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Game Who is cleverer? BRAIN-RING 15/02/2012. People Words Writing Grammar Reading.

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1 Game Who is cleverer? BRAIN-RING 15/02/2012

2 People Words Writing Grammar Reading

3 1.Who is the Queen of English detectives? PEOPLE

4 Who is the author of Winnie the Pooh? PEOPLE

5 Who the author of Robinson Crusoe? PEOPLE

6 Who is the famous English football player and the owner of gold besbolka in 2008?

7 Who is the best English singer (woman) of the end of XX century? PEOPLE

8 Who is actor of the role of Harry Potter? PEOPLE

9 Who is the actor of Mr Bean? PEOPLE

10 Words I. Find the names of animals snakelephantigerhino snake, elephant, tiger, rhino

11 Words II. Match the antonyms: husband sister uncle wife brother single married aunt

12 Words III. Match the words and the descriptions 1.Aunt the son or daughter of an aunt 2.Niece the wife of an uncle 3.Cousin a male parent 4.Father the daughter of a brother or sister

13 Grammar I. Fill in the appropriate article (a, the, -) 1. London is the capital of … United Kingdom. 2. … Ivan Petrov is … best pupil in the class. 3. I live in … Green Street. the - -

14 Grammar II. Correct the sentences: 1.Tomorrow I went to the disco. 2.Yesterday he will play football. 3.Tom go to the museum every week. will go played goes

15 Grammar III. Choose the correct translation: My niece is feeding her little kitten. a)Моя племянница покормила своего маленького котёнка. b)Моя племянница кормит своего маленького котёнка. b)

16 Writing I. Make up words: 1.m, s, u, m, e, u – 2.s, a, m, o, u, f – 3.p, t, a, i, l, c, a - museum famous capital

17 Writing II. Write down the address on the envelope. Use: England, Green Street, London, 15, Mary Brown. Mary Brown 15, Green Street London England

18 Writing III. Put in the missing letters: gr…ndm…ther bre…kf…st d…ug…ter …lwa…s Jan…ar… grandmother breakfast daughter always January

19 Reading I. Match pairs of rhyming words: sea politician good tree musician male book rude tail cook

20 Reading II. Cross out the odd word (mind reading rules): 1.sweet, meat, head, cheese, tea 2.kind, like, type, five, British 3.cook, tooth, juice, spoon, food

21 Reading III. Put the sentences in the right order: а) It has many buildings. b) It is next to the river Thames. c) The tall building is the White Tower, the Bloody Tower is near the river. d) This is the Tower of London. 3. 2. 4. 1.


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