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Application Process Key to Success…. Top 10 Application Do’s… 1.Arrive prepared with the information you need. 2.Read and follow instructions carefully.

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1 Application Process Key to Success…

2 Top 10 Application Do’s… 1.Arrive prepared with the information you need. 2.Read and follow instructions carefully. 3.Complete application as neatly as possible. 4.Tailor your answers to the job. 5.Don’t leave blanks. (N/A)

3 Top 10 Continued…. 6.Don’t provide any negative information. 7.Always answer questions truthfully. 8.Do not put specific salary requirements. 9.Provide “quality” references. 10.Proofread application.

4 Types of Applications Standard Paper In-Store Paper Computer Based Online Applications

5 Job Search..  Dress the part when applying.  Ask if they are hiring and when would be a good time to turn in application.  Do not fill out application at register unless asked to do so.  Do not ask for a pen; you should have one with you!  Be Prepared-have all the info to completely fill out application.  Be Prepared for an on sight interview. Getting a job is a job!

6 Application Pitfalls… Using colored ink. (Only Black or Blue) Messy not legible. Misspelled words. Leaving blanks (Use N/A). Missing information. Missing signature on application. Not following directions.

7 Application Process Student Action: Be prepared to fill out each section of the following application. Please follow along. Do not skip ahead to other sections.

8 Follow Directions! Use your legal name on application. Make sure you leave a number of where you can be reached. (Cell Phone) Use 2 nd address line for email address Previous address is important if you have moved in the last five years. (Back Ground) “Convicted” -on your record.

9 Put in an amount RANGE 15-20 CTE/ROP Retail Class Availability- The hours you can work if you are hired. Weekends/holidays are important in retail. Date 10 5:00 pm Not Available 10:00 pm 3:00 pm 10:00 pm 3:00 pm 10:00 pm 3:00 pm close openclose open 10:00 pm Be careful

10 Canyon Springs H.S. Retail3 CTE/ROP Retail Marketing/ Riverside, Ca Retail/ Currently enrolled CTE/ROP Retail/ student. Trained in Retail Safety, Cashiering, Loss Prevention, Merchandising Etc. School clubs/organizations, Leadership roles-ASB, Sports, Community involvement, ETC. Keep Relevant and be able to explain your role.

11 Most Current Jobs First! CTE/ROP Retail Marketing 4145 La Sierra Ave Riverside, CA 92505 Still Enrolled Retail Student – Student Store Yes Student Credits Mr. Matsler 951.351.9255 0810Present Sales Associate Use the Class as experience. Watch Wording Be Careful N/A

12 Read “all” of the fine print. Also don’t forget to sign and date. An application is not valid unless signed.



15 Pre-Employment Testing K-Mart - Sears K-Mart - Sears

16 Scoring  Red Zone – Applicants are most likely:  Will irritate customers  Waste time  Limit service for certain types of customers  Shirk responsibility  Be late or absent

17 Yellow Zone  Applicants are likely to:  Socialize with coworkers and ignore customers  Fail to pay attention to customers when they speak  Low work motivation  Violate some rules  Suggest appropriate products for customers

18 Green Zone  Applicants are likely to:  Show persistent enthusiasm in customer interactions  Tolerate rude customers calmly  Give customers full attention  Find solutions  Remain in a good mood – all day  Adhere to rules more closely  Take responsibility for getting things done  Carry out duties with minimal supervision

19 The Pre Employment Test  Questions will most likely be multiple choice.  Questions will ask things like:  Are you easy to get along with  Answers:  Completely agree, agree, disagree, completely disagree  Remember all question go back to Customer Service!


21 1. Employers are the experts in hiring? True False

22 1. False – Employers are experts at whatever they do for a living, but not necessarily at hiring. Question Two

23 2. Large and small companies use pretty much the same hiring process? True False

24 2. False - Large businesses often require on line applications and organized hiring procedures while smaller businesses do not. Question Three

25 3. The Personnel or HR department usually decides who will be hired? True False

26 3. False – Very seldom does Personnel or HR actually make the hiring decision. They are more often the “screener.” Question Four

27 4. The job search is like a full-time job? True False

28 4. True – In fact some people say that looking far a job is the hardest job one could possibly have. Question Five

29 5. The unemployment rate is a good indicator of how difficult it will be or will not be to find a job? True False

30 5. False – Employment rates say little about how competitive the job market is in your field of interest. Question six

31 6. Employers are in business to create jobs for more people? True False

32 6. False – Employers are in business to make a profit. Question Seven

33 7. The job search takes a lot of self- discipline? True False

34 7. True – You are doing it for yourself and on your own! Question Eight

35 8. The job search is difficult for people at all levels of skill and ability? True False

36 8. True – No matter what one’s level of skill, ability and experience, looking for and securing the right job is a very difficult process. Question Nine

37 9. Most people find their jobs through the newspaper? True False

38 9. False – Only 15 – 20 % of all job openings are ever advertised in the newspapers – so where are they? Question 10

39 10. Looking for a job requires careful planning? True False

40 10. True – Doing a job search without a plan is like taking a long journey without a map. Question 11

41 11. The qualifications listed in a job advertisement reflect the actual skills or training that is needed to perform a job satisfactorily? True False

42 11. False – Most employers advertise for their dream employee – abilities that go beyond the actual requirements of the job. Question 12

43 12. The “Hidden Job Market” is a term used to describe job openings for which few people are qualified? True False

44 12. False – The hidden job market is the 80% of jobs that are never advertised. ( For more on this - See the steps of Hiring – click below!) Question 13 Steps of Hiring

45 Question 13 A.Hire someone you know. B.Hire someone that a co-worker knows. C.Hire from past applicants. D.Call a placement agency. E.Last resort, advertise in the newspaper.

46 13. People get frustrated when looking for a job because employers are rude to them? True False

47 13. False – You may encounter a rude employer now and then, but that is not the reason for the typical applicant’s frustration. Question 14

48 14. The average job search takes 2-3 weeks? True False

49 14. False – There is no average - but MOST search for more than 3 weeks! It all depends on the Money and type of Job Question 15

50 15. A new employee is a large investment for the employer? True False

51 15. True – True – True- both money and time are invested in a new hire! Question 16

52 16. Employers don’t like to hire people they know? True False

53 16. False – Employers like to hire people they know. Don’t be a stranger, be someone the employer knows! Your score!!!

54 WOW ! You did great – missed a few, but that is okay – Lets get started on the applications! Main Menu Internet Links

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