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Vocabulary  Capable and qualified  Competency  A competent student knows how to study and prepare for tests.

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2 Vocabulary

3  Capable and qualified  Competency  A competent student knows how to study and prepare for tests.

4  A type of special attention or importance  To emphasize, emphasizes, emphasized, emphasizing  Teachers repeatedly make an emphasis on the importance of reading.

5  To do something or behave in the same way as someone else, mimic, imitate  Emulates, emulated, emulating, emulation (n), emulative (adj)  Children like to emulate parents’ actions.

6  To make better or improve  Enhances, enhancing, enhanced, enhancement (n)  What can you do to enhance your college opportunities?

7  Exactness or accuracy  Precise (adj), precisively (adv)  Math problems should be done with precision so mistakes are not made.

8  Hard to notice, not obvious  Subtler, subtlest, subtlety (n), subtleties (n), subtly (adv)  Although the students were subtle when they were cheating, they got caught.

9  To be different, not the same  Varies, varied, varying, variety/ varieties (n),varietal (adj)  All children vary in their personalities and likes.

10  To imagine in your head what it looks like  Visualizes/ visualized/ visualizing, visual/s (n & adj), visually (adv), visualization (n)  Descriptive words help the reader to visualize the story.

11  Something made shorter, shortened, smaller in length  To abbreviate/ abbreviates/ abbreviated/ abbreviating, abbreviation (n.)  We read the abbreviated story because we only had a 30 minutes to read.  Doctor= Dr.  Arizona= AZ

12  The feeling or mood associated with a place or thing  Ambiance, ambient (adj.)  The restaurant had a nice ambience with it’s soft music, comfortable chairs and friendly staff.

13  Expressing ideas clearly and effectively when speaking  To articulate/ articulates/ articulated/ articulating, articulation(s)  Articulate students are able to tell the teacher their exact answers.

14  A feeling of shame and embarrassment  To humiliate/ humiliates/ humiliated/ humiliating (v&adj.), humiliatingly  The boy felt humiliation when his date left him for another guy at the dance.

15  Situations to make people feel nervous, scared or frightened  To intimidate/ intimidates/ intimidated/ intimidating, intimidatingly (adv.), intimidation  Sometimes it’s intimidating to talk to a person you like if they are talking to someone else.

16  A duty or responsibility you have because your conscience, family, or society demands it  Obligatory (adj.), to obligate (v)  As a US citizen, I have an obligation to vote in every election.

17  Interesting, exciting, thought- provoking, or full of new ideas  To stimulate (v), stimulation (n.), stimulatingly (adv.)  Pres. Obama’s stimulating speech makes me believe he will be a great president.

18  To become better or greater than before, go beyond, to pass, exceed  Unsurpass (v.), Surpassable/ unsurpassable (adj.),  Each time a students takes AIMs they hope to surpass their previous score.

19  Make something more noticeable  Accentuates/ accentuated/ accentuating, accent (n)  Most people like to accentuate their best qualities.

20  To remove someone or something completely and not be allowed back  Banishes/ banished/ banishing, banishment (n)  When students are expelled they are banished from Hamilton forever!

21  The look on your face, or your expression  Countenances  People try to hide their feelings but most of the time their countenance gives it away.

22  Having the ability to make good judgments about someone or something  To discern, discernment  The discerning high school teacher was able to identify the troubled student.

23  Treat someone or something in an insulting way, no respect  To disrespect, respect, respectful  Talking back to a teacher is rude and disrespectful, always!!!

24  to convince someone to help or give support  Enlistment, enlisted (adj)  Mrs. Bevill enlists students to hand out papers for her.

25  To name or list things one by one  Enumeration  It would be boring to listen to someone enumerate their favorite 20 foods.

26  Without ending, long  Interminable, intermittent  The boy cried interminably when his girlfriend broke up with him.

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