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UWE Life Ben Argo (10008548) Gunnar Petzäll (10005826) Dushyant Kanungo (10036175)

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1 UWE Life Ben Argo (10008548) Gunnar Petzäll (10005826) Dushyant Kanungo (10036175)

2 Introduction

3 The App

4 Design Process

5 Brainstorming with whiteboard: from personal safety to breastfeeding support Research (PACT, requirements, etc) Early wireframes Testing and refined prototypes Presentation prototype

6 Design Principles

7 First Principles of Interaction Design Aesthetics Anticipation Autonomy Color Consistency Defaults Discoverability Efficiency of the User Explorable Interfaces Human Interface Objects Latency Reduction Learnability Metaphors, Use of Protect Users’ Work Readability Simplicity State Visible Navigation

8 Trenchard-Seys’ Shortlist Match Experience & Expectations Consistency Functional Minimalism Cognitive load Engagement Functional Layering Control, Trust & Explorability Error Prevention, Detection & Recovery Affordance Hierarchy of Control

9 Design Principle Example: Match Experience & Expectations Carefully consider user’s knowledge Use familiar iconography (affordance) Use established practices (cognitive load and memorability) UWE Life – features matching the name Incorporating user feedback

10 Feedback & Iterative Design

11 Labelling & Size

12 Priority & Sortability

13 Mapping

14 Individual Approaches

15 Gunnar User Testing/Feedback: Functional Minimalism/Layering Primary user Other users PACT analysis Survey First wireframes More users More wireframes

16 ? Changed the process Additional requirements Gunnar User Testing/Feedback: Functional Minimalism/Layering

17 Ensured relevance to target audience Added quantitative evidence (location & social) Additional, unexpected, ideas from users (locked doors) Lack of formal criteria Additional planning would have been beneficial Tying in work more with other team members Gunnar User Testing/Feedback: Functional Minimalism/Layering

18 Ben Feasibility and requirement research: Control, Trust & Explorability


20 Dushyant Seductive Design Approach: Engagement beyond 1 st use – Longevity

21 From here… Learned a lot from AppFurnace (useful for location testing) Limited – Can’t do much custom JS (chat) Further development planned for the SU Use Intel XDK framework instead? Location based chat for freshers Additional questions


23 Requirements Locative media app Socio-cultural reflection

24 Non-Functional Requirements In context with authoritative stakeholders Inclusive Longevity Platform independent Low maintenance Follows UCD process & interaction design principles

25 UCD Process brainstorming, research, storyboards, wireframes

26 Project Management

27 Brainstorming

28 Research PrimarySecondary Expert InterviewsCompetitor Analysis Extreme User InterviewsPACT Analysis Personas

29 Product Requirement Analysis Document

30 Storyboards

31 The Engagement

32 A Rude Awakening

33 A Rude Awakening (part 2)

34 A Rude Awakening (part 3)

35 Lunchtime Rush

36 Lunchtime Rush (part 2)

37 Wireframes

38 Paper Prototypes

39 POP Prototype

40 Hi-fi Prototype We’re using all of your photos, but these won’t go live.

41 Login

42 Landing base Selecting “Next class in 00:13”

43 Options menu

44 My Next class

45 Going to class Part 1 of 4

46 Going to class Part 2 of 4

47 Going to class Part 3 of 4

48 You made it!

49 Landing Base Selecting “I want to go to…”

50 I want to go to… the ECC!

51 We can’t find you… Either use an NFC tag or scan a QR code to help us locate you

52 Landing Base Selecting “Chat with people on campus”

53 UWE Chat Selecting “My Classmates”

54 My Classmates All available classmates and the group chat

55 Class Chat Some great web design conversation going on here

56 Lessons Learned Mobile development very different from web Wide-ranging support available Emotionally taxing Very proud of our work

57 Where Next? prototype development, technical research, app development, suggestions?

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