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Control Your Business Processes ProStar Software, Inc.

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1 Control Your Business Processes ProStar Software, Inc. PrISM PrISM PrISM ProStar Integrated System Manager

2 Why Business Process Management? From a recent Aberdeen Group report*: “It is important for every organization to understand how the market is pressuring them, what the market expects from them, and what they can do better than any other firm. … To create an organization that can quickly adapt to changing market conditions, Best-in- Class organizations are taking a Business Process Management (BPM) approach to their operations.” * “Business Process Management in Manufacturing: Paving the Way for Effective Collaboration”; Nov. ’10, Aberdeen Group.

3 PrISM Business Process Control PrISM meets Aberdeen’s description of BPM requirements, providing: A “business process orchestration platform to define, model, and execute these work processes. The platform must also ensure that the necessary data sources, applications, events, and stakeholders are integrated into the process; preserving the value of legacy IT investments but also allowing for innovation and continuous improvement.”

4 With Business Process Control, you can: Selectively “build in” coordination, timeliness, validation, compliance and traceability to business processes across the organization Deploy and re-use business processes globally Manage the complete lifecycle of business processes Promote collaboration between traditionally disconnected elements of essential business processes Gain visibility and control, for performance management across the organization


6 Your Essential Business Processes that may merit selective PrISM controls include: New Customer with new order over $X, with credit check prior to shipment Sales order→shipment→AR for key account or large $ Purchase→receipt→AP for key item or large $ New product introduction, including auditable PPAP Engineering change Credit collections process Customer service / technical support Any or all of your ISO/QS/FDA/OSHA/etc. compliance

7 PrISM Benefits Business process improvement Integrate and automate workflows, processes, tasks Cost reduction / Productivity increase Coordinate timely completion of complex tasks Reduce errors and waste Means to achieve Continuous Improvement Proactive alerts to address problems in advance Performance measurement and compliance

8 PrISM v2 includes Workflow Control with Event Processor Define, integrate and control any business process Tracker graphical browse for active workflows PrISM Visio Design Tool Familiar flowchart tool using PrISM Workflow Templates Import structures and object data directly into PrISM Includes Process Map Transformation Engine Event Processor for sensitivity in real time TailorPro logic and rules engine System solutions to your unique business requirements High productivity Developers’ Toolkit includes audit, e-signature and compliance capabilities

9 PrISM Technology Written in Progress Object-based architecture Extensible technology to meet future needs Entirely non-invasive to the source code and schema of the business system Based on TailorPro kernel Proven robust with over 11 years in the market 100% success meeting unique business needs

10 Example of a PrISM Workflow: New Part Purchasing Data

11 The Document Control Manager, Oz, begins the process by releasing a new part number, with a drawing. The part number is entered into the system with base data, launching the PrISM control to assure that required purchasing data is entered. PrISMPrISMPrISMPrISM

12 Supplier Information: Enter Quote information into the QuickQuote system (outside of QAD) After QuickQuote is updated, then update the 1.19 Item/Supplier Maintenance screen with quote and supplier information Buyer Information: Send the Buyer the drawing Enter the Buyer into the 1.4.1 Item Master Maintenance screen Procedure requires three data entry actions: Quotes data, Supplier data and Buyer data Quotes and Supplier data actions happen in serial, while the Buyer data can happen in parallel with the other two.

13 If the purchased part is in any other group, the Purchasing Team (Sally Supplier, Betty Buyer, Queenie Quote) are responsible. If the purchased part is in the group “ELECTRON” then the Electronics Purchasing Team (Sam Supplier, Bob Buyer, Quinn Quote) is responsible. Based on the Item Group of the part number being added, steps are assigned to one of two teams. (Logic required.)

14 PrISM objects are Visio master shapes in a Visio stencil. Shapes include PrISM object data. To create a new workflow, use the PrISM Visio Design Tool

15 Multiple types of nestable containers support n-level complexity in business processes. Multi-page diagrams of any scale are supported. Containers in PrISM (and Visio) provide the structural relationships of the workflow elements.

16 The Visio xml file of the workflow is imported directly into PrISM PrISM imports the structure and data from Visio

17 Each PrISM object has attributes that enable unique behavior, such as “before rules” and “after rules”. These can be assigned right in Visio. PrISM object definition data can be entered in Visio

18 Active Workflow: Process tracking initiated. Task prompted and reminded. Users see current tasks in Open Tasks screen on their business system menu. Workflow is invoked by an event

19 In a separate department their Task is also prompted, reminded and enforced. Work is supported with auto-delivery of documents. PrISM controls serial and parallel workflow threads

20 Email messages automatically sent when new tasks are ready for each user to complete. Users’ workflow tasks are alerted by messaging and Open Tasks screen

21 Users’ Open Tasks screen shows required actions To Do list for each user’s open tasks. Selecting the task takes the user to the menu selection where work needs to be done.

22 Sally receives her task message, selects her task and is automatically taken to the proper command, with the part # pre- filled. Integrated Actions: PrISM takes the users to where the work needs to be done.

23 Any file type can be pushed to a user’s desktop to provide required documents, e.g. part drawing, Commercial Invoice Deliver any document timely to the right user

24 Status Tracking of Active Workflows Example is In Process and On Time “Tracker” displays status of active and completed workflows. Each Task shows due date and assigned user.

25 Status Tracking of Active Workflows Example is In Process and Late Color coding indicates on-time, in-process, and past due

26 Status Tracking of Active Workflows Example is Completed and On-Time All Workflow results are measurable to identify opportunities for improvement in essential business processes

27 Without PrISM “The urgent crowds out the important.” Many critical multi-step and inter-departmental business processes are not integrated with core business applications Coordination and collaboration are difficult New requirements are costly to implement

28 Control any business policy, procedure or work instruction Integrate the above with your QAD system Measure performance of business process execution Provide notifications and alerts to individuals responsible for accomplishing specific tasks Deliver any document or file to the right person at the right time Coordinate complex processes and enable collaboration on shared processes PrISM With PrISM

29 Control Your Business Processes ProStar Software, Inc. PrISM PrISM PrISM ProStar Integrated System Manager

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