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Introducing… Ms. Sophia Sophia and her Fiancé. Who Am I and What Gives Me The Right To Work Here? I really Love teaching. Its more than a Job to me. It.

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1 Introducing… Ms. Sophia Sophia and her Fiancé

2 Who Am I and What Gives Me The Right To Work Here? I really Love teaching. Its more than a Job to me. It is my passion! I have a BA in Medieval History, a Minor in Latin and 75 units in Social Studies and Education Theory. I have 8 years experience teaching History in the Bay Area. I worked in the Corporate World for two years before becoming a teacher.

3 What is my Job? My Job is to teach you How to do your lessons. My Job is to make this classroom a safe place to learn. My Job is to help you get the skills and habits you need to be successful. My Job is to enforce the rules. You don’t have to like my Job, but you must accept that I am going to do it.

4 What Can I Do For You? I can answer questions. I can give examples. I can proof read your work. I can explain what you don’t understand. I can give advice. I can teach you what the Corporate World wants. I can help you practice those skills and behaviors that will benefit you most in the Work World.

5 What I Will Not Do… I will not be Disrespectful. I will not ignore you. I will not do your work for you. I will not sign off on work that is poor quality, incomplete or incorrect. I will not let people prevent you from doing your work. I will not let you prevent others from doing their work.

6 What I Will Do… I will encourage you to do better. I will encourage you to do more. I will help. I will try to find a solution that works for everybody. I will listen. I will negotiate, sometimes. I will enforce the rules.

7 The Rules Nothing… Rude Crude Lewd Nude But what do these mean?

8 Rude Dictionary Definition: rude- adj. Speaking or behaving in a way that in not polite and is likely to annoy people Synonyms (Same meaning): impolite, ill-mannered, uncivilized, vulgar Antonyms (opposite meaning): courteous, considerate Main concepts: Not being polite. Not thinking about the feelings or comfort of other people. Used in a Sentence: Jenny said “hello” to the new girl but she was very rude and refused to return the greeting.

9 Crude Dictionary Definition: crude- adj. Offensive or rude, especially in an immature way. Synonyms (Same meaning): immature, disrespectful, boorish, unrefined Antonyms (opposite meaning): refined, genteel Main concepts: adolescent, unfinished, often associated with bathroom jokes and bodily functions. Used in a Sentence: Making fart noises in class is a very crude thing to do.

10 Lewd Dictionary Definition: lewd- adj. Using obscene words or behaving in a way that makes someone think of sex. Synonyms (Same meaning): obscene, indecent, lascivious, naughty, lecherous, suggestive Antonyms (opposite meaning): pure, moral, chaste, innocent, virtuous Main concepts: having to do with the use of the reproductive organs, anything sexual Used in a Sentence: Jason made a lewd noise that sounded like sloppy kissing.

11 Nude Dictionary Definition: nude- adj. Not wearing any clothes, naked Synonyms (Same meaning): naked, without clothes, in the buff Antonyms (opposite meaning): clothed, covered Main concepts: undressed, not wearing clothes Used in a Sentence: Many Renaissance artists painted women in the nude, wearing only their jewelry.

12 Also…. Do your Best as often as possible Be On Time No Cell Phones Allowed (not for you, not for me) Dress Properly for the Business World Use Business Language No Video Downloads outside of the curriculum (it uses too much server space!) Music is allowed only in the last 10 minutes of 3 rd and 7 th period, and only after you have acquired a sign off on the day’s assignment. (Under Negotiation…)

13 Problems with Listening to Music Music downloads are threatening our Server (getting music off the internet makes the server crash). Setting up music to listen to takes too long. (Students are wasting their precious time.) Students looking for music to listen to, are distracting their neighbors and preventing them from getting to work. Many jobs won’t let you listen to music while you work. It is important to know how to focus and work, even without music.

14 My Music Offer: Music is a privilege for those who work hard and do well. Students who are late, are not dressed properly, or who don’t follow other rules, lose their right to listen to music for the day. Students may only listen to CD’s they bring to class. They may not download music from the internet. Students have 5 minutes at the beginning of class to set up their music for the period. Music volume must be low enough that your neighbor can’t hear it.

15 Guide for Completing Assignments: Read the directions first, all the way through, for each Unit. Check in with me and tell me what you have read. In Social Studies, do Units in order. They build on each other. Do all the assignments in a Unit before going on to a different Unit. Proof Read Everything before turning it in. Do a Pre-Write, Rough Draft, Final Draft for all writing assignments. Write in Complete Sentences for all assignments.

16 Rules for Living with Others and Getting Along If you open it, close it. If you turn it on, turn it off. If you unlock it, lock it up. If you break it, admit it. If you can't fix it, call in someone who can. If you borrow it, return it. If you value it, take care of it. If you make a mess clean it up. If you move it, put it back. If it belongs to someone else and you want to use it, get permission. If you don't know how to operate it, ask someone who does. If it's none of your business, don't ask questions. If it will hurt someone's reputation, keep it to yourself. If it will brighten someone's day, say it. Some Good Advice, Even If It Is A Little Silly….

17 Online Help You can get resources for the assignments in this class at: You can e-mail me at: Send me an e-mail today and tell me something I should know about you. You can use this e-mail to get my address in your address book!

18 What could you tell me? You could tell me you are allergic to bees. Or that you just got a Boyfriend. Or that you have a kid. Or that you are diabetic. Or that you LOVE music and photography. Or that you understand things better when you hear/see/touch them…. Tell me something that I need to know to do my job better.

19 Frequently Asked Questions Are you a hard grader? Yes. Do you Really stick to the rules? Yes. Are you mean? I won Queen of Mean at my last school 3 years in a row. Are you Fair? I try to be. Will you be my friend? No. I will be your Teacher. Are you Married? I am engaged. We haven’t set a date. How old are you? I am 33 years old. How tall are you? I am 4ft 2in tall. Do you like your Job? I LOVE my job. Can I ask you anything? Yes. If I can’t or won’t answer, I’ll let you know. Why are you in a wheelchair? I have a genetic disorder known as OsteoGenesis Imperfecta. It’s the same problem as Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie Unbreakable, except I’m not an evil genius.

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