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© MIRANTIS 2013PAGE© MIRANTIS 2013 Open source: Ultimate survival romcheg on

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1 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE© MIRANTIS 2013 Open source: Ultimate survival romcheg on

2 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Agenda Why? How it works. How it does not work.

3 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Why open source rocks?

4 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Public professional profile …enterprise projects…open source projects Outline of the work experience after working on... 2007-2009: Enterprise solutions Middle C# engineer 2009-2010: Microsoft-partner Inc. Senior SharePoint developer 2010-death: Agilescrum Ltd. J2EE architect 2007-2009: Linux Implemented bcache 2009-2010: OpenStack Xen driver, PCI device mapping 2010-2011: PostgreSQL Native JSON, materialized views

5 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Informal communications …enterprise projects…open source projects A typical communication flow in... Your team Busy manager Re: Re: Re: Answer our questions ASAP ¿Qué? Other team Slow managerIndividuals Sup bro? Yo dawg! Wozzup! Did you fix it? ¿Qué?

6 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Mirantis pays for this. Why? Mirantis is a very generous company and wants to help every open source project to grow up! Mirantis needs to......make bigger influence on the community...make more features in the visible as a big OpenStack developer Visibility + influence = more interest from potential customers.

7 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Community group’s objectives Make more useful features Make more influence Continuously improve quality Provide mentorship for other employees Help publishing features to the upstream

8 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE What to choose? OpenStack Open source software OpenStack ecosystem Python SQLAlchemy migration tools WSME, eventlet, etc...

9 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE A bit of tech talk on OpenStack

10 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Getting ready Create a Launchpad account Join ~mirantis on Launchpad Join OpenStack foundation and sign CLA Read and follow HowToContribute Read Gerrit Workflow

11 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Getting ready Check your keys ¡Double check your keys! Check your git settings. Name and contact info must be valid. Keys must be registered.

12 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE HowToContribute Dear managers, please never try to create local version of HowToContribute document. It will always be outdated It will always be wrong It discourages developers to read official documentation You will only screw everything up

13 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Getting started Choose a project. Unless you don’t have a choice Read available specifications Search bug tracker for low hanging fruits In OS official tag is low-hanging-fruit Do code review

14 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Getting started in brand new projects Do code review Moar reviews! Take part in all discussions Propose ideas Show your interest and vision When allowed, submit your patches

15 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE How it works

16 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Terminology Project – a project :) Core projects Incubation Core developer – a member of a project who has merge permissions and sharp eyes. PTL – project technical lead. Defines roadmap for the project.

17 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE What’s important Be patient You’re not the only one Stay tuned Join project chat Communicate a lot Help others Review code Help new folks

18 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Language barrier Russian is rude and mean English is sweet and gentle

19 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE What kills people

20 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Working on influence Improve visibility Code review Mentorship Show good vision Raise problems Suggest features Technical discussions Make good relationships Non-technical discussions

21 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE How it does not work

22 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Bad practices This stinks! Gonna rework everything! No, you’re not, stupid! Guys, I have a patch that fixes 10 bugs! One patch per change. Got 5 comments for my patch. Gonna ignore ‘em all! Be as responsive as a TCP client.

23 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Bad practices #2 One patch – several developers Avoid working on a single patch as a team Publish your patches yourself Rejecting P2P communications Always chat with other developers personally Do not let your manager represent you in the community Using non-official resources and tools Local Gerrit, local documentation, etc…

24 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Interests of the community Community doesn’t need your code It stinks (by default) Anyone else they trust more can write that code Community does not care about your customer He’s just a regular mortal There are too many customers to follow everyone’s will

25 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE How to get help from Community group Can you please +1 this? Our customer need this! We work in the same company! U’r gettin’ payed for this dawg!

26 © MIRANTIS 2013PAGE Q&A the faster we finish this, the faster you get your free pizza

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