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Student Activities Created Fall 2011 Updated Spring 2013 Student Organization Board Training.

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1 Student Activities Created Fall 2011 Updated Spring 2013 Student Organization Board Training

2 STUDENT ORG BOARD TRAINING Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 2 1. Title 2. Table of contents 3. Student activities contacts 4. Other important contacts 5. Advisor roles 6. Expectations: student of advisor 7. Expectations: advisor of student 8. Advisor tips 9. Org registration requirements 10. Org registration process 11. Org registration process (cont.) 12. Org registration process (cont.) 13. Org registration process (cont.) 14. Org registration process (cont.) 15. Pioneer Place 16. Recognition privileges 17. Resources 18. Elections 19. Officer transition 20. Campus theme programming 21. Planning deadlines 22. Large event procedures 23. Timeline for your event 24. Funding your event 25. Fund – Raising 26. Fund – Raising (cont.) 27. Agency Accounts 28. Event checklist 29. Event hosting 30. Event forms 31. Event management meetings 32. Contacting performers (+) 33. Contacting performers (-) 34. Contracts 35. Student activities services 36. Advertising 37. Flier posting policy 38. Copyrights and licensing 39. Event Assessment 40. Traveling and conferences 41. Code of conduct 42. Leadership opportunities 43. Collaboration 44. Managing members 45. Retaining members 46. Attracting members 47. Running meetings 48. Meeting minutes 49. Managing a budget 50. Allocated budgets TABLE OF CONTENTS

3 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 3 Joe Gutowski- Director Student Senate Advisor x3037 Bethany Piraino- Assistant Director UCPB Advisor x5294 Fran Lucia- Event Coordinator Greek Life Advisor X3037 Angelica Pascone- Graduate Assistant Online Programs Specialist x3732 STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICE

4 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 4 Campus Safety Wayne Sullivan 2 nd floor Strebel, x3046 Problems, theft, security Sodexo Dining Services Damian Boehlert Inside Dining Hall in Strebel, x3178 Catering, snacks, drinks Facilities Management Rich Kennedy Facilities Trailer Lot B x3191 Work orders, requesting set-ups Copy Center Lisa Mudrie-Rabideau 185 Gordon Science Center, x3145 Color flier printing Athletics Jim Murnane Clark Athletic Center, x3281 Use of fields, events with teams Media Center Jason Lewin L120 Gannett Library, x3282 Requesting laptops, smart carts, microphones, podiums, speakers, projectors, etc. Advisor’s Office KNOW WHERE YOUR ORG ADVISOR’S OFFICE IS LOCATED AND THEIR PHONE NUMBER! OTHER IMPORTANT CONTACTS

5 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 5 “Hands-on hands-off” approach Aid in leadership development and skills training Group encouragement. Resource on college policies, procedures, contacts, etc. Help the group troubleshoot problems Access to internal and external networking Ask questions and challenge students Channel information Monitor expenditures, policies, and goals Provide year to year continuity Provide organizational history Aid in leadership and officer transition ADVISOR ROLES

6 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 6 What a student leader should expect of an advisor: COMMUNICATION! Assistance in formulating long-range goals and planning short term projects. Resource person- evaluate projects, performance and progress. Offer guidance by reviewing goals, objectives, and the progress of the organization. Assistance with college procedural matters. Suggestions on how organization could be strengthened or improved. Improvement strategies for leadership skills. Accessible and available, should emergency situations/problems arise. Willingness to listen to and be open to criticism and evaluation. Allow the group to act on its own and to make mistakes, but help them learn from mistakes. Help in maintaining organization records. Encourage the division of labor among group members to sustain member interest. EXPECTATIONS

7 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 7 What an advisor should expect from a student leader: COMMUNICATION! Keeping advisor informed on activities, meetings, agendas and topics under discussion Attendance at regularly scheduled informational meetings. To assist other students in the organization in skill development Willingness to share responsibility with other group members. Make sure all group activities are documented and historically saved. Invite advisors to meetings, they have great input Inform them and invite them to org events, they should always be aware of what’s going on in the group EXPECTATIONS

8 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 8 Learn as much about the group as you can. Get to know the organization’s purpose, how it was formed, and the organization’s place in the campus culture. Get to know the leader and let the leader get to know you. Help that person understand both your roles as an advisor and their roles as a leader. Develop confidence in each other. Meet with the leader before group meetings begin and discuss the agendas and any current issues or concerns. Observe the leader with the group. How does he/she function in the group? What type of personality problems does the group have? What are the strengths and weaknesses of its various members as well as its leader? Find out what the leader has observed about this area, comment on strengths you have seen, and offer suggestions on weaknesses you may have noticed. TIPS TO SHARE WITH YOUR ADVISOR

9 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 9 MUST HAVE: At least 5 members total President/Director Treasurer/Comptroller Faculty/Staff advisor Valid and current constitution It is your job to make sure that Senate and Student Activities have the most up to date information on Pioneer Place! READ the Student Senate Constitution! Ask for a copy at ORGANIZATION REGISTRATION

10 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 10 Re-registration for recognized student organizations that are seeking re-recognition for the 2013-2014 school year runs Monday, March 25, 2013 – Sunday, April 14, 2013. The Re-registration Process is as follows: Complete re-registration form on Pioneer Place Get Advisor contract signed Attend Org Board Training session All re-registration steps MUST be completed before Sunday, April 14, 2013 11:59PM. ORGANIZATION REGISTRATION

11 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 11 Complete re-registration form on Pioneer Place The re-registration form will be open from 12am Monday, March 25 th, 2013 until 12am Monday, April 15 th (AKA Sunday night). Here are the detailed steps of this portion of re-registration process: 1. A current e-board member must sign in to with their Banner information. 2. They go to the organization profile they wish to re-register, and will find a “Register” button on the home page. If one person is an e-board member of multiple organizations, they can re-register them all. 3. The pages on the registration form are as follows:a. Instruction page: nothing to fill in, but students need to read this page because it details what information they’ll need to know and what materials they need to have ready to upload b. Org Profile: org name, description, mission, values, external websites, etc. Students should read through what will already be filled in to check for accuracy and spelling errors. c. Org Roster: students will be required to fill in each of the following positions with the names and e-mail addresses of the members who will be in the positions for the year that re-registration is for (who will be in these positions for 2013-2014). If the organization has more than just these positions, or if these positions are called something different by the organization (such as “president” being “captain” or “director”), they can be added in later on the organization’s page; however, these are the 6 REQUIRED positions that every org must have: i. Advisorii. Presidentiii. Vice Presidentiv. Webmasterv. Treasurervi. Secretary ORGANIZATION REGISTRATION

12 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 12 d. Constitution: students should have a current electronic copy of their organization constitution and/or bylaws. These are confidential documents and are only seen by members of the organization unless an org administrator changes permissions. e. Categories: this is the classification of the organization based on its mission and values. This should already be chosen; however, students can check for accuracy and change it if they feel the change is necessary. f. Interests: These are interests that coincide with the mission and values of the organization. They are also used to recruit new members based on personal interests. The more interests associated with an organization profile, the more possible members will be directed to the organization profile by Pioneer Place. g. Picture: Org profile pictures should be tasteful and also communicate what the org is about. These can be group photos, the org logo, or a general picture associated with the mission and values of the org (such as a picture of an apple for Education Club) 4. Once everything is completed sufficiently, the user can press the “Submit” button, and the complete re-registration form will be sent to the Office of Student Activities for approval. 5. The user who filled out the re-registration form will get a message stating whether the form was complete and accepted by the office, or if the form needs to be resubmitted. The office will detail exactly what needs to be added or changed if anything needs to be. ORGANIZATION REGISTRATION

13 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 13 Get Advisor contract signed The Advisor Contract format can be found online and must be printed, filled out, and returned to the Office of Student Activities before the re-registration deadline. Note that organizations do not have to keep the same advisor(s) from year to year, but the office recommends this to keep org history consistency. Also, it is allowable for orgs to have more than one advisor, however, only one is required for recognition. Orgs can turn in more than one contract if they choose to have more than one advisor. Contracts are only needed from official Utica College faculty or staff members. Complete this process to get the advisor form: 1. Find the form on the Student Activities’ website under the FORMS page, or under the Student Senate website under the FORMS page 2. PRINT the form, schedule a meeting with the organization advisor and an e-board member, and fill out the form together. 3. BOTH the advisor and the organization president for the year in which re-registration is being sought must sign the form. 4. Turn in the completed and signed form to the Office of Student Activities, 103 Strebel Student Center, during office hours. Advisors can also send the contract to the office through campus mail. ORGANIZATION REGISTRATION

14 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 14 Attend Org Board Training sessions There are five Student Organization Board Training sessions scheduled. There is more than enough opportunity for all organizations to attend these trainings. All five sessions will present the same information, so a representative from the organization only has to be present at one of the five sessions. It is most beneficial if the next president and treasurer attend. Only one representative from each organization is required to be present, although all are welcomed and encouraged. Attendance will be taken at each of these training sessions, so please be sure to sign in and write down the organization represented. If one person would like to represent more than one organization, they are free to do so, as long as that is indicated on the sign-in sheet. If all other pieces of re-registration are completed and an org was not represented at a training session, re-registration completion will not be granted. The planned sessions are: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 2:30pm – 4:00pm in Strebel Aud Friday, April 5, 2013 9:00am – 10:30am in Strebel Aud Monday, April 8, 2013 6:00pm – 7:30pm in Strebel Aud Wednesday, April 10, 2013 2:00pm – 3:30pm in Strebel Aud Sunday, April 14, 2013 2:00pm – 3:30pm in Strebel Aud ORGANIZATION REGISTRATION

15 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 15 Online database Club websites Communication Center- mass messaging Post event fliers online Constantly updated club rosters Storage for historical documents, meeting agendas, minutes, etc. Electronic forms and submissions Better marketing to new students Faster communication from Senate and Student Activities PIONEER PLACE

16 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 16 Student Senate funding Reserving rooms Posting fliers Org mailbox On-campus fund raising Assistance in finding resources A free website for your org RECOGNITION PRIVILEGES

17 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 17 Club & Organization Manual The Club and Organization Manual is continuously updated and posted online. All information needed in its entirety is located in the Club & Organization Manual under Student Activities: Do not hesitate to contact other offices for guidance, take advantage of the knowledge that UC’s faculty and staff possess. RESOURCES

18 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 18 Plan for enough time to advertise the positions available, campaign time, and voting time. Always consult your constitution’s rules and laws about elections. New officers should be chosen BEFORE the previous officers’ term ends. ELECTIONS

19 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 19 Take advantage Pioneer Place for “handing over” documents. This CANNOT be just a “hand over the binder” action, the new officers have to be trained in how the position operates, EVEN if they were in the org already. Previous officers should share knowledge, resources, contact information, paperwork, standard procedures, deadlines, timelines, responsibilities, org expectations, etc. It’s a good idea to hold a meeting with both the previous and the new officers and members. OFFICER TRANSITION

20 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 20 2012/2013- “Our Common Future” Programs and events that would fall into this category can be advertised as “Campus Themed” events for this year. It’s a way to showcase an important initiative on the campus, where faculty, staff and students can appreciate the many different cultures that make up our UC community. Any club or org can put in a request to get campus theme funding if your event falls into this theme. To read more info or to make a funding request, visit CAMPUS THEME PROGRAMMING

21 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 21 Pace yourself and give offices time to get things done for you instead of rushing. Set deadlines for your planning stages Give at LEAST 4 weeks notice before your event 4 weeks notice means you have to start organizing and making decisions BEFORE 4 weeks out Run through the event (from set-up to tear-down) and make a list of everything you need PLANNING DEADLINES

22 Large Event Procedures Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 22 You must have gotten approval from the Director of Student Activities in order to host a large event (“large events” are defined as allowing non-UC guests AND the event lasting past midnight) If there are outside people allowed at your event then you must have 2 UPD officers present at a cost of $400 At the most every UC student is allowed 1 guest Your Organizations advisor must be present at the event from beginning to end If you are selling tickets you must use To use you must have an Agency Tickets can also be sold by cash in the Student Activities Office as long as you are registered through

23 Timeline For Event Planning Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 23 Large events take longer to plan so you have to start at least 6 weeks out (see manual for more info on large events) 4 weeks out Plan event from set-up to tear-down Make sure funding request is handed in (if needed) Make sure room is reserved (if needed) 3 weeks out Make sure media equipment is reserved (if needed) Make sure facilities request is made (if needed) Make sure campus safety is aware of the event (if needed) Make sure Sodexo food request is made (if needed) 2 weeks out Attend EMS meeting to confirm that all reservations and requests are confirmed and ok After attending the EMS meeting make sure flyers are up around campus 1 week out Make sure your organization knows what they are supposed to do during the event

24 Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 24 If you need funding for your event you can ask Student Senate To do this you have to put in a Request form 4 weeks before your event Student Senate Finance Committee meets every 2 weeks Student Senate Full Committee meets every other 2 weeks For your funding to be approved you must attend both meetings This means that you have to have your registration form in at least 4 weeks before your event so they have time to evaluate FUNDING YOUR EVENT GENERAL INFO

25 Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 25 Tabling can be done outside the dining hall during lunch and dinner hours. You cannot walk down the line to talk to people, (that’s solicitation) you have to wait for them to come to you. You cannot go door-to-door in residence halls or office buildings. READ more on fund-raising/solicitation in the Utica College Fund-Raising Policy at FUNDING YOUR EVENT FUND - RAISING

26 Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 26 Tabling outside the dining hall Use EMS or contact Fran Lucia to reserve a table. 50/50 raffles Selling bracelets or key chains Asking for donations Read fund-raising policy for solicitation restrictions Charging for tickets Can only charge students if Senate has not funded for event, use Asking academic departments for donations Bake sales Can only be conducted in the White Hall entrance at the Bake Sale table. Use EMS or contact Fran Lucia to reserve. There is a special policy concerning homemade baked goods. This can be found on the FORMS page of Student Activities. FUNDING YOUR EVENT FUND - RAISING

27 Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 27 Every recognized organization should have an Agency Account. These are like organization bank accounts through Utica College You can find the Agency Account Request Form on the Student Activities FORMS page Contact Connie Fiveash at x3031 or FUNDING YOUR EVENT AGENCY ACCOUNTS

28 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 28  Secure funding for an event from Student Senate  Check room availability and request space on EMS- confirmations of space are sent via email  Delegate these tasks to org members or committee- who’s in charge of what?  Schedule org members to work event  Inform advisor regarding event  Begin communication with performer (if needed)  Arrangements for Catering (Off-Campus Catering ONLY with permission from Sodexo)  Put in a work order for room set-up  Request electronics from Media Center  Notify Campus Safety  Design, print, and pick-up fliers  Schedule contract meeting with Paul (if you have an outside performer)  Attend Event Management meeting 2 WEEKS before event Media, Security, Set-up, Food  Post fliers, send ad to Daysheet and/or Tangerine  Ticket Request Form (if ticketed event, for using  Have a GREAT event! EVENT CHECKLIST

29 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 29 Look presentable Wear organization apparel if you have it Wear nametags to identify yourself as part of the organization Welcome people to your event Be on time (which means early) Stay after to help clean or tear down EVENT HOSTING

30 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 30 Student Senate Funding form (green paper) Large event form FORMS page on Student Activities website For events expecting non-UC students AND lasting past midnight Ticket Request Form- for use of FORMS page on Student Acitvities webpage Space reservation – confirmation needed Catering Requests through Sodexo Workorder Media request userservices/mediacenter/request.cfm userservices/mediacenter/request.cfm Vehicle Request MUST be a certified van driver (contact Rob Cross, 279 Gordon, x3743) hiclerequest.cfm hiclerequest.cfm Copy Center EVENT FORMS

31 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 31 THESE MEETINGS HAPPEN EVERY MONDAY AT 1:00 PM IN THE FACULTY DINING ROOM (FDR) INSIDE THE CAF You must attend this meeting 2 weeks prior to your event date, or risk having the event canceled Media Center, Campus Safety, Student Activities and Sodexo are all present at these meetings EVENT MANAGEMENT MEETINGS

32 PROFESSIONALISM Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 32 POSITIVES: Be courteous and professional Know what you want to say, and practice Have specifics ready, like date, time, and location Use your advisor to get tips on how to talk to agents CONTACTING ARTISTS AND AGENTS

33 PROFESSIONALISM Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 33 NEGATIVES: Understand that it may take a few follow up calls to get an answer, do not bombard agent with communication DO NOT agree to anything over the phone or in writing Keep your budget in mind. The performer is not the only thing you have to pay for. Don’t agree to pay for anything that you don’t have money allocated for. Don’t be rude or act like they have to help you. They can say no. ONE PERSON ON CAMPUS has authority to sign contracts, it’s NOT you, so don’t sign anything. CONTACTING ARTISTS AND AGENTS

34 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 34 DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! Any contracts need to be approved by the Director of Student Activities before signature Org President needs to set up a meeting with Student Activities to get contracts signed Meeting deadline is AT LEAST 2 weeks BEFORE event date Student Activities has Utica College Standard contracts. If your artist requests a contract, ask our office. CONTRACTS


36 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 36 Fliers: must Have SA stamp Be no larger than 11” x 17” Include org contact information Not be offensive Daysheet FREE! Email: Tangerine Ads cost money E-mail Tabling Reserve Table #1 or Table #2 through EMS ADVERTISING

37 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 37 ALL fliers must be stamped HAS to be NO LARGER than 11” x 17” paper Must be posted on designated bulletin boards in Strebel, Hubbard, White, Gordon and Res Halls, NOT in bathrooms, on windows/doors, etc. Wall outside caf IS approved flier space CANNOT hang in stairways, fire hazard FLIER POSTING POLICY

38 OFFICE OPERATIONS Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 38 CANNOT show movies without buying the copyright license CANNOT print anything (fliers, apparel, etc.) with copy written images, slogans or logos CANNOT use any UC logos (strictly athletics) COPYRIGHTS AND LICENSING

39 Assessment of Your Event Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 39 How did the event go? What were the positives? What were the negatives? How can we fix the negatives? How can we make our event better? REMEMBER THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT EVENT… ALL EVENTS CAN AND SHOULD GET BETTER

40 PROFESSIONALSIM Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 40 Nancy Hollins X 3230 219A White Hall Student travel, conference funding, paperwork, etc. TRAVELING AND CONFERENCES

41 PROFESSIONALSIM Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 41 Student Affairs Office x3100 CODE OF CONDUCT

42 PROFESSIONALSIM Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 42 Leadership Weekend – Early Fall Semester Leadership Workshops – First Wednesday/month, 6pm Bell Hall Orientation Mentors/Summer PTCs – Apply in Fall Resident Advisors and Summer Ras – Apply in Spring Student Org Board Training – Spring during re-registration Student Senate – open meetings 3pm Bell every other Wed. UCPB – submit ideas to IGC – see Student Activities for creating new Greek org chapters LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

43 PROFESSIONALSIM Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 43 You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, use your peers and other clubs and organizations to bounce ideas around and maybe plan an event together. Benefits of collaboration: Less work for one org More people to reach out to Better turnout COLLABORATION

44 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 44 Leader should have current roster of names, emails, phone numbers, positions, and any other information relevant to the organization (t- shirt sizes, class year, campus address, committee placements, etc.) Publicly recognize accomplished goals, successful events, completed tasks and hard work. Keep people accountable to their responsibilities. Be consistent and fair; don’t be a dictator. Develop meaningful relationships with members, don’t always talk about the org, be sociable and approachable MANAGING MEMBERS

45 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 45 Have and keep contact with members. Hold interest by giving people tasks and trusting them with them. Most people will stay motivated when they can take ownership for projects. Hold a special welcoming event. Plan a social event, a special introduction. Recognize that some won’t come back because of other commitments or interests. That’s ok! Orient your new members. Encourage old and new members to form bonds by using icebreakers and teambuilding activities. Remember the new members’ names! Get contact information. Follow through with emails, post goals, summarize meeting outcomes. Provide reminders of responsibilities, be patient but firm. Recognize and show appreciation for your members both publicly and in private. Have fun together! Know when it is time to work and time to play. No one wants to feel like involvement in an organization is a burden. RETAINING MEMBERS

46 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 46 Keep your Pioneer Place website UP TO DATE AT ALL TIMES! Know and understand your organization purpose and mission. Ask the current members’ input and set goals how many more people do you want/need? What talents are missing that the organization currently needs? What characteristics, interests should new members have? How are you going to advertise your club? How are you going to accept new members? What type of time commitment should be expected? Are there students from specific majors who will benefit from or add to the organization? Think outside the box! Posters and flyers should be supplemented by networking and technologies. New members are easier to attract if: Past leaders and members reflect a positive attitude toward the org and have a general good feeling about the org The group appears organized and knows what it is doing. They feel welcomed and see that support and encouragement are provided. There is opportunity for them to learn and to get involved quickly. Members are not just numbers, they’re there for a purpose and they need to be appreciated. ATTRACTING MEMBERS

47 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 47 Define the purpose of the meeting Develop and stick to the agenda Record meeting minutes and distribute to all members Give members a chance to discuss and evaluate goals and objectives Keep members updated on current events and ask for their input Delegate tasks and trust that members will follow through Incorporate member appreciation and recognition for hard work and successes. Pull everyone’s resources and opinions together for decision making. RUNNING MEETINGS

48 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 48 Used for historical and recollection information Should be outlined by meeting agenda Include meeting start and end time Details about what was discussed, advice for future, progress of tasks and events Include tasks that were delegated, who they were given to, any committees that were formed, and deadlines that need to be met Upload on Pioneer Place under Documents MEETING MINUTES

49 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 49 All orgs start out with a $0 budget You must ask for money and be approved Constant application process Runs by student reimbursement or college purchase order for larger totals Senate Comptroller- see office hours READ the Student Senate Finance Committee Supplement! Ask for a copy at MANAGING A BUDGET

50 RUNNING YOUR ORGANIZATION Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 50 If you hold a traditionally funded event (designated events by Student Senate) then you don’t have to present for that money. A full budget proposal powerpoint in the Finance Committee Budget Template outline must still be submitted within the deadline set by Senate. Don’t assume that your event is recognized as “traditionally funded,” ASK the comptroller. ALLOCATED BUDGETS

51 Student Organization Board Training Fall 2011 51

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