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Module 5 Unit 1 Word power Who was he? He is ----helpful Chairman Mao encouraged us to learn from him on March 5th. -----warmhearted ----- unselfish/selfless.

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2 Module 5 Unit 1 Word power

3 Who was he? He is ----helpful Chairman Mao encouraged us to learn from him on March 5th. -----warmhearted ----- unselfish/selfless He was a soldier and died at an early age after the founding of PRC. In March every year, we learn from him to offer help to others Ⅰ Lead-in

4 He was Lei Feng

5 Have you noticed the adjectives we used? All these adjectives are used to describe Personalities. helpful, warmhearted, unselfish/selfless

6 Let’s have a try Use some adjectives to describe people’s personalities Ⅱ

7 What kind of person is she? “Dae Jang Geum” kind/ helpful/ warm- hearted smart/ clever /diligent/ hard- working/creative/ strong- minded

8 Group work Try to describe their personalities

9 Exercise  Match these adjectives to their meanings

10 treating people as his friends spending more time in study or work deserving trust having or showing that someone has good manners always has consideration for others providing help or always being willing to help others 1.friendly 2.considerable 3.helpful 4.well-mannered 5.hardworking 6.dependable/ reliable

11 generous talkative moody timid (胆怯的 ) determined fill in the blanks Exercise 1. When you talk to my cousin, Tommy, I am sure your topic will never dry up because he is quite fond of talking That is to say my cousin is t________ alktive

12 2. He is not mean with his money but willing to share or ready to give others freely. So he is ______ 3. It is difficult to get on well with Mr. Smith because his feeling or mood is always changing quickly. So Mr. Smith is ____________ generous moody

13 4. He is so t______ that he quite easily got frightened. 5. Don’t waste time to persuade him to give up his plan he has make the decision firmly. So he is a d________ person. imid etermined

14 Read the following dialogue: pay attention to the words in colours  A: At first,when I saw my best friend start to spend time with new friends, I was jealous. But now I am open- minded because I have new friends to spend time too.  B: Yes! I noticed that sometimes you were moody at the beginning of last term. However, I am pleased to see that you are much more cheerful these days. Ⅲ

15  We’ve known Eight Honors and Eight shames. What kind of theses words we should honor to and what kind of words we should shame on? jealous moody open- minded cheerful

16 The adjectives in red are negative The adjectives in blue are positive

17 Check whether these words are positive or negative generous narrow-mindeddishonest warm-heartedstubbornreliable moody honestpolitefriendly bad-tempered unkind open-minded boring helpful impolite

18 Read these pairs of adjectives pay attention to their meanings Group 1  strong-minded---determined  shy ------timid (easily get frightened/shy)  friendly------kind  happy-----cheerful Tip: Having the same or similar means------ synonyms Ⅳ

19 Group 2  hard-working--------lazy  generous-----selfish  talkative-------quiet  polite------rude Tip :Having the opposite meaning---- -antonyms

20 courageous 勇敢的 ------- smart 聪明 ----- loyal 忠诚的 ----- diligent 勤勉的 ------ passionate 充满热情的 ---- 1.Try to tell the synonyms brave clever faithful hard-working enthusiastic Exercise

21 2.Try to tell the antonyms  open-minded 思想开朗的 --  selfish 自私的 ----  fair 公平的 ---  polite -----  learned 渊博的 ----  introvert 内向的 ---  cheerless 沉闷的 ---- narrow-minded selfless outgoing /extrovert unfair rude ignorant cheerful

22 Story ?

23 Once upon a time, there was an old king who had a daughter and a son. When he was dying, he still has the problem that who should be chosen to be inheritor. His daughter was beautiful,smart, open- minded, self-confident, well-mannered, good –tempered, polite, modest, strong-minded and generous, which are the right personalities for a wise King.

24 However, his son was on the very opposite. According to the tradition, his son, the prince should be the future King. But …… …… ?

25 smart, open-minded, self-confident, well- mannered, good – tempered, polite, modest, strong-minded and generous ?  Can you describe the personalities of the prince

26 What decision would you make if you were the old king?

27 Try to help Ding Wei to finish the letter on page 7  keys  1 easy-going 2 quiet  3 shy 4 friendly  5 honest 6 hard-working  7serious 8 strict

28  Try to speak highly of your friends with as many positive adjectives as you can to make the others believe that your friend is the best. I like my partner because he is hard-working, brave and strong.... Ⅴ

29 Discussion  In your opinion, what kind of person is easy to get along with and make friends with?  What characteristics would you not like a friend to have.

30 1. Try to find more adjectives that describe personalities 2. Finish Part B on page 7 3. Preview Grammar and usage

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