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Delete Online Drama: Lesson on Cyberbullying February 10, 2014 Christina Beaufort Jackie Jaros.

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1 Delete Online Drama: Lesson on Cyberbullying February 10, 2014 Christina Beaufort Jackie Jaros

2 2 Go to website:

3 3 Contact Information Christina Beaufort Middle School Library Media Specialist Jackie Jaros Middle School Guidance Counselor Deer Lakes School District Deer Lakes Middle School Cheswick, PA 15024

4 4 Social Media Contact Information Facebook Page Twitter@DLMSinspiration#todayistheday#teentodayisthedayEmail

5 5 Presentation 1. Contact Information/Social Media Survey 2. DL Anti-bullying Program 3. Texting/Cell Phone Etiquette 4. Delete Digital Drama 5. REACH Out Initiative 6. Pennsylvania Sexting Law 7. Online/Book Resources 8. Cyberbully Movie Trailer 9. School Library Monthly Article 10. Steps to Start a Bullying Program 11. Cyber-bullying Pledge 12. Questions

6 6 Anti-bullying program at Deer Lakes MS The objective of this program is to teach strategies for recognizing, reporting, and preventing bullying. Students will also learn components of the Guidance Curriculum. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students participate in the Middle School anti-bullying program throughout the school year. Students learn to recognize, prevent, and respond to bullying through classroom lessons, activities, and discussions.

7 7 Anti-bullying program at Deer Lakes MS cont. Anti-bullying curriculum topics include the following: Defining bullying and recognizing bullying behaviors Detecting and expressing emotions Comparing “harmless” teasing and “hurtful” language What to do when you are the victim of bullying What to say and who to tell when you are a bystander to bullying How to react (and stay safe) when a friend bullies someone Positive ways to communicate with friends, peers, teachers, and parents/guardians

8 8 Texting & Cell Phone Etiquette 1. Messaging shouldn’t take the place of one-on-one interaction with friends. 2. Keep text messages short and to-the-point. 3. You should never text one friend while spending time with another. It’s rude and can make for hurt feelings. 4. Refrain from texting a friend if you’re in a fight or angry.

9 9 Texting & Cell Phone Etiquette cont. 5. Sometimes text messages can be misunderstood because the recipient of the message cannot see your facial expression or hear your tone of voice. 6. You should never give bad news in a text. 7. You are responsible for what you text. Refrain from gossiping or saying unkind words about other people. 8. Never text while driving, in a church, class, at dinner, or a funeral. 9. Never allow anyone to text from your phone, iPod, or iPad. You are personally responsible for information sent from your device.

10 10 Delete Digital Drama Lesson Objectives: 1. 1.Bring awareness to the dangers and consequences on online communication and behavior 2. 2.Collect data to demonstrate the wide use of social media and online gaming 3. 3.Instruct students how to safely navigate and use social media appropriately 4. 4.Inform students of sexting laws in our state 5. 5.Challenge students to take a stand against cyberbullying School Library Monthly Blog Christina Beaufort, Jackie Jaros, Lisa Fabian

11 11 REACH Out Initiative (Shine a Light on Good Behavior) Anti-bullying curriculum named – REACH (Recognizing and Educating through Awareness, Compassion and Hope) Initiative We want to highlight the positive choices of our students. This initiative will allow teachers and staff to recognize the positive behaviors and choices.

12 12 REACH Out Initiative monthtarget behaviors and expectations DecemberRandom Acts of Kindness JanuaryTolerance FebruaryCompassion MarchResponsibility AprilQuality Work MayExtra Effort/Most Improved Target behaviors and expectations for each month

13 13 Laws Pertaining to Sexting in the Commonwealth of PA The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania lawmakers have proposed a law making sexting a second-degree misdemeanor for minors who intentionally or knowingly record, view, possess or transmit images of a minor (above the age of 13) engaged in sexually explicit condu ct. First-time offenders would be subject to a summary charge, that would not be on their permanent record but the minor would be required to forfeit their electronic devices. Until the proposed legislation becomes law, minors may still be prosecuted under the Commonwealth’s child pornography laws. If convicted, an individual could receive jail time as well as may need to register as a sex offender.

14 14 Online Resources STOMP Out Bullying Project Anti-Bully Power to Learn

15 15 Book Resources How to Beat the Bully Without Really Trying Scott Starkey Bully by Bullyville Francine Prose How to Handle a Bully Nancy Wilcox Richards 13 Reasons Why Jay Asher Dear Bully: Seventy Authors Tell Their Stories Megan Kelly Hall & Carrie Jones

16 16 Book Resources Cont. Seven Secrets Margaret Wiley

17 17 Movie Clip Trailers Cyberbully 2011 ABC Family Bully 2011

18 18

19 19

20 20 Statistics Cyberbullying Statistics

21 21 Steps to Take to Start a Program: 1. 1.Get administrative approval and support 2. 2.Decide objectives and focus of your plan/program 3. 3.Decide who is going to teach the program 4. 4.Create an age appropriate lesson 5. 5.Execute the lessons 6. 6.Gain feedback from students and teachers

22 22 Cyberbullying Pledge

23 23 Questions

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