sign your agreement to ARCP panel descision. Then apply CCT button under AKT/CSA result page (progress to certification)

8 Need GMC GP registration AND CCT to be added to the performers list
Decide on host performers list and contact primary care services for an application form Select to be added to other areas in Scotland Ashludie hospital Cannot work for a practice or OOH until on performers list Defence cover ?how many sessions Doctors bag GMC – call to check that PMETB have sent CCT. Ask when this will go on-line as this can be printed. Paper certificate will follow. Recommend asking if you can complete and return the application form well in advance as they need signed references. Then send or hand deliver your CCT when it arrives. They will just call/check GMC website. England – performers list for each region.

9 Pension Can be superannuated as a locum Get forms from
For every practice ask them to fill in superannuation form A End of month fill in superannuation form B and send it off with a cheque and form As to: Practitioner Services Division Bridge View 1 North Esplanade west Aberdeen AB11 5QF Must be there by 7th of the month (max 10wks) NHS pay employers contribution so worth doing Practitioner services – depending on host performer list Keep photocopies of form Bs

10 GP Locum Form A

11 GP Locum Form B

12 Tax & National Insurance
Register as self-employed – tax reference number Accounts Income Expenses/subscriptions Mileage Keep receipts Set aside monthly proportion (1/3) Yearly tax return ?Accountant Consider getting accountant Spread sheet

13 Obtaining Work Independently Advertisements
CV Shoot Early July, short, accurate contact details, GMC,MDU Cold-calling Advertisements Locum groups/performers lists Agencies –non pensionable (not Scotland)

14 OOH Fife OOH
Random s with shifts for base or car in St Andrews, Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, Glenrothes Tayside OOH Shifts go live approx 2 months in advance ….mad scramble Texts with last minute requests Tayside interview

15 Obtaining Work Check emails regularly Practices/OOH emails on CV Some will phone Answer machine and mobile essential School holidays peak November-January quiet Don’t forget to take time off

16 Organisation Keep an accurate diary Paper/electronic/both
Some practices write/ for confirmation others don’t Consider invoicing I use a paper diary and have outlook on my laptop (linked to phone) Check duties,pay,computer system Ultimately you are self employed so you charge what you think your work is worth. (esp if being offered long term locums) Rate setting is illegal. Fixing makes it difficult to ever get a pay rise. However without some guide the risk is out-bidding locums driving prices down. Tayside – the chairman of locum group s practices to tell them his personal rates. Practices use this as a guide as to what to offer and will not therefore be expecting to pay less. Half day – 195 – 170. full day –

17 First Day Always take GMC and medical defence certificate (CCT) to every new practice Practice will keep copy for next time Copy Form A Arrive on time Locum pack Px pad, Med3, dictaphone, how to get bloods, any self referal services, toilets, coffee room, write in notes/computer, outside line, reception Memory stick/ certificates Computer systems – may have to go for training

18 Support and Information
Tayside locum group NASGP LASGP forum RCGP advice for sessional GP appraisal NHS Pension Agency HM Revenue & customs helpline for the newly self employed Or start your own small study/support group RCGP for sessional GP appraisal advice

19 Finally DON’T PANIC! Work will start to come in
GPs will always take holidays/get sick/get pregnant/go on courses Good opportunity to take time off and recover from registrar year Enjoy different practices NO EXAMS!!

20 Questions?

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