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Aa /a/-/a/! Ants on my arm. They’re causing me alarm.

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1 Aa /a/-/a/! Ants on my arm. They’re causing me alarm.

2 Tt When I watch the tennis game. /t/-/t/-/t/ /t/-/t/-/t/…..
My head goes back and forth.

3 Ss The snake is in the grass. /sss/! /sss/!

4 Ii Inky the mouse is my pet. She spilled the ink and got wet.
The ink it spread all over the desk. /i/-/i/-/i/-/i/ - Inky's wet!

5 Pp Puff out the candles On the pink pig cake. /p/-/p/-/p/,
Puff! Puff! Puff!

6 Nn Hear the aeroplane, /nnn/! /nnn/!…. ….making lots of noise.

7 R r See my puppy rip the rag, /rrr/! /rrr/! when he pulls so hard.

8 M m The mum and the dad make many meals. /mmm/! make many meals
for their hungry children.

9 D d See me play on my drum. Playing drums is lots of fun,
With a /d/-/d/-/d/-/d/ /d/-/d/-/d/-/d/-/d/ See me play upon my drum!

10 Ee Eggs in the pan, /e/-/e/-/e/. Crack the egg like this…/e/!

11 C/K c/k We are clicking castanets, /c/-/c/-/c/. Clicking castanets….

12 C/K c/k Kites are flying in the sky, /k/-/k/-/k/. flying in the sky….

13 G g The water gurgles down the drain. down the drain,
with a /g/-/g/-/g/-/g/-/g/.

14 L l We lick our lollipops. /l/-/l/-/l/-/l/!

15 F f My friends and I went to the beach with my floating fish.
It got a hole…. ….the air came out. /ffff/!

16 O o Now its dark, the lights go on. /o/-/o/-/o/-/o/-/o/. Time for bed,
the lights go off.

17 B b Bring your bat and bring your ball. /b/! /b/! bring your ball…..
….to the park to play!

18 U u /u/-/u/ up go umbrellas. /u/-/u/ up go umbrellas….
….when it starts to rain!

19 H h I like to hop, hop, hop, up and down. all around.

20 W w I see the clouds moving, /w/-/w/-/w/. I see the kites flying,
I see the trees bending, The wind is blowing strong.

21 Jj Jelly and jam, Jiggling on the plate, Oh what will I eat it with?
j– j – j - j!

22 V v Drive Vic’s van round the village. round the village!

23 Y y I like to eat, eat, eat, yoghurt and bananas. yoghurt and bananas

24 Z z Did you ever hear a bee buzz, a bee bu zz? “/zzz/!” Like this?

25 qu The duck in the pond Quacks, “qu/-/qu/-/qu/,” “/qu/-/qu/-/qu/,”
all around the pond.

26 X x /ks/-/ks/! Take an x- ray. - x-ray of my hand!

27 sh Hush! Hush! Hush! Don’t make a sound. Be as quiet as you can be.
The baby’s asleep and I’m tired out. Sh! /sh/-/sh/-/sh/-/sh/!

28 th Did you ever hear a rude clown make this sound and that sound?
say /th/-/th/, /th/-/th/?

29 ch Trains are chugging up the hill. /ch/-/ch/-/ch/, choo, choo!

30 ng If you’re strong and you know it, say “/ng/!”
And you really want to show it…. … if you’re strong and you know it, Say “/ng/!”

31 ee or See the donkey in its stall. “Eeyore! /ee/-/or/!” is its call.

32 OO oo Who wants to be a cuckoo? /oo/-/oo/, /oo/-/oo/, /oo/-/oo/!

33 ai My ear hurt I was in pain. /ai/? /ai/? What did you try to say?

34 oa Oh did you see the billy goat? Oh, oh , oh Oh, oh, oh
Under the old oak tree.

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