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Puppeteers Without Borders Marionnettistes sans Frontières.

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1 Puppeteers Without Borders Marionnettistes sans Frontières

2 A puppet is matter which comes alive, an object which takes on life. It is this magic which allows it to captivate audiences of both children and adults…

3 It can be rude, outspoken and truthful. A puppet communicates swiftly, strongly and directly. Through puppetry we can reach the outrageous, absurd and impossible.

4 Thus the puppet, often through a simple story, can help its audience to distance themselves from the most sensitive of issues, and allow them to perceive a range of solutions to a problem.

5 Puppeteers Without Borders is an NGO staffed by trained professionals with over 20 years of experience. We are creating puppetry programs around the world to encourage communication and imagination while covering a range of complicated and sometimes difficult topics.

6 We train teachers, doctors, nurses, and social workers who deal with problems like spread of Aids, domestic violence, abuse, violation of human rights.

7 Through the world in disadvantaged communities we offer the services of our organization in the making and manipulation of puppets, and in helping to plan and prepare performances with educational, social and cultural aims.

8 AIMS OF EDUCATION THROUGH PUPPETRY To question existing patterns of behaviour and find new ways of dealing with them. To model and reframe existing social realities. To create a climate for discussion and dialogue. To empower teachers and community workers in creating their own local puppetry in education programs.

9 About Us

10  I was born and raised in Florence, Italy, where I studied journalism – diploma « cum laude ».  In 1987 I studied at the Jerusalem School for Visual Theatre, and I received my diploma as a designer and puppeteer in 1990.  Since 1990 until today I have worked as designer and maker of puppets, stage designer, director, puppeteer in many shows for children and adults, receiving some prizes and participating in many international Festivals.  In 1993 I lived in Calcutta, India, as an independent volunteer for nine months, working among others with the children living at the Hawrah train station (in the framework of the NGO “TRACKS”), and teaching the use of puppets to teachers of a school for handicapped children.  Since 2001 I have lived in France, I am currently working on the creation of a puppet show, and I am the co- founder and member of the n.p.o. “Marionnettistes sans frontières”.  I speak English, French, Italian and Hebrew. Erica Sapir

11  Raised in Spain, I followed university studies in France in modern literature, and Linguistics. I hold a Master degree in Hispanic Studies.  Since a young age I have been attracted to theatre and worked in it. Later I gave substance to my experiences by following acting workshops and learning Trapeze Art, in the eighties in Paris.  My professional road is very eclectic and goes from teaching languages at university levels in different establishments, to working as actress (theatre, films, advertising) or even writing (translations, theatre pieces, short films, scenarios).  The most significant experience these past few years has been as the artistic and financial planning of an Interdisciplinary Art Centre, and participating in an humanitarian and ecological mission in India. I perform in the show: “The Merchant of Dreams”.  I speak French, Spanish and Portuguese. Pilar Romero de Castilla

12  I was born and live in Israel. After completing my studies in Theatre and Art in Jerusalem, I began directing and acting in Puppet Theatre for children and adults.  In 1980 I began to teach educators, social workers and nurses. My focus and interest was on the various uses of puppetry and storytelling in kindergarten, schools, special education and hospitals.  Since 1992, due to a change in my health, I only consult, on a voluntary basis.  In 2002 and again in 2004 I attended “Edupuppets” - the International Festival of Puppetry in Nairobi, Kenya. Together with other Israeli representatives, we developed educational programs and workshops for Kenyan puppeteers, hospital nurses and health workers (AMREF).  I have been a consultant to Yad Vashem Museum of the Holocaust regarding Theatre projects and Holocaust education in schools.  I speak Hebrew, English, French and Israeli sign language. Rachel Dangour–Berkman

13  I was born in South Africa (Johannesburg), and moved to Israel in 1981.  I studied Art Therapy at the Lesley College in Israel; Drama and Puppetry at the School for Visual Theatre in Jerusalem; and then undertook post- graduate studies in Drama Therapy. For over twenty years I have been working in Expressive Arts, using Puppetry, Art Movement and Drama Therapy.  I have worked as a puppeteer, designer and performer in several puppet productions. As a drama-therapist and puppeteer I have worked at prisons, rehabilitation centres, hospitals in different countries, education leadership programs, and an enrichment centre for hearing-impaired children.  In Kenya I represented Israel in the Edu-puppet festival in 2002 and 2004; I worked with Kenyan puppeteers and teachers and also trained social workers. Most recently I worked in the USA, at Special Gift Theatre – a children’s theatre company for children with learning difficulties.  I speak English and Hebrew. Dina Kaplan

14  I was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. I hold a Doctorate in Theatre Studies (summa cum laude) from Tel-Aviv University.  My professional career has been multi-disciplinary. Over the past 30 years, I have been intimately involved in Puppetry, Theatre (acting & directing), Story-telling, Teaching and Artistic Consultancy.  In 1986 I founded and managed The Park Puppet Centre in Tel-Aviv.  Over the past few years I have been a member of the Artistic Committee of the Acre Festival for Alternative Theatre.  As a puppeteer I have performed internationally at various Festivals (France, Germany, India, Far East & Australia) and have given educational workshops under the auspices of UNICEF and the Israeli Foreign Ministry in India (2000), Angola (1999), Vietnam (1998), Singapore, Thailand & Australia (1997).  I am at present teaching Story-telling and working as an Artistic Consultant and Director for the Train (Puppet) Theatre, Jerusalem.  I recently have written a play which I directed and performed in, which won first prize at the Acco Theater Festival (in Israel).  I speak fluent Hebrew and English and get by in French. Naomi Yoeli

15 Projects and workshops on the use of puppetry

16 In Israel Puppetry workshop for the Ministry of Health in Israel: Training Health coordinators on the subject of aids prevention.

17 Collaboration with ICDP  In Collaboration with ICDP (Institute for Child Development Program) we are working on a short film. The film is based on a puppet performance which deals with the themes and the approach of ICDP, and it will be used as a tool in training social workers in Africa and South America.

18 Mostar (Bosnia)  Workshop for teachers on using puppets in education, through the technique of Non-Violent Communication.

19 Workshop on Non-Violent Communication: The story of Caïn and Abel

20 AIDS CONFERENCE 2008 in Mexico City  PWB participated to the AIDS 2008 world conference with several short performances, presentations and workshops.

21 Short performances on stigma and AIDS at the conference in Mexico City

22 Multicultural Festival in Brisbane (Australia)

23 Workshops at Milpera school (Brisbane) for refugees children and their teachers

24 Workshop for African health workers in Jerusalem on the subject of Aids and Stigma

25 Contact:

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