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2 ind onfident riendly enerous azy alkative ptimistic olite uiet ean udehy ndustrious etermined ealous ise asy-going musing onest oring npredictable ealous ague eat oung

3  During our life we get in touch with many people. We all know a password: “So many characters, so many people“ and it is really true. Character is the most important thing in a person, which attracts or don’t attract other people. Each of us has his or her good and bad features of character, but some of them come to the fore that’s why we can say: “He is a bad man, because he is rude or impatient. And he is a good man because he is courageous, generous, kind- hearted. I have many friends and a lot of acquaintances and they are all different. Some of them are very kind-hearted and friendly some are not so kind but they are devoted friends and always help me, but they can be very cold or indifferent to other people. Also some features have a double nature, for example modesty or diligence. Modest people are usually polite, quite, but sometimes they tend to be too reserve. Diligent people can become obstinate.  As for me I like devotedness, wittiness, kindness, friendliness in people. I think that there are two sorts of kind people. The first sort is really kind-hearted people who are always ready to help all people in the world no matter what social position they have. The other sort who only try to look kind and friendly. But they are friendly only with people whom they are interested in. I hate such people because you don’t know if they are really good or only want to look friendly and I cannot trust them.  A lot of things can change a person’s character. If you are kind and you have grown up with rude, cruel people you can become alike them. Every character is formed by the society. Also I believe that Signs of Zodiac influence one’s character. Each Symbol has own features common for all people born under this symbol. For example I’m Libra, and my Horoscope says that in there are two persons in me. But I also believe that everyone can change his character, adding more good or bad features.

4 Look at the photos. Do you know the characters? Is each person: kind or unkind funny or serious lazy or hard-working generous or mean? Trinity Blofeld Garfield Yoda Cruella de Vil serious hard-working lazy funny unkind mean kind serious unkind mean 1 2 3 4 5 Ex. 1 p. 4

5 Match the personality adjectives in A with the opposites in B. shy rude serious impatient hard-working unfriendly mean unkind quiet pessimistic kind confident funny optimistic polite talkative friendly lazy patient generous Ex. 2 p. 4

6 Listen to the dialogues and match an adjective in the box with each person in the table. You will not need all the words. generous impatient lazy pessimistic rude shy 1. Martin 2. Julie 3. Terry 4. Emma pessimistic generous impatient shy Ex. 4 p. 4

7 Read the messages. What does Ed think of the wedding? Cath Hi Ed. Are you having a good time? Cath A tie? ! You never wear ties. Send me a photo! I need a laugh. By the way, I’m going to my cousin’s wedding next weekend. Ed No, I’m not. I don’t know many people here. I’m not talking to anyone. And I’m wearing a stupid tie! Ed Do you like weddings? They’re so boring. My grandad always falls asleep. He’s got the right idea! Ex. 2 p. 5

8 Look at the table and pay attention to the tenses: Present Simple (P.S.) Present Continuous (P. C.) (+) affirmative She always wears jeans.She’s sending a text message. (-) negative He doesn’t like impatient people. They aren’t wearing any shoes. (?) interrogative Do you want a drink?Is he playing the keyboard? Ex. 3, 4 p. 5 1.We use the ………… for something that always or regularly happens. 2.We use the ………… for something that is happening now. 3.We use the ………… for a fact that is always true. 4.We use the ………… for arrangements in the future. 5.We don’t use the ………… with certain verbs, e.g. believe, hate, like, love, need, know, prefer, want. P.S. P.C. P.S. P.C.

9 Naomi Hello1/ _______ (you/ enjoy) the music? Ed Not really. I 2/ _______ (prefer) hip hop. This band is terrible. Naomi It’s my dad’s band. Ed Oh, right. Actually, they 3/ ______ (not play) badly now. Lots of people 4/ _______ (dance). Which one is your dad? Naomi He 5/ _______ (play) the guitar. Ed He’s great! Anyway, I 6/ _____ (not know) your name. Naomi I’m Naomi. Ed I’m Ed. Pleased to meet you. Naomi Hey, I 7/ _______ (like) your suit. It’s cool. Ed Really? Naomi Yes. 8/ _______ (you/ wear) it often? Ed Er … yes. I 9/ _____ (wear) it most weekends. Actually, 10/ _______ (you/ do) anything next weekend? Naomi Yes. I 11/ _______ (visit) my boyfriend at university. Ed Oh, right. Complete the dialogue with the Present Simple or Present Continuous from the verbs in brackets: Are you enjoying prefer aren’t playing are dancing ‘s playing don’t know like Do you wear wear are not doing ‘m visiting Ex. 5 p. 5

10 Look at the table. Make true sentences for each verb, using the Present Simple and Present Continuous, and the nouns and time phrases. VerbsNounsTime phrases go my homework after school speak jeans every day wear English at the moment do computer games today play to town next week to school at weekends this exercise this weekend Ex. 7 p. 5

11 Free time activity bookschess cycling computer games dancing fashion filmsmusic photography …

12 Read the numbers:

13 60% 33.3% 50% 45%

14 teenage leisure in the UK computer gameswatching TVsport and exercises Ex. 2, 3 p. 6

15 Listen to four conversations about free-time activities. Match the teenagers with their hobbies. 1.Duncan 2.Shama 3.Martin 4.Karen a riding a BMX bike b computer games c chess d listening to music Ex. 4 p. 6

16 Complete the sentences with the names of the teenagers from Ex. 4: 1._______ has a lot of different hobbies and interests. 2._______ doesn’t get very much physical exercise. 3._______ has a hobby that might become a profession. 4._______ is very keen on physical exercise. 5._______ sometimes goes dancing in clubs. 6._______ doesn’t watch TV but watches films. 7._______ does aerobics. 8._______ spends a lot of time surfing the Internet. Shama Martin Duncan Karen

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