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FOOTBALL. VVVVechkanova Linda FFFForm 8 LLLLoznoye comprehensive school.

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1 FOOTBALL. VVVVechkanova Linda FFFForm 8 LLLLoznoye comprehensive school

2 Football has been played in one form or another for hundred of years. First it was a very rude and hard game. The were no rules.

3  B B B But since 1863 it has been played with proper rules. That year the Football Association was started. Its first job was to get a set of rules for all teams.

4 BBBBy the end of the 19th century almost every town had its own team.

5 TTTThe modern game was introduced to other countries by British soldiers, seamen and businessmen.

6 NNNNowadays, nearly every country has its own football team.

7 OOOOne of the main competitions of the football season is the FA Cup. It has been held every May at the 19th century

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