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Gestures Information and Pictures from:

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1 Gestures Information and Pictures from:
EruptingMind Self Improvement Tips

2 Peace sign America Peace Victory Australia Up yours mate

3 O.K. America Latin America & France Everything is O.K or good
Similar to giving the finger

4 Thumbs Up America Many Asian & Islamic countries Something is good
I approve Many Asian & Islamic countries Very rude

5 Feet America Comfortable Thailand Disrespectful

6 Curled Finger America Come here Japan Rude Singapore Death

7 Stop Sign America Stop Asia Asking for permission to speak

8 Hands on Hips America Asia Indonesia Open & confident Arrogance
(if your hands are in your pockets) Extremely rude

9 Nose Picking America Vulgar China Perfectly acceptable

10 Male Kissing/Holding Hands
America Homosexual Asian & Islamic countries Considered normal

11 More Cultural Gestures
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