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PLMA Australia / New Zealand Inspiration and Innovation For PLMA Members Quarterly Update Mar 2009.

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1 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Inspiration and Innovation For PLMA Members Quarterly Update Mar 2009

2 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Toilet Cleanser & Air Freshener in one WC Frisch 3-Activ (Active) Toilet Cleaner and Refresher has a Fresh Citrus scent, and combines a toilet cleaner and a new permanent air- freshener, which is made of integrated fragrant pearls to freshen the air. Also available in this range is a WC Frisch Duo-Aktiv (Duo Acitve Toilet Cleaner and Refresher) with hygiene power and a Lemon fragrance.

3 PLMA Australia / New Zealand This product was launched on the basis of contributing to a hair replacement clinic for cancer sufferers - a superb “good cause” launch Pantene Pro-V has launched a new line of haircare products called Beautiful Lengths. The Shampoo, is specially designed with Aquacurrent Science, which directs the movement of moisture and provides strength against damage to help hair growth. It is said to moisturize and leave hair soft, healthy and beautiful. A portion of the proceeds from every bottle will be donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a program that creates real hair for woman fighting cancer.

4 PLMA Australia / New Zealand The cloth nappy market is still a strong force. This addresses this eco-conscious market Eco-Me Diaper Pail Deodorizer is 100% natural, and is a kit that includes a recipe for a natural baby care product with a baby blend pure plant essential oil and a scoop and container for the blend. The consumer just needs to add baking soda. The finished product can then be used to pre-treat cloth diapers and also to remove odors from the diaper pail. The proprietary blend of essential oils includes chamomile, lavender, calendula and petitgrain, and can be used for freshening the diapers and the air; or, as a stronger aroma, to help calm babies, as the scent lingers in their clothes and diapers. The product has been clinically tested, is a natural product and is chemical free.

5 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Proof of action is always a good concept Oral-B Indicator Dental Floss is said to effectively remove and reveal plaque. The contrast provided by the blue colored floss helps highlight plaque and particles removed from between the teeth and below the gum line.

6 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Portable therapeutic care – good concept Neosporin Neo To Go! is an Antiseptic and Pain Relieving Spray for external use only. This product has been designed for an easy, one-handed use, to resist crunching and to fit anywhere. It is recommended by doctors and retails in a 0.26-fl. oz. pack.

7 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Humour works too Rude Health No Flamin' Raisins Organic Muesli is said to be the first widely available, organic muesli to be completely free from raisins, currants and sultans. This product was developed after research revealed that 30% of people either do not like raisins or would prefer not to have them in their breakfast cereals. The muesli contains apricots, mango, nuts, seed, apple, and dates. No Flamin' Raisins is being launched in Rude Health new packaging design, which features vibrant, playful imagery and consists of biodegradable bag with a recyclable cardboard box.

8 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Steamed meals for babies in microwaveable packs – cook ed with care and convenient! Nestlé Naturnes Steamed Baby Food is a new range of baby food retailed in innovative packaging made from plastic. This range comprises a Steamed Vegetables with Sole Fish variety, which is made through a steam process to retain the nutrients and natural taste. It is free from additives, gluten, and salt, is 100% natural and easily digestible. The product is suitable for babies from eight months and is retailed in two 200g microwaveable containers. Also available in this range are: Steamed Carrots & Rice with Chicken; and Vegetable Purée with Chicken, both suitable for babies aged six months and older, 100% natural, free from added sugar and gluten, said to provide an optimal combination of essential fatty acids and retail in packs containing two 200g microwaveable units.

9 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Mix & drink – great concept for kids Kool Aid Singles Soft Drink Mix now comes in a refreshingly eco-friendly reusable water bottle kit for enjoying the drink at home or on the go. The bottle contains 10 x 0.55 oz. sticks in two flavours: Grape, and Tropical punch. The product is gluten free.

10 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Single serve salad dressings to enhance in home dining Marks & Spencer Reduced Fat French Dressing Shot is suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. The product is free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives. It retails in a 40ml pouch and is also available are Italian Style and Caesar Dressing variants.

11 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Vitamin & mineral powder drops into water when the cap is twisted Rising Beverage Co. has launched a Functional Drink Range under the Activate brand. This product contains vitamins and herbs stored as a powder in a moisture-resistant chamber inside the cap. When the cap is twisted, a small plastic blade cuts the seal and releases the ingredients into the water. According to the manufacturer, as a result, all active ingredients are stored separate from the water and kept fresh until they are released for maximum potency. This product is available in four varieties: Vitamin, which is Fruit Punch flavoured; Immunity, with Orange flavour; Antioxidant, available in Berry flavour; and Energy; available in Lemon-Lime flavour. The vitamin water range is sweetened with Splenda and contains five calories per serving, is free from preservatives, and is enriched with vitamins and minerals..

12 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Organic boil in the bag rice Uncle Ben's Bío Lankorn-Reis (Long Grain Rice) is 100% organic certified. It is packaged in a convenient "boil in bag" and can be prepared in 20 minutes. This product is retailed in a 500g pack containing four 125g bags.

13 PLMA Australia / New Zealand The cap is a measuring cup – small thing, great idea in this category Dr Oetker Baking Powder now retails in a plastic bottle designed with a domed measuring cap for ease of measuring. This product is now available in an 80g package.

14 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Bottle lights up when plunger is pressed – encourages kids to wash and waste! Soaprise! Foaming Hand Soap comes in a bottle that lights up when the pump dispenser is pressed, which is said to make washing hands fun. The product comes with a Grape scent and it is designed to help teach kids the importance of proper hand washing: the entire bottle lights up with a color show for 15 seconds, the time recommended by the Mayo Clinic (medical treatment and research centers). The liquid soap is biodegradable and non toxic. It comes in a bottle that still lights up after many refills. Also available are 30.9-fl.oz. refill bottles and scents of: Banana; Cotton Candy; and Strawberry

15 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Glucosamine is the latest joint pain additive – capsule dose for pain relief is a first Voltaflex Pain Relief Capsules are said to be the first over-the-counter medicine containing glucosamine. This medicine is designed for patients with moderate degenerative osteoarthritis pain. The product retails in packs containing 60 and 180 capsules.

16 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Great use of a new format for increased shelf presence and consumer appeal Splenda Liquid Spray Sweetener is a no calorie sweetener, which is suitable for people with diabetes. It is kosher certified and is available in a 0.49-oz. pack.

17 PLMA Australia / New Zealand This company is one of the most innovative oral care companies in the USA – this new entry is typical Biotène Plaque-BioFilm Dissolving Chewing Gum contains xylitol, which cleans between brushing. The product provides fresh breath protection and contains plaque dissolving and salivary enzymes to inhibit harmful bacteria, maintaining a healthy, oral balance. This product contains no saccharin and features an apple mint flavour. It is retailed in a pack with 20 sugar-free pieces.

18 PLMA Australia / New Zealand Good food concept plus good packaging plus strong endorsement – a good recipe all round David Beckham's GO3 brand of frozen food for children includes Crunchy Chicken Pockets. The chicken and vegetables pieces are coated in a crunchy pancake pocket and are oven- baked, not fried. The products of this range are fortified with omega-3.

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