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I was a free African American I had an important role in the early Revolution days I alerted people in New Hampshire when the British were coming I am.

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1 I was a free African American I had an important role in the early Revolution days I alerted people in New Hampshire when the British were coming I am Wentworth Cheswell

2 Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia used to be my back yard I was forced to surrender at a little town called Appomattox Court House, Virginia I was General of the Confederacy during the Civil War I am Robert E. Lee

3 People say I have a funny name and that my hair looks like a wig…but I don’t care. I think I look fabulous! I named my colony after the King of England, to give him his “props” My colony, Georgia, was primarily for debtors and criminals from England I am James Oglethorpe

4 I was a slave that was moved into a free territory by my owner My owner died while I was in the free territory, so I thought I was free I sued for my freedom in the Supreme Court, but lost cause I was property I am Dred Scott

5 My husband and I spent most of our marriage away from each other I asked my husband to “remember the ladies” when creating a new government I was considered a pioneer for women's rights I am Abigail Adams

6 I was a member of the Massachusetts legislature I was the brother of Mercy Otis Warren I made the famous quote..taxation without representation is tyranny I am James Otis

7 I was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses I was an Anti- Federalist that demanded a Bill of Rights I made the quote “Give me liberty, or give me death” I am Patrick Henry

8 People saw me as rude and hard to get along with I was a Senator from Mississippi, in favor of secession I was President of the Confederacy during the Civil War I am Jefferson Davis

9 I was a free African American I was a merchant dock worker on the Boston Harbor I was the first to die in the Boston Massacre I am Crispus Attucks

10 My real name was George Calvert, but I thought it was too boring. I was known for my pointy beard and cape. I named my colony after the Queen of England at the time…and made its main purpose to be a haven for persecuted Catholics I am “Lord Baltimore”

11 I was the lawyer for the redcoats involved in the Boston Massacre I nominated George Washington to serve as General of the Continental Army I was the second President of the U.S. I am John Adams

12 I was a spy for America during the Revolution. I was captured, jailed, but later escaped. I loaned the new American government $600,000 to fight the Revolution I am Haym Salomon

13 I was President, even though I didn’t get a college degree I stated in my first inaugural address that a house divided cannot stand I stated in my second inaugural address that the Union will forgive the South for their actions I am Abraham Lincoln

14 I was one of the authors of The Federalist Papers, which convinced people to approve the Constitution I was considered a “founding father” for my contributions in American history I was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court I am John Jay

15 I had to sit behind a curtain during an equal rights convention because I was a woman I was a pioneer in the women’s reform movement My hard work eventually led to women gaining the right to vote I am Elizabeth Cady Stanton

16 I owned a huge plantation in Virginia called Mt. Vernon. I believed that America should remain neutral in any foreign disputes I was commander of the Continental Army during the Revolution. I am George Washington

17 I am considered a founding father I was the President that purchased Louisiana I was the primary author of The Declaration of Independence I am Thomas Jefferson

18 I was a leading figure in the Enlightenment Period I helped Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence I got France to help America fight the Revolution I am Ben Franklin

19 I did not believe it was a good idea for our country to have debt. I felt that having religion was important in running a great country I urged Americans not to create political parties I am George Washington

20 I served as governor of Ireland for the King of England I called American soldiers a bunch of peasants with pitchforks I was General of the British army during the Revolution I am Lord Cornwallis

21 I was excellent at managing explorations and hunting wild animals I established relationships with Indian tribes throughout Louisiana I was hired by Meriwether Lewis to help him explore Louisiana I am William Clark

22 I was a rich man that lived in England I started a colony twice in America..both failed I named my colony “Roanoke” I am Walter Raleigh

23 General Washington said I was like a son to him I helped train American troops at camp Valley Forge I came to America from France to help the Americans win their independence I am Marquis de Lafayette

24 I am one of the few women who men listened to during Colonial America I am the sister of James Otis I wrote plays that inspired people to want independence I am Mercy Otis Warren

25 I was a member of a rich family from England I created the colonies of Delaware and Pennsylvania I was the leader of the Quaker religious group I am William Penn

26 I was President during the War of 1812 I was the fourth President of the U.S. I wrote most of the Constitution I am James Madison

27 There is a town in New Jersey named after me I believed that there should be equal representation in Congress I wrote the New Jersey Plan during the Constitutional Convention I am William Paterson

28 I was a big shot military leader for Spain I conquered Florida in the name of Spain I helped America on behalf of Spain during the Revolution I am Bernardo Galvez

29 I was killed in a duel by Aaron Burr because I bad mouthed him in public I was one of the main authors of The Federalist Papers that convinced people to approve the Constitution I convinced President Washington to create a national bank I am Alexander Hamilton

30 I refused to pay the French a bribe in what was called the XYZ Affair I was George Washington’s Vice President I was the second President of the U.S. I am John Adams

31 I am Italian, but was an explorer for Spain I Landed in The Americas and called the people living there “Indians” I was given credit for discovering The Americas I am Christopher Columbus

32 I was a nationally known speaker and writer I felt that slavery was an immoral act, so I became an abolitionist I started a newspaper called “The Liberator”, which called for an end to slavery I am William Lloyd Garrison

33 I was a American silversmith I created a series of alarms to warn colonists if British troops were near I made the famous quote, the British are coming, the British are coming I am Paul Revere

34 I was a General during the American Revolution The country keeps all its gold at a place in Kentucky, which is named after me. I was secretary of Defense for George Washington I am Henry Knox

35 I hired German Hessians to kill as many colonists as possible I expected the colonists to be loyal subjects I was King of England during the American Revolution I am King George III

36 I served as Chief Justice of The Supreme Court longer than any other person I was the first to rule that the Supreme Court had the power to rule a law unconstitutional Even though I ruled in favor of the Cherokee, Jackson would not uphold my ruling I am John Marshall

37 I helped France win the Revolution against King Louis I then became dictator of France To get money to pay for a war, I sold Louisiana to the U.S. for a measly 15 million dollars I am Napoleon Bonaparte

38 I was an expert map maker and navigator I was hired by President Jefferson to explore Louisiana I kept journals of what I saw throughout the Louisiana territory I am Meriwether Lewis

39 I called President Washington a poor friend for not helping the French during their Revolution I wrote “The Crisis”, which inspired troops at Valley Forge. I wrote a pamphlet called “Common Sense”, which encouraged many Americans to want independence I am Thomas Paine

40 I created the largest farm equipment company in the world Farmers could farm in the tough soil of western U.S. because of my invention I invented the steel plow I am John Deere

41 I ran away from home at age 12 to get away from an abusive father I wrote a tell all report on the poor living conditions of the mentally insane States began monitoring how the insane and disabled were treated because of my report I am Dorothea Dix

42 I was a slave during the American Revolution I found out what the British were planning, then told American spies I was the first African American double spy in American history I am James Armistead

43 I was a Senator from Kentucky I came up with the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850 to make the slave and free states happy I was known as “The Great Compromiser” I am Henry Clay

44 I lived on the same street as James Madison and Thomas Jefferson I was the fifth President of the U.S. I told European countries they could no longer colonize The Americas I am James Monroe

45 My inventions changed business in America My invention of interchangeable parts put blacksmiths out of business I also invented the cotton gin, which was just as important as slavery to a plantation owner I am Eli Whitney

46 I was hired by Napoleon to build a submarine My water inventions changed war fighting and even American business I invented the first steamboat used for business I am Robert Fulton

47 In addition to being an inventor, I was also a painter. My invention changed the way people communicated in America I invented the telegraph and Morse code I am Samuel Morse

48 I am an abolitionist that armed slaves to help them revolt at Harper’s Ferry, Virginia I start the civil war in Kansas known as “Bleeding Kansas”, to end slavery in the territory I was executed for my role in freeing slaves by force I am John Brown

49 I made them work, and they hated me for it…and some “hater” tried to blow off my leg with explosives I famously said, “If you do not work, you will not eat” I am the leader that was primarily responsible for helping Jamestown end its bad luck and become successful I am John Smith

50 I had family members help me with my famous invention I cut harvesting time in half with my invention I invention a machine called the mechanical reaper I am Cyrus McCormick

51 Andrew Jackson said that my slanderous comments killed his wife I had great ideas, but they got voted down by Jackson supporters I was the 6 th President and the son of a President I am John Quincy Adams

52 These days, my cigar habit would be seen as naughty! I was known for my ruthless military strategies, which helped defeat the Confederacy and end slavery for good General Robert E. Lee had to surrender to me at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, in April 1865…and I later went on to become the 18 th president of the U.S. I am Ulysses S. Grant

53 I had several bullets in my body from fighting duels I hated the national bank because it only looked out for the rich man I had the Cherokee removed from Georgia because whites wanted their land I am Andrew Jackson

54 I was Andrew Jackson’s Vice President for only his first term I believed in the idea of states’ rights and nullification Even as Vice President, I encouraged South Carolina to secede from the union I am John Calhoun

55 I took over a religious group for John Smith after he was brutally murdered I had as many as 24 wives and over 50 children I was the leader of the Mormon religious group in Utah territory I am Brigham Young

56 I was King of England during the 1600’s I thought smoking tobacco was a filthy habit..but got rich off people doing it I gave the Virginia Company a charter to start Jamestown I am King James I

57 My father got permission to colonize whites in Spanish Texas. He died, so I took over. I am known as the “father of Texas” I am Stephen Austin

58 I was a Senator from Tennessee before I went to Texas I was the General of the Texian army during the Texas Revolution I was the first President of the Republic of Texas I am Sam Houston

59 I was an unknown Senator from Tennessee before becoming President As President, I wanted to colonize all the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific I purchased land, traded land and even picked a fight with Mexico to get land I am James Polk

60 I was given the nickname “Old Rough and Ready” because of my aggressive war tactics I was the General of the U.S. army during the Mexican War I would go on to become President and die while serving I am Zachary Taylor

61 I was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives I was quoted as saying that education is the great equalizer of men I was a leader in education reform in America during the 1800’s I am Horace Mann

62 I was extremely traditional and religious, and did not believe women should speak unless a man spoke to them first. My religious group left England because we felt the Church of England wasn’t strict ENOUGH. My group, the Puritans, created the settlement called “Massachusetts Bay Colony”. I am John Winthrop.

63 My group had a rough start in the New World…we unintentionally dug up some Indian graves looking for food (and this enraged them!). My group left England to escape harrassment and persecution by King James due to our religious beliefs. My group, the Pilgrims, created the colony called “Plymouth” in modern-day Massachusetts (even though we were supposed to land in Virginia…uh-oh!) I am William Bradford

64 I tried to get land for ex- slaves after the Civil War, but was unsuccessful I was a women’s rights activist and an abolitionist I gave a famous speech, “Ain’t I A Woman” I am Sojourner Truth

65 I was once a slave, but I escaped and later purchased my freedom I convinced President Lincoln that black Union soldiers should be paid the same as whites I published a newspaper called “The North Star”, which spoke against slavery I am Frederick Douglass

66 I was a lawyer/ songwriter I witnessed the battle at Fort McHenry during the war of 1812 I wrote our country’s national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner” I am Francis Scott Key

67 My face was once on the American dollar coin I was a leader in women’s rights reform during the 1800’s I am Susan B. Anthony My hard work eventually led to women gaining the right to vote

68 I was known as the Little Giant because of my strong speaking voice, but I only stood 5’3” I ran against Abe Lincoln in the Presidential election of 1860 I am Stephen A. Douglas I was largely responsible for the Compromise of 1850

69 President Lincoln said I was one of the causes of the Civil War I was an abolitionist that wrote a famous book called Uncle Tom’s Cabin My book got lots of Northerners angry about slavery I am Harriett Beecher Stowe

70 It’s almost impossible to find a picture of me on the Internet…I must be seen as a really mysterious dude. Ha ha I was once a Puritan, but left with my congregation to find more individual freedom elsewhere My group and I founded the colony of Connecticut, and wrote the first written constitution in the colonies (Fundamental Orders of Conn.) I am Thomas Hooker

71 I was a failed businessman who lost his father’s fortune I am considered one of our country’s founding fathers I was the leader of the Boston Sons of Liberty I am Samuel Adams

72 I famously told my soldiers, “Don’t fire ‘til you see the whites of their eyes” I was a Continental Army general My men and I might have lost the Battle of Bunker Hill…but we killed over 1,000 of the redcoats, which hurt ‘em! I am Colonel William Prescott

73 I was famous for being completely ruthless and having no mercy whatsoever on those sorry colonists I was a member of the British “special forces”: an elite cavalry unit called the “Green Dragoons” My nickname was “Bloody Ban” I am British General, Banastre Tarleton

74 I was the first English baby born in the New World I had the same name as the colony where the first successful English settlement was later located I was among those who disappeared at Roanoke, never to be seen again I am baby Virginia Dare

75 I will never be the same again…my daughter Eleanor and only granddaughter Virginia were among the missing at Roanoke colony, and I died with a broken heart Sir Walter Raleigh put me in charge as the first governor of Roanoke Colony, and during my time there I made some of the first nature drawings of the New World I went back to England to get more supplies, and got stuck there due to a war…and when I returned, everyone was gone ! I am Governor John White

76 I was kidnapped by another tribe when I was a child, then sold to an old French man to become his wife I knew many of the tribal languages of Native Americans, and could serve as a translator; I also had limitless knowledge of nature I became a “right-hand woman” of Lewis & Clark on their expedition westward I am Sacajawea

77 I was once kidnapped from my home in the New World and sold into slavery across the sea in England..but was able to return home I learned English while I was in England, which shocked the Pilgrims when they finally met us Natives…they weren’t expecting that! I shared my knowledge of planting crops with the Pilgrims…they may have died of starvation without my help!!! I am Squanto

78 I saw the American flag still flying over Fort McHenry after a fierce battle during the War of 1812…and the sight of it inspired me I wrote lyrics to a now-famous song, America’s national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” I am Francis Scott Key

79 I am Francis Cabot Lowell

80 I believed that people could communicate directly with God-- without the help of ministers or the Bible My "crime" was expressing religious opinions that were different than the colony's rulers I am Anne Hutchinson I was put on trial, eventually kicked out of Massachusetts, and ended up settling in Rhode Island

81 I thought it was wack the way my group (the Puritans) were just stealing Indian lands that way…so I told them off I thought it was wrong for Puritans to force people to go to church every Sunday if they didn’t want to I am Roger Williams

82 I may look like just any old woman…but I’m not! I’m the mother of Texas!!! I came to Texas with Stephen F. Austin’s group called the “Old 300” I am Jane Long

83 They say I was a real “ladies’ man”…I was known for always being well-groomed and dressed to kill! Sam Houston unfortunately caught me in my ‘jammies at the Battle of San Jacinto…and I lost Tejas forever! I am General/President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

84 I was a one-legged Dutchman who was once governor of New York Dutch citizens there hated me because I was rude and crude…and they actually preferred an English dude as governor over ME! I am Peter Stuyvesant

85 Some rich nobles “back in the day” (1215!!) made me sign a document called the “Magna Carta” giving up some of my power In the 1200s, a person could get his or her head chopped off just for disagreeing with me I am King John

86 THE END! Press “Escape”, then “F5” to start over!

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