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8/26/2014 Bellwork 1. Place backpacks at the front of the class and find a seat/partner that you DID NOT sit in yesterday. 2. In your notebook, write a.

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1 8/26/2014 Bellwork 1. Place backpacks at the front of the class and find a seat/partner that you DID NOT sit in yesterday. 2. In your notebook, write a proper heading as provided on the poster above the teacher desk. 3. write the below objections. (3 minutes) Objectives: The learner will be familiar with class procedures. The learner will examine alignment to their shared purpose, goals and targets for team building. 4. With your new partner, discuss the pros/cons of social media. Does social media make us less social? (5 minutes)

2 Further Discussion Does social media hamper our communication skills, making us more anti-social and lacking in etiquette? As police officers, how should we question the Generation Y people through this communication barrier.

3 All CJ & FF Classes Officer. Hedrick

4 NOTICE This is a Trade & Industry career course that teaches the student the exact material that is taught to basic Law Enforcement officers, firefighters, Corrections Officers, college students, police academies and/or Community Emergency Response Teams.

5 Seating Your seating assignment will change without notice based off of your performance/behavior in class. Do NOT question reasoning for changes. I will promptly move you away from anyone you can not control yourself around. As chairs become available, we will be transitioning away from individual desks and all students will be sitting at tables.

6 Do not ask to leave or for materials Each one of you has been in school for at least 9 years. You know that having supplies BEFORE class and going to the bathroom BEFORE class begins is a standard requirement of the educational atmosphere. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE DURING THE FIRST 15 MINS OR THE LAST 15MINS or anytime during the actual instructional time. A police / corrections officer / firefighter is expected to bring their weapon and proper equipment with them each day to work. They do not ask for permission to go home to retrieve forgotten equipment. That is grounds for termination of employment.

7 Bathroom / Bano Three passes per 6-weeks. Fill out your pass and drop it in the folder attached to the door. Sign out on the white board. Go straight to the bathroom and straight back to class. If you do not use your passes, you will be given extra points on a major unit test!!!

8 Backpacks & Belongings When you come into the class, please place your backpacks on the floor in the front of the room. Obtain your class material before putting them up. We do this to save valuable floor space, to create a safer walking area, and to assist you with staying focused on class. You need paper, pen, binder or notebook each day.

9 Do not get out of Seat Do not stand up or get up to move about the room during the instruction time. You will place your trash in the trash can when you are dismissed. rude It is rude to stand up while the instructor is talking. College classes conform to this same standard.

10 Tardy Police officers and criminal justice professionals are expected to be on time every where they go. Lateness is not permitted. Being late while on duty can literally mean the difference in saving or ending a person’s life. Sign in to the tardy book and quickly take your seat without disrupting the class. Do not disrupt the instructor during the lesson.

11 Miss a Day of School? At the front of the classroom, there is a plastic container with folders 1-31. If you miss a day: Please look under the day of the week you missed. Locate the work for your class. Obtain notes or bellwork from your neighbor.

12 Please Keep it Quiet Do not talk to your neighbor or across the room unless we are working on an activity that calls for talking and class communication. Have respect & manners in class. It is YOUR job to monitor yourself and your neighbor and keep them quiet. LPSCS professionals master the art of controlling their environment; you will too.

13 Electronics It is against the State of Texas law to have a phone, paging device or personal electronic in the classroom. (Class C misdemeanor) seriously…it really is! Look it up!!! just learned something important in my class that NO other teacher has ever taught you! It is a disruption TO ME AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU and will NOT be tolerated. Electronic devices will be taken up and placed in Phone Jail until the end of class. If you refuse, your parent will be contacted. It is also considered disrespectful to have headphones in your ears when an instructor is teaching. Do not even have them hanging out of your shirt. (rude!!)

14 NO FOOD….

15 Refer to Teachers by their Professional Titles You will refer to Mrs. Hedrick by the following titles only:  Mrs. Hedrick  Officer Hedrick  Or Yes Maam. “miss” is not an acceptable title.

16 Failure to do classwork  Assigned work is an essential aspect of our learning environment. If you fail to complete your work: You will be required to complete the failure to do Work Form. You may not turn in late assignments unless you were absent with an approved excuse. No extra credit.

17 BELLWORK Each day you will have a three part bellwork assignment: 1. Write the objective for the day. 2. Write the definition. 3. Write the question and your response to the lesson prompt.

18 Ticket out the Door 5 minutes before the bell rings, you will be given time to: 1. Reflect on the lesson and answer the questions assigned to the PPT. 2. Pickup trash around your desk. DO NOT GET UP. 3. The bell does not release the students, the teacher does.

19 Mature Material Through out this course, we will discuss mature material. Mature attitudes and appropriate language is required. Examples: SEX & RAPE INCEST & ABUSE MURDER & SUICIDE REMEMBER: If we are learning about it, it has effected someone's life in the most devastating way possible. Show respect at all times.

20 Keep it Civilized ! Many times, you will encounter a different opinion than your own. These opinions can sometimes become debates. AT NO TIME is it acceptable to verbally or physically challenge someone in a “fighting” way. Aggression is unacceptable. If you can not control your mouth. language or actions, your parents will be called and required to attend class with you. Keep petty disputes and disagreements out of my classroom. I am here to teach you how to be a professional in the LPSCS field, not babysit you. Respect my rules and each other.

21 You WILL be educated....Resistance is Futile

22 ME & YOU… Pretend you are Forest Gump and I am the drill sergeant (except I like to wear cute shoes and hate my combat boots). ….This is my preferred manner of how you will behave in the class. (I can dream, cant I ?!!)

23 TEAM WORK Together we can make this THE MOST successful year of your High School career.


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