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Cyber Bullying: Not a Pretty Picture! By: Baylee Reller.

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2 Cyber Bullying: Not a Pretty Picture! By: Baylee Reller

3 Ring! OMG! Megan Meier hung herself from being cyber bullied!?!:-0

4 FCCLA Planning Process Identify Concerns Set a Goal Form a Plan Act Follow Up

5 Relation to FACS FACS coursework: Career and Family Leadership Child Development Family and Individual Health Family Living and Parenthood

6 Relationship to FCCLA Families First Power of 1 Stop the Violence

7 Career Clusters Teaching and Training Administration Professional Support Early Childhood development Counseling Mental Health

8 Cyber bullying Cyber bullying is when a person targets another person using interactive technologies.

9 Bully Behaviors… Pushing Hitting Lying Spreading rumors Shutting people out of groups Verbal attacks Getting others to bully

10 Primary areas of bully Influence 1.Media 2.Family

11 Exposure to the TV Children spend an average of 3 to 4 hours a day watching TV. 3.9 hours of TV viewing at age 4= 25% increase in being a bully later in life

12 60% of TV shows and movies contain some violence. 40% of TV contains heavy violence.

13 Most video games contain violence. 83% of homes have video games.

14 Media violence significantly increases the risk of children and adults behaving aggressively.

15 Brain Research


17 Are You a Cyber Bully? Have you ever… Logged on to something using someone else's username? Teased or frightened someone using IM? Insulted someone online? Hacked into someone's account? Posted pictures of someone else online?

18 Cyber Bullying Statistics Nationwide StatsTMS Stats 11% of students posted rumors or sent rude messages. 25% of students insulted someone online. 28% of students have been cyber bullied. 42% of kids have been cyber bullied 35% of kids have been insulted. 53% of kids posted rumors or sent rude messages.

19 Not a Pretty Picture! Cyber bullying can be very shocking and upsetting.

20 Questions to ask b4 U Cyber Bully Would I say it to their face? How would I feel if you received the text message? Why am I doing this, is it really worth it?

21 Text messages to not LOL about. U R sooo… stupid:p Evry1 hates U And many more… U r a LOSER!!! ;(

22 10 Steps to Deal with Cyber Bullies… Print & save the messages. Never reply to a cyber bully. Don’t be friends with people who are sending nasty messages.

23 Don’t give into blackmailing Contact the social network Tell someone you know and trust.

24 Take a break from your phone or computer for a few days. Sign on with a different user name.

25 Be careful to who you let use your phone or get on your network account. Remember its not your fault, to not be ashamed, and you don’t have to put up with it.

26 “Read as you Walk” Display

27 Tips to be Safe with your Cell Phone 1.Only give out your cell phone number to people you know. 2.Don’t send rumors. 3.Don’t send anything you wouldn’t want to show your parents. 4.Always remember having a cell phone is a privilege and not a right. 5.Don’t respond to someone you don’t know.

28 Megan Meier 13 year old girl MySpace Believed was a new boy in her hometown. the “friend” was a group adults Committed suicide Caused state government officials to pass some of the harshest cyber bullying laws in the country.

29 TMS FCCLA Involvement Anti-Bullying presentations to the 6 th grade Anti-bullying campaigns Surveyed the Troy community and Troy Middle School

30 Missouri’s Involvement Governor Matt Blunt created a task force whose purpose was to study and create laws regarding cyber bullying. Missouri passed some of the toughest anti-bullying laws.

31 Review FCCLA and FACS involvement Bullying behaviors Recognizing yourself as a cyber bully Protecting yourself Real life Consequences

32 G2G let more FCCLA members know what they can do to stop cyber bullying!

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