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Kerr-McGee Information Management Group

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1 Kerr-McGee Information Management Group
Developing and Deploying Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions Kerr-McGee Information Management Group Skye Brannon Jeff Bridgwater Sarena Sherrard DW Analyst DW Manager Sr. DW Analyst

2 Who is Kerr-McGee? Kerr-McGee is an Oklahoma City-based energy and inorganic chemical company with worldwide operations and assets of approximately $10 billion.

3 Agenda Introduction to DW/BI Concepts Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)
Business Intelligence / Reporting A Day in the Life

4 DW / BI Concepts

5 Information Management Strategy
Structure the systems and data relationships to provide user-friendly customer access to data in order to provide decision-making information.

6 Adding Value to Data

7 Information Pyramid

8 What is a Data Warehouse?
A copy of data from one or more On-line Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems specifically structured for Query, Reporting and Analysis (QRA). Data is typically at a summarized level to limit the size and complexity of the data warehouse Data is usually cleansed and merged to create an “apples to apples” comparisons End-User Reporting OLTP Systems Data Warehouse

9 The Idea Behind Data Warehousing
POS FINANCIALS INVENTORY Source Systems BILLING ? Data Warehouse Meaningful & Easy Access Extract & Transform Data Information

10 Framework Architecture
Metadata Management Project Management & Quality Assurance Source Systems External Data Data Transformation Extraction Cleansing Integration Improvement Operational Data Store Warehouse OLAP Query Information Delivery Mining Operations & Systems Management Datamarts Enterprise Reporting

11 Business Intelligence
Sales Business Activity Marketing Service Customers Manage Inventory Maintain Accounts Product Performance Sales Performance Customer Behavior Marketing Performance Inventory Monitoring Financial Performance Business Intelligence Integrated Meaningful Consistent Validated Easy to Use Leveragable Timely Data Information

12 K-M As-Is Corp. Chemical O&G Issues Multiple Versions of the Truth
Oracle Financials Passport InPower HR Data Warehouse Chemical Domestic Oracle Financials Production Operations Passport Financial Operations Adage European Oracle Financials Data Warehouses Maximo Chemhouse Existing Reporting Systems TOLAS O&G O&G Data Warehouse Tobin Novistar Energy Financials Issues Multiple Versions of the Truth Different definitions for similar data Multiple Reporting Tools and Reports Impacts Performance of Oracle Financials DFW PREMAS P2000 Aberdeen Oracle Financials Merak Others Intl. Systems Aberdeen Data Warehouse

Corp. HR Data Warehouse K-M To-Be Oracle Financials Phased Out Passport? Peoplesoft Production Operations Budget & Forecasting Application Chemical “Centralized” Data Warehouse(s) Passport Domestic Oracle Financials Financial Operations Consolidated Analysis & Reporting Solution (Cognos Business Intelligence) Adage Data Warehouses European Oracle Financials Maximo Existing Reporting Systems Dashboards & KPI Mgmt TOLAS Chemhouse Consolidated Reporting Systems O&G Novistar Energy Benefits Single Version of the Truth Business Intelligence environment leads to Timely Analysis & Reporting Consolidated Tool Enables Multiple Economies of Scale - Massaging & Distribution - Desktop/Maintenance - Transaction System Load’ Tobin DFW O&G Data Warehouse Possibly Phased Out or Integrated PREMAS P2000 Aberdeen Oracle Financials Aberdeen Data Warehouse Merak Possibly Phased Out or Integrated Intl. Systems Others STANDARDIZE, CONSOLIDATE, MINIMIZE, & SIMPLIFY

14 Data Warehouse Roles Manager Planning and management of entire product or project lifecycle; May assist in ETL & BI Interface design and development Data Warehouse Architect – Applies knowledge of technology options, platforms, and design techniques across product and project lifecycle; responsible for design of overall warehouse process ETL Specialist – Analysis and design of extraction, transformation, and loading strategy; development of ETL scripts and procedures Business Intelligence Specialist – Design and development of multidimensional-cubes & reports; performance and tuning of chosen technologies Web Interface Specialist – Design and development of application interface elements; coordinates interfaces between application components

15 ETL

16 Project Management & Quality Assurance Operations & Systems Management
Data Extraction and Transformation Metadata Management Data Extraction and Transformation Applying business rules to turn data into useable information Clean up and standardization of consumers, vendors, products, etc. Integration of disparate internal and external data Can be 70% - 80% of effort Issues - Can be difficult and time consuming to define business rules - Extraction tools automate only the more simple tasks Plan/Forecast/ Analysis Data Extract Cleansing and Integration Process External Data OLAP Query Global / Dept/ Business Unit Summary and Analysis Datamarts Data Visualization Data Mining Executive Information Systems Data Transformation Operational Data Store Data Warehouse Source Systems Information Analysis Project Management & Quality Assurance Operations & Systems Management

17 + + = ETL Challenges Data Volume Source Inclusion Extract Timing
Warehouse Complexity Warehouse Complexity Destructive vs. Incremental Loads Integration (mergers/acquisitions) Data integration (consolidation of information) Process integration (consolidation of processes) Smaller windows of opportunity Make decision in a shorter period of time due to competitive, global market Global marketplace (DW timing updates) High-profile e-Business initiatives Satisfying requirements No ONE correct answer/solution

18 ETL - The “Heavy Lifting”
Challenge to develop efficient, consistent methods of gathering and cleansing heterogeneous data Capture and load of data from multiple source systems (both internal and external) Integrates data into a single source Cross-system mapping to standard identifiers (surrogate keys) Aggregation for information delivery and BI initiatives

19 ETL Tools - Only Half the Story
Half the story: ETL Tools Extract, Transform, and Load data Transport data between sources and targets Document data element changes (metadata) Administer run-time processes and operations Scheduling Error management Audit logs Statistics

20 ETL Tools – Core Components
Databases/Files Metadata Import/Export Target Adapters Extract Runtime Metadata Services Metadata Repository Transform Load Design Manager Source Adapters Databases/Files/ Legacy Apps

21 $5,000-$10,000 $250,000 and UP ETL - The Options Software Products
“Homegrown” Solutions SQL*LOADER, PL/SQL, GATEWAYS & LINKS Developer-bound Little cohesion between components Niche Players (Oracle Warehouse Builder / DataJunction) Enhanced Scheduling & Logging Not Multi-Warehouse Oriented Informatica Powermart Great UI Powerful Scheduling & Logging High Price Proprietary Transform Language $5,000-$10,000 $250,000 and UP

22 ETL - The Reality Data Repository Mainframe DBMS ERP RDBMS Oracle
“New” Sources Flat File O/S Scripts COBOL Code 3GL Code SQL Scripts Loader Utility PERL Scripts Interface Apps Data Repository

23 Informatica Powermart
Repository Manger Designer Workflow Manager Workflow Monitor

24 Business Intelligence / Reporting

25 What is Business Intelligence?
Business Intelligence is the transformation of data into information you can use to drive your business. There are a number of vendors that have developed Business Intelligence software. Kerr-McGee uses Cognos.

26 Business Intelligence Tools
Metadata Management Business Intelligence Tools Combination of applications and tools Provide analysis, presentation and reporting facilities for users Tailored to meet diverse needs of executives, mgrs, analysts Data may reside in ODS, data warehouse or data mart Issues How do you choose the right tool or tools? Plan/Forecast/ Analysis Data Extract Cleansing and Integration Process External Data Global / Dept/ Business Unit Summary and Analysis OLAP Query Datamarts Data Visualization Data Mining Executive Information Systems Data Transformation Operational Data Store Data Warehouse Source Systems Information Analysis Project Management & Quality Assurance Project Management & Quality Assurance Operations & Systems Management

27 Categorize Information Needs
Highly Summarized Moderately Integrated Operational Data Executive Senior Management Management Business Analysts Market Researchers Financial analysts, product managers, etc.. Business Users During Requirements Gathering characterize the information access needs of the target audience(s) for the solution. Basic questions: What business process /activities am I focusing on as part of the scope? What is the data? How do people across an organization want to access, view and manipulate it? What’s the primary audience for the application? Executive: top down view of the business monitoring the overall effectiveness of the organization in predictable ways Business Analysts: analyze information from a number of different perspectives analysis can be aided by ability to view key aspects of a business in a hierarchical fashion Product: Product Groups, Brands, Products Geography: Regions, States, Cities Time: Year, Quarter, Month, Week, Day Business Users: Hard copy reports (e.g. customer lists, sales totals, etc. ) Exploratory questions and answers (e.g.. customers in Texas spending > 500 at a store) Salespersons, line managers, administrative staff, etc..

28 Information Delivery Mechanisms
Wireless Mobile Operational Trends Web or C/S Delivery Mechanism Considerations Integrated with Operations? Detailed Reporting only? Real-time or based on a Periodic Business Cycle (Financials) Tethered or ‘disconnected’? C/S Web Wireless Predefined Summaries Data Visualization Operational Trends Web or C/S Specialized Algorithms Directed Analysis Determine appropriate delivery mechanisms to satisfy information access needs. Standardized Reporting: regularly scheduled, monthly, quarterly parameter driven on demand (e.g.. enter date range, division, etc..) example: promotion reports, contributing zips Adhoc Queries unplanned information access to support unexpected business questions example: generate a report of all sweater buyers in xxx stores User Directed Analysis analysis of key aspects of a business along natural business hierarchies (product, geography, time, etc.. ) looking for exceptions & anomalies, the process is largely user driven example: J&J product tracking by customer over time Specialized Algorithms uncovering hidden relationships & correlations between different pieces of data far less user directed, the idea is to use algorithms to help identify key facts example: discovering correlations between doctors and types of procedures Executive drawing pretty pictures and charts of interesting key high level measures (in millions) 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Net Revenues $x,xxx Net income xxx x,xxx Earnings per share x.xx Return on net revenues xx% Cash & s/t investments $xxx Total Assets Shareholder Equity Operational Trends Web or C/S Standardized Operational Reporting Ad-hoc Queries

29 B.I. Infrastructure Production environment consists of 6 load balanced servers within a DMZ. These include; A Web Server (Primary and Secondary) A Reports Server (Primary and Secondary, NT today SUN Enterprise tomorrow) An Application Server (Primary and Secondary) Outside of the DMZ the actual warehouse resides on a cluster of Sun Enterprise 3500 servers attached to a 100GB EMC RAID Array. Keep in mind that duplicate environments for Development, Test and Production were created.

30 Access Manager – (Security) Upfront – (Portal – http:/intranet/kmbi)
All things Cognos Cognos is a vendor. The suite of applications we’ve bought and use from Cognos are: Access Manager – (Security) Upfront – (Portal – PowerPlay – (reports/cubes) Impromptu – (Web based PDF reports) NoticeCast – (conditional report notifications) *Visualizer – (graphic depictions of data warehouse/cube information) *What we will cover.

31 Terminology Cube - A multidimensional way to analyze information, designed to provide quick answers to the who, what, why, when, and where business questions. Drill Down - Going from a summarized view to a more detailed view of information within the same cube Drill Across - Linking data from One Subject Area to Another (General Ledger to Accounts Payable) Drill Through - Linking to source data using selected filters Powerplay Web - On-Line Analysis Tool for cubes (slice/dice, drill down, drill across & drill through) Newsbox -A web based folder used to store views of data (reports). Every KMBI user has their own personal newsbox.

32 Cognos - Upfront Upfront - Portal Management

33 Cognos - PowerPlay PowerPlay – web reports/slicing and dicing/data analysis, based on cubes. More Information on Cognos website:

34 Cognos - Impromptu Impromptu – printable reports (in PDF) that may/or may not be produced with prompts for filtered information.

35 Cognos - Visualizer Visualizer – interactive graphic depictions of data warehouse/cube information

36 Developing Visualizations
Initial Project meeting should include: Client - gives input on look and feel, data requirements, timelines Project Manager – ensures project is feasible within budget and time restraints at the onset and through out the project. Data Warehouse Architect – ensures all the needed data is in the data warehouse. Business Intelligence Specialist (cube builder) – ensures all the needed data is in the cube, in the correct format Web Interface Specialist (visualization builder) – works with cube builder and client to established look and feel, navigation, chart styles, etc..



39 Day in the Life

40 Typical Day

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