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Customer Care & Aftersales 1 Cadillac Roadside Service Technician Program May 18, 2010.

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1 Customer Care & Aftersales 1 Cadillac Roadside Service Technician Program May 18, 2010

2 GM CONFIDENTIAL 2 Customer Care & Aftersales 2 Program Objective  The GM Roadside Service Technician Program allows a uniformed dealership technician to travel to a stranded customer and offer roadside assistance for light services and minor repairs  Dealers provide the service truck, tools, parts and technician Dispatches & Dealer Participation  56,996 (75%) total technician dispatches accepted (CY 2009) – 76,282 offered  167 dealers participate in the base Technician Program, 185 active technicians  97 dealers participate in the recognition program, 108 active technicians (Apr 27, 2010) Benefits  Increased customer satisfaction  Generates CSAT Top Box score 9 pts. above overall satisfaction vs. the non-tech program  Consistently has generated a Top Box CSAT score of 90-94%  Customer convenience  Caters to premium customer clientele  Promotes stronger relationship between customer and dealership  Competitive with similar programs for premium customers GM Roadside Assistance Cadillac Service Technician Program

3 GM CONFIDENTIAL 3 Customer Care & Aftersales 3 Customer Satisfaction Benefits Customer Satisfaction Top Box Performance Likelihood To Consider a GM Vehicle Both Customer Satisfaction and Likelihood To Consider a GM Vehicle survey results indicate a statistically significant improvement with utilization of the Roadside Master Service Technician Program (4315)(987) (1126) (2202)

4 GM CONFIDENTIAL 4 Customer Care & Aftersales 4 Voice of the Customer Customer Verbatims for Cadillac Technicians T ALEXANDER They were absolutely on the ball they took the information they said the gentlemen would be here in two hours. He came in less than two hours and called before he came. He was just the nicest young man. He was very knowledgeable and very polite. I couldn't have had a better experience. This was the first time I've ever used it and I was actually blown away. P SCHILDT He was courteous, he was professional and kept me abreast of his arrival time. Straight up professional. F GARVEY ‘ He arrived early, he was prepared to change the tire, but when I asked him if he could repair the tire he went to his truck and he had all the equipment to do the job. So in my experience he went over and above the call of duty and was very quick. C PHILLIPS He was perfect. I know they were busy, they made room for me so everything was great!

5 GM CONFIDENTIAL 5 Customer Care & Aftersales 5 Roadside Service Tech Program Payment Structure  Technician Services (labor opt 6720)  Service Fee - $35  60% Prem. Over Labor Opt Rate  ½ Hour Minimum  $1 per mile >30 miles (one way)  Normal Labor Opt  Misc. Expense (gone on arrival $35.00)  Vehicle Support Assistance $200 per month per dealership (if eligibility is met)  80% Dealer Availability (based on hours set)  80% Call Acceptance

6 GM CONFIDENTIAL 6 Customer Care & Aftersales 6

7 GM CONFIDENTIAL 7 Customer Care & Aftersales 7 Cadillac Roadside Service Tech Program Why you should enroll in base program  Increased Customer Satisfaction  Survey scores increase typically a minimum of 9 pts. Above non-tech dispatch  Will “wow your” customers  CSAT Top Box 90%-94%  Additional opportunities to service Cadillac customers in your area  Potentially retain or gain new customers and sell more vehicles (in and out of warranty customers)  Roadside dispatches to your technician first  Dependent upon your radius, your tech may get first dibs on the dispatch  GM Roadside vehicle support  $200/month subject to dealer qualifying 80% acceptance and 80% availability

8 Customer Care & Aftersales 8 Cadillac Service Manager Concerns

9 GM CONFIDENTIAL 9 Customer Care & Aftersales 9 Cadillac National Service Manager’s Council “Numerous stores have pulled out of Roadside due to the lack of incentive to the dealership. It’s been years since we’ve seen an increase in our base roadside fee, yet gasoline prices have increased three fold. Is there anything being done to provide any additional incentives to remain in the program?” (Tim Hilsey – Hill Cadillac) Roadside Assistance Manager, Stacey Dick

10 GM CONFIDENTIAL 10 Customer Care & Aftersales 10 Q: Participation has been decreasing due to lack of funding A: Customer Retention & Satisfaction Cadillac is committed to supporting the Cadillac Technician Program  July 17, 2009 Letter from Steve Hill, General Sales Mgr. Premium Channel  Increase service fee from $35.00 to $55.00  Reduce labor rate premium from 60% to 30%  ½ hour minimum and $1.00 per mile surcharge no longer applies  August 17, 2009 Letter from Ed Peper, Cadillac General Sales Manager  Due to dealer feedback suspended making changes to program  Moving forward - look at opportunities to enhance Cadillac ownership experience  March 23, 2010 – Launched enrollment for 2010 Recognition Program  Increased award budget by 5 times  Includes awards for technicians and service managers  Enhanced reporting capabilities o On-line enrollment in recognition program w/on-line reports o On-line Tech Analysis Report generated twice per month o Time-out listed on Tech Analysis report  Summer 2010 – Relaunch base Cadillac Roadside Service Technician Program  Create meeting in a box for Wholesale  Tech analysis research to identify most beneficial areas to expand program

11 GM CONFIDENTIAL 11 Customer Care & Aftersales 11 Cadillac National Service Manager’s Council “It seems that Roadside is still dispatching independent providers for jump starts, lockouts, fuel delivery, etc., without first giving the dealership the opportunity to field the call. It was our understanding that for all customers requiring a roadside event our technicians would be given top billing.” (Mark Jones – Bayview Cadillac) Roadside Assistance Manager, Stacey Dick

12 GM CONFIDENTIAL 12 Customer Care & Aftersales 12 Q: Roadside is dispatching to independents not techs A: Dispatch hierarchy directs calls to techs Dispatch Hierarchy  1 a – Selling (if applicable) Cadillac Tech (paged)  1 b – Closest Cadillac Tech (paged)  2 nd - Closest Cadillac Tech (called)  3 rd - Closest Cadillac Tech (called) ---------------------------------------------------------------------  4 th - Dealer Preferred Service Provider  5 th – In Network Service Provider Dealer Flexibility  Dealer/Service Manager set hours for Dealer Availability  Dealer/Service Manager set hours for radius (min 30 mile radius)

13 GM CONFIDENTIAL 13 Customer Care & Aftersales 13 Cadillac National Service Manager’s Council “Negative CSI surveys have been generated due to rude roadside assistance agents. We have seen surveys returned with comments praising the technician but the customer slays us on the survey because of the rude advisor. “ (Mark Jones – Bayview Cadillac) Roadside Assistance Manager, Stacey Dick

14 GM CONFIDENTIAL 14 Customer Care & Aftersales 14 Q: Negative CSI due to Rude Advisors A: Latest Top Box CSI Results

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