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Daniel Lugo No Pain No Gain.

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1 Daniel Lugo No Pain No Gain

2 Background on Lugo Daniel Lugo was a Body Builder working at Sun Gym in Florida, he was previously convicted and went to jail for bank fraud. He rose to management quickly at Sun Gym, and assembled a group of trusted friends nicknamed the “Sun Gym Gang” who kidnapped and extorted Wealthy Business Types for money.

3 Why Marc Schiller? Is an Argentinian-American man who survived a kidnapping and attempted murder by the Sun Gym Gang in Miami, Florida in He was the star witness in the trial against them. Schiller was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and with his parents immigrated to the United States when he was seven years old. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York and lived there until he moved to attend College in Wisconsin. By the age of nine he started several small businesses to fund his educational and personal needs. He attended Lincoln high school in Brooklyn, participating in sports and was member of the school's track team. Marc has had a successful career as both entrepreneur and as professional Marc’s professional career has spanned the United States as well as internationally. Essentially Marc was what Daniel wanted to be a self made wealthy man, coming off as rude Daniel had it out for Schiller and decided to kidnap, and torture Schiller until he signed over everything he had. They then forced him to drink liquor and made his car crash trying to make it look like a drunk driving accident.

4 Sentencing Besides this long list Daniel Lugo was sentenced to death.
Count I - Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering – 30 years Count II - Racketeering – 30 years Count III - First-Degree Murder (Furton) – Death Count IV - First-Degree Murder (Griga) – Death Count V - Kidnapping – Life Count VI - Kidnapping – Life Count VIII - Attempted Extortion – 5 years Count IX - Grand Theft Auto – 5 years Count X - Attempted First-Degree Murder – Life Count XI - Armed Kidnapping – Life Count XII - Armed Robbery – 15 years Count XIII - Burglary – 15 years Count XIV - Grand Theft (Second-Degree) – 15 years Count XV - Grand Theft Auto – 5 years Count XVI - Possession of an Identification Plate – 5 years Count XVII - Arson – 30 years Count XVIII - Extortion – 30 years Count XIX - Money Laundering (Counts XIX – XXVII) – 15 years each Count XXVIII - Forgery (Counts XXVIII, XXXI, XXXIV, XXVII, XL, XLIII) – 5 years each Count XXX - Uttering a Forged Instrument (Counts XXX, XXIII, XXXVI, IXL, XLII, XLV) – 5 years each. Count XLVI - Conspiracy to Commit a First-Degree Felony – 15 years

5 Evidence Although running over Marc Schiller twice, he survived and lived to get an investigation started. Bodies of those killed in crates that were dumped with evidence. Used silicon Breasts to ID victims.

6 Daniel Lugo Sentenced in 1998 Had final appeal in 2010
Will either die in jail or by lethel injection Daniel Lugo – All this began because it was time to push myself harder, otherwise I was looking at another forty years wearing sweatpants to work...

7 Books and Movie Pain and Gain – The Untold True Story – By Marc Schiller Pain and Gain Motion Picture

8 Sociological Theory of Deviance
Anomie Theory Daniel Lugo was at a dead end Job, he was a body builder who didn’t just want to be big physically but he wanted wealth and power. Unfortunately it was not within his reach. Since he didn’t have the road to riches to just like the anomie theory states they seek their goals through deviance. They might see that culturally some people get away with it, and since Marc Schiller had what Daniel Lugo wanted, and he didn’t have any means to get it he decided to break the social norms, and the law, and kidnap, torture, and try to murder him to get it. It was a case of jealousy and hate and Daniel Lugo showed the anomie theory in trying to reach his goals. A look at before the murders even then he used the anomie theory. Before Marc Schiller, or the sun gym gang Lugo was convicted of bank fraud which was another way he tried to scam elderly to make more money, again they had what he didn’t and he chose deviance as a way to reach his goals. Daniel Lugo - Money and wealth blocked  Uses Deviance to reach goals  Anomie Theory

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