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Britain and the British

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1 Britain and the British
In one word 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Opposites English - American Do/make Britain and the British Riddles

2 Afraid, frightened, scared
Full of fear Afraid, frightened, scared

3 concerned with energy or forces that produce motion

4 aware of feelings, moods, reactions, etc

5 orderly and efficient organized

6 able to tolerate the beliefs, actions, opinions, etc., of others

7 temperamental or changeable or gloomy

8 friendly and sociable outgoing

9 sure of oneself; bold confident

10 able to be trusted; predictable

11 thoughtful towards other people; kind

12 thick thin

13 polite rude

14 overweight skinny

15 permanent temporary

16 partial total

17 wild tame

18 strange familiar

19 plain attractive

20 serious frivolous

21 drunk sober

22 luggage baggage

23 flat apartment

24 pavement sidewalk

25 taxi cab

26 motorway freeway

27 aerial antenna

28 lift elevator

29 wardrobe closet

30 curtains drapes

31 garden yard

32 homework do

33 exercises do

34 An examination do

35 A mistake make

36 (smb) a favour do

37 A noise make

38 The shopping do

39 An effort make

40 A phone call make

41 An agreement make

42 The colour that represents Ireland is ___

43 What`s the name of the British flag?
Union Jack

44 What is Ben Nevis and where is it situated?
A mountain in W Scotland, in the Grampian mountains: highest peak in Great Britain

45 What is Eisteddfod? any of a number of annual festivals in Wales, in which competitions are held in music, poetry, drama, and the fine arts

46 The famous British newspaper which is printed on pink paper is _____________
The Financial Times

47 What sort of programmes can you hear on BBC 1?
Pop music

48 The Conservative Party
What are the Tories? The Conservative Party

49 What are the Derby, the Grand National and the Gold Cup?
Horse races

50 Where do people speak Cockney?

51 This round place is often called the centre of London
This round place is often called the centre of London. There is a statue of Eros in the middle of it. Piccadilly Circus

52 What most resembles the half of an orange?
The other half

53 If yesterday two weeks ago was Saturday, what day will be tomorrow?

54 Why do white sheep eat more grass than black ones?
Because there are more white sheep in the world

55 What does a cat have that no other animals have?

56 What is the end of everything?
Letter “G”

57 What goes up into the air white and comes down yellow?
An egg

58 What goes up and never goes down?
Your age

59 What often falls and never gets hurt?

60 What part of a river is a Greek letter?
The delta

61 What goes up and down at the same time?
A staircase

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