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Internet Access In Argyll & Bute

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1 Internet Access In Argyll & Bute
Pat McCann Area Librarian & IT Systems Development Manager Argyll & Bute Library Service

2 Contents of Presentation
People’s Network in Argyll & Bute Acceptable Use Policy Internet Filter Operational Problems

3 People’s Network Background
NOF Funding £274,202 (CALL Programme) £48,605 (Staff ICT Training) Library Branding elibraries LITE Charging Policy Charge only for consumables

4 People’s Network Background
Learning Centres (2MB) Helensburgh (April 02) Oban (April 02) Campbeltown (May 02) Dunoon (July 02) Rothesay (July 02) Lochgilphead (Sept. 02) Information Points (256KB) Tarbert (August 02) Cardross (December 02) Cove (December 02) Garelochhead (Dec. 02) Rhu (January 03) Rosneath (January 03) Tobermory (January 03)

5 Acceptable Use Policy Users Must Always Read and sign AUP
Adults (age 16+) Children (age ) Arrange Internet access via library staff Logout correctly at the end of each session Treat equipment and other users with respect

6 Acceptable Use Policy Users Must Never
Access, create or transmit offensive material Transmit illegal material Disclose their Login ID or Password Respond to nasty, suggestive or rude s Read s intended for others Load personal software on to the PC Use the system for commercial and political activities or sending chain letters and spreading viruses

7 Acceptable Use Policy Personal Safety
Take care disclosing home address and phone no. Take care disclosing bank details Take care making arrangements to meet someone Avoid staying in chat rooms if they make you feel uncomfortable Always be yourself Save unsolicited attachments to file before opening Offers appearing too good to be true probably are

8 Internet Filter Internet content security provided by I-Gear (Symantec) Two levels of filter Adult (age 18+) Children (age 17 and under) Access by Login ID and Password Two Login IDs and Passwords per PC ie. one for adults and one for children

9 Internet Filter Filter Restrictions Blocks DDR settings
Subject categories Unresolved IP addresses Home directories File extensions - zip, wav, sit, mpg, mov, moov, hqx, exe DDR settings Outgoing threshold = 10 / Incoming threshold = 75 Autolock after 30 blocks in a 10 minute period Timeout of 20 minutes

10 Operational Problems Problems Resolved
Blocked access to legitimate websites DDR settings too low Users logging out incorrectly Frequent system timeouts

11 Operational Problems Problems Unresolved Access to I-Gear software
Method of logging on users Network security

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