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Country by country information. Venezuela  Currency is Bolivar  Economy dependent on oil  Oil accounts for 90% of all exports  Want to sell more.

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1 country by country information


3 Venezuela  Currency is Bolivar  Economy dependent on oil  Oil accounts for 90% of all exports  Want to sell more oil to China and be less dependent on the U.S.  People stand close to each other while doing business

4 Brazil  Light meals at night, lunch bigger  Talk about soccer & family  Do not talk about rival Argentina & politics  Women touch cheeks & air kiss when meeting  Long handshakes  O.K. hand gesture is rude  Currency: Real

5 Spain  Dinner served at/after 9pm  Different business ranks do not mix company  Do not rush negotiations  Men/women wear high-quality business suits  Currency: Euro

6 China  Don’t eat all of your meal –shows you are still hungry and is disrespectful  Don’t discuss business at dinner  Very discriminatory to women in business  Large agricultural industry  Currency: Chinese Yuan (CNY)

7 Chinese Labor

8 More on China  China is the world's third-largest trading nation.  Cheap Chinese shoes and textiles flooding Europe and the United States, underpaid Chinese labor may threaten to wipe out entire industries abroad.  Chinese researchers claim their growing exports have improved the lives of people abroad because the products are so cheap.


10 Switzerland  Private people Avoid personal questions, cracking jokes  Dinner lighter than lunch, sometimes just cheese  Very expensive food - $12 burger!  Home to Nestle  Currency: Swiss Franc – not the Euro

11 Cuba  Use “comrade” instead of Mr. / Mrs.  Cuban Peso  Chinese are drilling offshore Cuba  U.S. embargo with Cuba Embargo voted heavily against by U.N. but still stands...will Obama lift it?

12 United Kingdom (Great Britain)  Conservative dress  Men don’t wear striped ties  “V” Victory sign with palm facing in is offensive  Offended if you mix up British with Scottish, English, Welsh, Northern Ireland  Home to HSBC, BP & Vodafone  Currency: British Pound-not the Euro!

13 Canada  Conservative, dark dress  “V” Victory sign facing in is bad  Rude to eat in public (Streets, busses, etc)  Expensive gifts are frowned upon

14 Kazakhstan  Rich in Uranium  Currency: Tenge  Greet with a kiss on the cheek  8:30 bed time (no late night business deals)  Transitioning from a communist to democratic economy

15 Belgium  Conservative/dark color dress  Kiss during greeting; men shake hands  Rude to leave food on plate  Avoid confrontation  Currency: Euro

16 Japanese  Highly recommended to bring a gift  Don’t choose your seat, wait to be seated and wait to get up  Currency: yen  Toyota, Sony, Nintendo, Nissan, Mitsubishi  Tokyo-most expensive city in the world to live in.  Avoid pointing (live in such close quarters)  Avoid talking with hands

17 More on Japan  Always bow – lower and longer than your host  Take off shoes when entering home  Be prepared to take a bath before dinner at a guests home Bath water is shared by all in the home  Tipping is unnecessary and impolite  Japanese often wear sterilized masks

18 Germany  Authority is well-known and respected  2 hour midday meal called mittagessen  Leaving food on table is disrespectful & wasteful  Home to Braun, Puma, Adidas, BMW, Siemens, Volkswagen  Currency: Euro

19 New Zealand  Be early or on-time not fashionably late  Don’t talk during meals, do it before/after food arrives  Do not want to be associated with Australia (they are a separate country!)  More sheep than people by 10:1 ratio Major exporter of wool and sheep meat  Currency: New Zealand dollar

20 France  Don’t loosen ties or take off jackets at work  Conservative dress– invest in well- tailored clothes  Punctuality treated casually  Lunch best time to conduct business  Do not make unannounced visits  Currency: Euro

21 South Africa  Business BBQ meals at homes called braaivieis  Casual about business deals so do not rush them  Don’t give gift with left hand-offensive  Most industrious country in African continent  Women wear Sari  Currency: Rand

22 Argentina  Don’t put your feet up!  Don’t eat outside in public  Conservative business dress  Business luncheons uncommon, dinner okay  Currency: Argentine Peso

23 Netherlands (aka Holland aka the Dutch)  Give flowers as a gift but an odd number is bad luck Can also give chocolate, don’t give wine  Dark and conservative dress  Keep distance from others in meetings  Language: Dutch  Currency: Euro

24 Italy  Business is done with those they know  Air kiss friends, shake hands w/ strangers  Heated arguments a regular in meetings  Talk loudly  Home to Armani, Ferrari & Maserati  17 unlucky number  Currency: Euro

25 Australia  Conservative dress in Melbourne & Sydney  Tropical areas men wear shirt & ties w/ Bermuda shorts to work  Get down to work quickly, appreciate brevity  Aussies use colorful language unthinkable in other countries  Currency: Australian Dollar

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