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Mr. Michael O’ Brien, Principal of AHS Ms. Sarah Voskuhl, SMA Program Specialist.

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1 Mr. Michael O’ Brien, Principal of AHS Ms. Sarah Voskuhl, SMA Program Specialist

2 The Science and Mathematics Academy is dedicated to providing students with a solid educational foundation that far exceeds typical exposure to STEM through engaging and rigorous coursework that challenges them to problem solve and develop into independent self-reliant learners. SMA Mission Statement

3 203 students currently enrolled representation from all HCPS middle schools as well as several private schools SMA students are INVOLVED! –Student athletes (representation on every team at AHS) –Musicians and singers –Clubs –Honor Societies SMA Student Body

4 Class of 2013 : Grade Frequency Distribution GPA Range 4.00 – 5.0058% 3.50 – 3.99 21% 3.00 – 3.4917% 2.50 – 2.99 2% AP Scores 2012-13 : Percent Passing –Calculus AB/BC: 96% –Physics B/C: 71% –Biology: 96% –Chemistry: 88% –Environmental Science: 94% –Statistics: 85% College Scholarships: Over $8 million Accomplishments

5 Minimum SMA Graduation Requirements At least one Advanced Placement SMA Mathematics Class in addition to AP Statistics At least one Advanced Placement SMA Science Class in addition to AP Environmental Science and AP Physics B 4 SMA semester electives (2 credits) Science, Research, and Technology (SRT) I-IV

6 4-year sequenced series of courses –9 th grade: semester (1/2 credit) –10 th grade: full year (1 credit) –11 th grade: full year (1 credit) –12 th grade: double block (2 credits) STEM curriculum Project-based Relevant and authentic research Science, Research, and Technology (SRT)

7 Collect and Analyze Data Design Experiments

8 Junior Year: 3-4 “mini” capstone projects –Biotechnology & medical sciences –Pre-engineering & physical sciences –Computational sciences & mathematics –Geosciences & environmental sciences Senior Year: Capstone Research Project –Each student works with a professional scientist, mathematician, or engineer. –Detailed, scientific poster and a presentation to peers, faculty, parents, and mentors. SRT

9 Capstone Partners Aberdeen Department of Public Works Army Research Lab Battelle Chesapeake Environmental Management, Inc. CNA Drayer Physical Therapy Ecotone, Inc. Frederick Ward Associates, Inc. Johns Hopkins Hospital MITRE ORSA Corporation Radiance Technologies Raytheon SAIC SURVICE Engineering Stanley, Black, and Decker U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical & Biological Center U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense U.S. Army Public Health Command

10 Advanced Science and Mathematics Semester Electives (based on student and faculty interest) Principles of Engineering Microcontrollers Genetics Biotechnology Bacteriology Linear Algebra Cryptography Sports Physiology Functional Kinesiology Organic Chemistry Biochemistry Robotics Technical Writing Computer Aided Design Design Engineering Introduction to Math Logic Ecology Materials Science Plant Physiology

11 Honors Algebra II AP Environmental Science Honors Biology Science, Research, and Technology I (semester course) Honors English 9 Grade Nine Honors Government Health (semester course) Band/Chorus/Orchestra or Fine Art Foreign Language

12 Grade Ten Functions, Statistics & Trigonometry AP Statistics Honors Chemistry Science, Research, and Technology II Honors English 10 World History or AP World History Physical Education, Band/Chorus/ Orchestra or Fine Art Foreign Language

13 Grade Eleven AP Mathematics AP Physics B Science, Research, and Technology III English 11 or AP English U.S. History or AP U.S. History Foreign Language Electives of Choice (AP Math, AP Science or SMA electives)

14 Grade Twelve AP Science and/or AP Mathematics Science, Research and Technology IV: Senior Capstone Project (2 credits) English 12 or AP English Electives of Choice (4 credits)

15 Biology Chemistry Environmental Science (9 th grade) Physics B (11 th grade) Physics C Calculus AB Calculus BC Computer Science Statistics (10 th grade) AP Science and Math Courses

16 “The work is challenging but it is good to be with students who have the same interests.” “I like the friends, technology, and the freedom to learn.” “Compare this experience to no other you’ve had in the past. Be prepared to work!” “A unique learning experience…especially the opportunity to work with one of the scientists or engineers from APG.” “Provides a fantastic foundation for college.” What do SMA students say about their experiences here ?

17 “Nice kids, helpful teachers, challenging courses and a host school that accepts SMA students 100%.” “I like the way the SMA addresses the needs of the talented kids, it challenges them.” “Come to the program committed and dedicated with the understanding that this is a long term commitment.” What do the parents of SMA students say?

18 *Round 1 Level of academic achievement in middle school Demonstrated interest and motivation for learning, especially in science and math Written communication skills *Round 2 In-person science and math exam Selection Criteria

19 Applications for the class entering the SMA in the fall of 2014 must be submitted online by December 6, 2013. Online Application Deadline Timeline for Admissions: Round 1 Acceptance – early January Round 2 – science/math test (Jan. 25) Final Acceptance – early March

20 Mr. Stu Chapman – Science Mr. Gareth Davis Jr. – Science Mr. Mark Evans – Mathematics Mrs. Yvonne Gabriel – Science Mr. Joel Leff – Mathematics Ms. Diana Liberto - Mathematics Mrs. Linda McDonough – Science Mr. Nathaniel Sloan – Science Ms. Sarah Voskuhl – Program Specialist SMA Faculty

21 Each family should have an index card with a letter Groups A – O find your student with the same letter in the lobby and enjoy your tour of the SMA Groups P – EE find your student with the same letter in the lobby and enjoy your tour of the SMA SMA Tour

22 For further information, please contact: Ms. Sarah Voskuhl, SMA Program Specialist 410-273-5500 Or find us on the web at:

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