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MSUB Extended Campus Connecting the campus to the community.

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1 MSUB Extended Campus Connecting the campus to the community

2 Building the Foundation Vision, Mission, Values Staff Operations Policy Market Research Study New Website New Tools

3 Vision, Mission, Values Our Vision MSUB Extended Campus will be known as the “go to” place to develop creative programs that connect the University with the Billings region. Our Mission MSU Billings Extended Campus supports the University’s mission by engaging our community and our region with innovative programs and activities delivered in alternative formats and locations.

4 Vision, Mission, Values Our Values Community Engagement (meaningful collaboration between MSUB and our surrounding communities for the beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources) Lifelong Learning (providing exceptional educational opportunities for diverse learners) Integrity (carrying out responsibilities with respect, accountability, and follow through) Fiscal Viability (using an entrepreneurial approach and responsibly managing programs with strategic investments in new programs) Innovation (forward-thinking, agile, and committed to continuous improvement) Service (responsive to the changing needs of participants, partners, and the community)

5 Staff Larry Gaalswyk (Montana Mentors grant) Laura Gittings-Carlson (education, camps, festivals, one-offs) Amanda Green (general sales, conference/special event services) Danielle Loomer (administrative/program support) Kevin Nemeth (academic certificate and degree programs) Shelly Ovalle (programs/computer lab support – Garfield center) Kristen Rude (Montana Mentors grant) Matthew Shipp (Vista Volunteer – Garfield Literacy Project) Becca Tillotson (administrative/program support) Mercedes Vankoten (Montana Mentors grant) John Walsh (Downtown, Garfield facilities, workforce training)

6 Market Study Performed by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association’s Center for Research and Consulting Billings and region Identify demand for degree completion, post-bach or grad certificate programs, master’s degrees, workforce training Primary data including MSUB Alumni survey, “Key Decision Makers” survey and Adult learner survey Secondary data including occupational and demographic analysis and competitive analysis of regional CE units Results due in December

7 New Website

8 New Policy Faculty Senate Ad Hoc workgroup formed to aid in policy development CAS: Sarah Keller COE: Ken Miller COB: Deb Johnson CAHP: Scott Murray City College: Pete Bushman Goal – Finalized by end of December

9 New Tools Activity Proposal Form (and flowchart) Letter of Understanding (LOU) Budget Template

10 Still to Finalize Instructor pay scale Business model with revenue share formula Unit strategic plan Organizational structure

11 Questions?

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