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英国文学史和选读课件 (III) 惠州学院外语系 汤富华教授. Jane Austen(1775—1817) “Pride and Prejudice” “Sense and Sensibility” “Emma” “Persuasion” “Mansfield Park” “Northanger.

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Presentation on theme: "英国文学史和选读课件 (III) 惠州学院外语系 汤富华教授. Jane Austen(1775—1817) “Pride and Prejudice” “Sense and Sensibility” “Emma” “Persuasion” “Mansfield Park” “Northanger."— Presentation transcript:

1 英国文学史和选读课件 (III) 惠州学院外语系 汤富华教授

2 Jane Austen(1775—1817) “Pride and Prejudice” “Sense and Sensibility” “Emma” “Persuasion” “Mansfield Park” “Northanger Abbey”

3 Jane Austen(1775—1817) “Pride and Prejudice” It is the story of a young girl who rejects an offer of marriage because the young nobleman who makes it has been rude to her family. It is a very plot but around it the authoress has woven vivid pictures or the everyday life of simple country society. Purpose: ask the students to read novels of the time that they clearly get aware of it. Like the time economy, history and persons. Also a lot of incidents which are related to them. Only on the base if through understanding the history with regards to economic, military and even climatic change or development can we fully understand the hero or the heroing of the literatural world.

4 Besides this we should compare them with present time if the time of our own culture. Like Victorian age and late Qing Dynasty, students should know Chao Xueqin, Lin Zhenxu. Also some questions should be raised always in the mind. Why Victorian Age was so powerful in terms of her economic and military and industrial development. Assignment: A essay on Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice.

5 1. Through all the writing practice students can get more benefits in narration. Talks and discussion on Tess would set people thinking. Suppose Tess’s happy ending. What it would be like? Ask students to prepare imagined ending. hoping Tess will happily live with Angel and with the baby growing healthily. 2. Other novelists of the Victorian Age: Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell(1818—1865). She has a strong sympathy for the workers. Masterpiece: Cranford, Marry Barton, Biography of Charlotte Bronte

6 Jane Austen completed six novels, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Emma. Her novels were published anonymously owing to the prejudice prevailing at the time concerning the writing of novels by a lady. Living a quiet life in the countryside, she kept her eyes steadily upon the people and incidents about herm, and wrote the small part of the world she lived in.

7 “Pride and Prejudice” has been the most widely read among them. Austen began to write it when she was 21.But the manuscript “went begging” for 16 years at the doors of publishers before it was published in 1813.It is the story of a young girl who rejected an offer of marriage because the young nobleman who makes it has been rude to her family. It is a very thin plot, but around it the authoress has woven vivid pictures if the everyday life of simple country society. Through description id the daily talks and doings of the young men and the women. Austen paints their characters. She is at her best in writing about young girls, because she understood them astonishingly well.

8 “Jane Erye” 透析 Jane 与 Helen 的对话中善与恶的启蒙思想, 两人对 Helen 的不同看法,展示了人群的价值观 “ 善为先 ” 如 Jane 眼中 Temple 是可恶的,而 Helen 如 此 : Miss Temple is full of goodness. Her guilty tells me of my mistakes, and praises me if I do well. Jane 在成长的变化中已是显露出起善念的转 变。 Jane 的婶子 Mrs. Reed 在临死前与 Jane 的对话 又可看出其善念开始下降。

9 “Why did I never hear of this? I asked, amaze. I hated you so much that I wrote back to him, telling him you had died o typhus fever at Lowood. That was my revenge on you, for causing me so much trouble!” She cried angrily. “Dear aunt,” I said, “don’t think about that any more… 解释:从 Jan 对 Rochester 的求婚的对白试图说明 男女之间情爱的追求和人生命赋义。


11 Thomas Hardy(1840—1928). Novelist and poet, is one of the representatives of English critical realism at the turn of the 19th century. He was born in Dorset, a southern country of England, which he called Wessex in his books. Hardy wrote prodigiously. His principal works are the Wessex Novel. i.e. the novels describing the characters and environment of his native countryside. They include “Under the Greenwood Tree”. Far from Madding Crowd. The Mayor of Casterbridge. Jude the obscure.

12 Thomas Hardy “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” Questions: the modern meaning of female problem; women’s liberation. Is there still a Tess around you? 一百年前的人物在现实社会中的意义,从 Tess 的悲 剧看爱情的宿命和幸福的乌托邦。思考该小说对学生 的生活指导意义。 Tess 是悲剧的总和,从 Alec 和 Angel 的来往,对女性 的看法沿袭了古代的做法。

13 Lecture with Debate : Talks Topic :Comparison between Charles Dickens and William Makepeace Thackeray The coincidence of the same birth period of the two great novelists The main idea or rough impression of the two. Why you like either of them? Thackeray, borrowing Bunyan’s idea “Vanity city ” regard the circle o petty bourgeois and aristocratic society as Vanity Faire, a faire where should sold all sorts of vanity. Therefore, at this faire are all such merchandise sold, as horses, lands, trades, places, honors, preferments, titles countries, Kingdoms, lusts, pleasures and delights of all sorts, as whores, bawds wives, husbands, children, masters, servants, lives, blood, bodies, souls, silver, gold, pearls, precious stones and what not


15 Victorian Poetry 维多利亚时期的诗歌

16 Mathew Arnold (1822—1888) Inherits a critical tradition from Samuel Johnson and Samuel Taylor Coleridge Unlike Coleridge, he acknowledges his debt to German philosophers A secular writer, he still believes strongly in absolutes -- that we can discern, for instance, what is “the best that is known and thought in the world” He says criticism can “attain any real authority” by being “absolutely and entirely independent” of “sects and parties” (1578)

17 Dover Beach Ah, love, let us be true To one another! for the world, which seems To lie before us like a land of dreams, So various, so beautiful, so new, Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light, Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain; And we are here as on a darkling plain Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight, Where ignorant armies clash by night.

18 Explanation of their city Dover where recently about 50 Chinese were dead during struggling transport to England from Spain Also tell the students the spelling mistakes of printing. Related to Wordsworth’s poems Samuel Johnson: Letter to Lord Chesterfield 联系 Wordsworth 和 Letter to Lord Chesterfield 进行赏 析。重点研究和体会 Sea of Faith 对人、对神、对情的 一往情深。

19 Alfred, Lord Tennyson, (1809-1892) Prosody paramount to him; his tone painting in verse like Debussy’s in music (Compare “Lady of Shalott,” last stanza of Part One (p.1142) to first stanza, Part Four (p. 1145) (Compare Loreena McKennitt’s folk version of “Lady of Shalott”) Stephen Dedalus in Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist exclaims: “Tennyson a poet! Why, he’s only a rhymester!”

20 Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861) She inherited a tradition: Felicia Hemans (the best- selling poet of the Romantic period) Charlotte Smith (whose success with the sonnet form made it a favorite among later writers)

21 Robert Browning, (1812-1889) His most significant contribution to English poetry: the verse form called Dramatic Monologue His epic, The Ring and the Book, is profoundly relativistic -- the same story told repeatedly from multiple, mutually-exclusive perspectives His exploration of individual voices vastly expanded the language available to poets.

22 Robert Browning(1812—1889) “Meeting At Night” Browning began his literary career as an ardent follower or Shelly. Late he managed to avoid the subjective of Shelley and created his own objective way of writing. His earliest works included Pauline(1833) his first poem: Paracelsus

23 Oscar Wilde(1854 ---1900) “Preface to the picture of Dorian Gray” Oscar Wilde,a dramatist, poet, novelist and essayist was born in Dublin, Ireland. IN 1879, he settled in London and soon won a reputation both as a writer and as a spokesman Or the school of “Art for Art’s Sake”. He soon became the leader of the Aesthetic Movement. Vera----- a play The Picture of Dorian Gray

24 James Joyce 1882-1941 The psychoanalytic method of Sigmuid Freud (1856-1939) and intuitive and semi-mystical philosophy of Henri Bergson (1859-1941) also contributed to both the form and content of stream of consciousness fiction. Stream of consciousness, which presents the (hoight) of character in the random, seemingly unorganized fashion in which the thinking process occurs, has the following characteristics.

25 Although James Joyce did not invent to technique of Stream of consciousness fiction, no other writer in England used it so systematically or such profound effect. He worked tirelessly to perfect this technique through careful use of words, to convey precisely and subtly to the reader what was the inner, mental state of his characters. Ulysesses (1922-) is generally acknowledge to be his master piece and a typical example of stream of consciousness technique. This novel deals with the events of one day in Dublin in June, 1904

26 Modernist Novelists: James Joyce (1882—1941) Virginia Woolf (1882—1941) D.H. Lawrence (1885—1930) Virginia Woolf 出生于伦敦,父亲是著名学者、 传记作家, 未受正规学校教育。共创作 9 部小说及 若干短篇小说。主要有 The Voyage Dut,1915. Night and Day, 1919. Jacob’s Room Mrs. Dalloway, 1925. To the Lighthouse, 1927. Orlando, 1928. The Waves, 1941. The Years, 1937. Between the Acts, 1941.

27 意识流小说构成任尔英最引人注目的文学 成就,她对女性存在的历史与现状独具慧眼 的反思与洞察,使其成为女性批评史上先驱 式人物。任尔英晚年周期性的精神崩溃使她 生活苦不堪言。 1941 年 3 月 28 日,即在乔伊 斯病逝两个半月之后,任尔英将她的帽子和 手杖留在一条河边投水自尽。

28 D.H.Lawrance ( 1885~1930 ) 出生于诺丁汉郡伊斯伍德( Easterwood ),父 亲是煤矿工人,母亲是小学教师。第一部小说( The White Peacock ) 1911 年发表。自传性质的小说 Sons and Lovers.1913. 特别描写了使他最为成功的两部小 说 —— Rainbow1915 和 Women in Love1921 。这两作品 都对资本主义工业文明提出了强烈的批评。 最有争议及最成名的作品 Lady Chatterley’s Lover1928 。

29 参考文献: 王守仁编, 英国文学选读 北京:高等教育出版社 2004 何其莘 张剑 编 《英国文学选集》 外语教学与研究出版社, 2004 刘意青 主编 《英国 18 世纪文学史》 外语教学与研究出版社 2003 Frederick R. Karl 著 《当代英国小说导读》 外语教学与研究出版社 2004 Margret Drabble 编 《牛津英国文学词典》 外语教学与研究出版社 2005 John Richetti 编 《哥伦比亚英国小说史》 外语教学与研究出版社 2005 Carl Woodring 编 《哥伦比亚英国诗歌史》 外语教学与研究出版社 2005 Classics at the Online Literature Library [ENG] The Internet Classics Archive[ENG]

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