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Learning Objective: To know what happens on Ash Wednesday.

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1 Learning Objective: To know what happens on Ash Wednesday.
Preparing for Lent . Learning Objective: To know what happens on Ash Wednesday.

2 How many words can you make from today’s title??
In search of wholeness

3 Think about a time when something in your life went wrong.
Was it an exam? Where you late for something and ended up missing it? Was it when you lost a football match? Was it a row you had with someone? Describe what went wrong. Whose fault was it? What happened as a result?

4 Listen to the song What is this song about?
Do you think it’s ever too late to apologise? Do you think everything should be forgiven? What’s the Christian view on saying sorry?

5 Scenario A week ago Ciara found out that her best friend Aoife had been talking about her behind her back. This really upset Ciara and she decided to stop speaking to Aoife. Yesterday, Ciara received a text message from Aoife explaining how sorry she was and how much she missed her friendship. She promised that she’d never do this again. Task: Write a text message back to Aoife.


7 Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. It is a time when we think about the things that have gone wrong in our lives and we try to mend them. For example, we say we are sorry to people we may have been rude to.

8 Renewal of faith- Ash Wednesday
Easter is such an important Christian festival there are 40 days of preparation leading up to it. These days of preparation are known as Lent. They start with Ash Wednesday and end with Easter Sunday.

9 What happens on Ash Wednesday?
The first day of Lent is called Ash Wednesday. On Ash Wednesday Christians attend a special service where the priest will make the sign of cross on the foreheads of worshippers while saying the words: ‘Turn away from sin and believe in the Gospel’ The cross is a sign that you are sorry for your sins. The ash comes from burning the Palm branches from the previous year.

10 ‘Turn away from sin and believe in the Gospel’
You’ve been asked to rewrite the above statement so that year 2nd class primary pupils will understand it. In pairs write a simple sentence to explain what this means.

11 What do Christians do during Lent?
Pray – go to Church Fast – give up something you really like Give Alms – give money to charity

12 In pairs mind map what you can do for Lent….
Things we could do Things we could Give up People we could Pray for

13 Match the beginning to the end..
Ash Wednesday is…. Lent lasts for…… The cross is a sign…… During Lent we give……. …money to charity. …..the first day in Lent. …we are sorry for our sins. …40 days and 40 nights.

14 Ash Wednesday…………….. WIPEOUT WIPEOUT WIPEOUT WIPEOUT First day of Lent
Ash comes from the Palm Branches WIPEOUT Ash comes from dead leaves A cross is made on our foreheads ‘Turn away from sin…’ WIPEOUT Day of repentance ‘Believe in the Gospel’ Priest gives out the ashes Select as many correct parables as you can without hitting a wipeout! Always occurs on a Wednesday WIPEOUT Encouraged to eat lots of food Encouraged to fast WIPEOUT Must go to mass on this day

15 Reflect - What I can do during Lent?
Describe how you can celebrate Lent…….. Who could you pray for? What could you give up? Which charity would you donate to?

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