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Cross Cultural Interaction The Egyptian negotiator Zhang Yiying Benetto Anna.

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1 Cross Cultural Interaction The Egyptian negotiator Zhang Yiying Benetto Anna

2 Introduction The religion is truly a way of life for them. Two main religion: 90% are Sunni Muslim 10% are Coptic Christian The Egypt is the Arab world’s most populous nation The official language is Arab Religious beliefs in this society have a powerful influence on the people’s thought and actions. Egyptians are very proud of their history and culture They are polychronic and expressive people

3 Verbal communication They has a tendency to start to talk before another speaker has finished Speak and write in a repetitious manner Frequent use of exaggeration Are proud of their verbal proficiency Similar expressiveness of South European country Emotional Expressiveness Avoid said no in blunt manner Similar indirectness of East and Southeast Asian country Indirectness Avoid profanity jokes and references to sex, religion, politic events Not mention death, illness and natural calamities Verbal Taboos

4 Non verbal communication Very expressive Small space bubble – half an arm’s length Opposite sex stand further apart Body language Very common with friends The greeting with foreign or in public occasion is the handshake Touch Behavior During a business conversation they expected you to look them in the eye Avoid direct eye contact between the opposite sex Eye contact

5 Non verbal communication The tips of the fingers touching the thumb means be patience The left hand is considered unclean Gestures and Taboo It is important to address counterparts with their professional and academic titles Hierarchies and respect

6 Meetings Time Polychronic Often late Avoid displaying impatience They find impolite to end a meeting abruptly Scheduling People are more important than schedules No private meeting in this market It is rude to turn away drop-in visitors or to refuse to take a call

7 Business protocol

8 Men: shirt&pants, suit&tie&jacket Women: western suit or dress, scarf Taboo: wear short clothes, no halter tops, sleeveless, blouses, short skirts Dress code Time: sip coffee or tea Topic: history, travel,food, monuments Taboo: Middle Eastern politics, asking about male counterpart’s wife or daughters Small talk Shaking hands: men with men & women, Women with women Gentle, no bone-crushing, grip Meeting & greeting Add appropriate honorific or title With western first names  Christians Islamic name  Muslims Names & title

9 Business protocol Eat as much as you can Rule of three Avoid alcohol & pork product Avoid overdoing compliments Entertaining Avoid alcohol Good gift: ‘coffee table’ books, illustrated calendars, cake, chocolate, flowers Use both hands or right hand Gift giving Enthusiastic bargainers Slow decision Negotiating style

10 References Gesteland, Cross - Cultural Business Behavior Lewis, When Cultures Collide Wikipedia : Egypt Minister Trade and Foreign Affairs :

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