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Pets at the Erlebnis-Zoo Hanover Rare livestock breeds and their history.

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2 Pets at the Erlebnis-Zoo Hanover Rare livestock breeds and their history

3 Rare livestock in the Erlebnis-Zoo Hanover What are their names? Where the ancestors were bred for the first time? When did this happen? What goals had the people back then? Learn many things by doing this quiz

4 Harzer Fuchs (dog) Dogs are the oldest houseanimals of mankind. They were already grown for by humans from wolves. They then served us primarily as food and as a hunting partner 5000 years 1000 years over 15000 years

5 Cröllwitzer turkey The first ancestors came from the southern part of North-America in 1533 to Germany. Because of their low weight, it is not more popular and now seriously endangered. Turkeys reach a slaughter weight of: 15 kg 10 kg 20 kg

6 German Black Pied Cattle This ancient breed of cattle is very robust and resilient. The cows give not so much milk as today's high-breeds. There are: Cattle were bred at 10000 J. in Western Asia from the aurochs. 5 liters per day 5 liters per day 10 liters per day 10 liters per day 15 liters per day 15 liters per day

7 Exmoor Pony Domestic horses are bred since 5500 years. The ancestral species of domestic horses is the Exmoorponies were probably grown from ice-age wild horses and domes- tic horses in Bronze Age. They do exist almost unchanged since then in a national park in Exmoor UK. Przwalski-horse Wild Ass Mountain Zebra

8 Grey Goose Our geese are descended from the Grey Goose.These are the oldest domesticated birds and originated 6000 years ago in Egypt. They are much heavier than their ancestors and barely more airworthy. The name of a male goose is: Drake Gosling Gander

9 Gelbe Ramelsloher (Chicken) All domestic chicken have been bred from the Bankivahuhn. In Central Europe they were held since 3500 years.They originally come from: A female animal with chicks is called a hen. This name is also applied to anxious human mothers. South America South America East Africa Southeast Asia Southeast Asia

10 Pomeranian Coarsewool Sheep 9000 years ago sheep were bred from the mouflon. They belong to the mammalian order of: In contrast to the goats, sheep do not climb. They eat everything from the upper soil zone. Nonruminantia Rodentia Ruminantia

11 Red-colored Husum-pig Pigs come from Eastern Asia, from where they spread all over the world. In Europe they live for more than 4000 years. Older juveniles are called: Contrary to the name, pigs are very clean animals. Walker Racer Shoats

12 Dwarf rabbit Like many domestic animals the rabbit lost his protective mimicry. The colour of his skin is called Dwarf forms are often bred, to facilitate the handling of the animals. spotted pied brindled

13 Thuringian Goat Here you can see a goat cuddle with her children, two little kids. The father is not visible. He is called: For the first time goats were bred in the Middle East Billy-goat Ram Rude

14 A pet is an animal, that lives together with people in a house. with a house on his body. that was bred from a wild form so that man can draw a specific benefit from it. that is kept in captivity.

15 Which is not a pet?


17 Which pet is a loner?

18 Nice that you knew so much You can learn more about the animals in the Animal-infos of this homepage. Better yet is to visit the animals in the Erlebnis- Zoo Hannover to look for them in the reality. Design and Photos E. Bastian, 2008

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