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Meeting With Your Instructors University Advising Center Wayne State University

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1 Meeting With Your Instructors University Advising Center Wayne State University

2 Why Meet With Your Instructor? Falling behind in class Failed test or assignment Questions about expectations Clarification of assignments Feeling uncomfortable in class DESIRE TO SUCCEED!

3 Reasons Students Avoid Professors Feel “out of the loop” from missing class Fear of asking “dumb” question Fear of confrontation Shyness High School (nurturing) vs. College (intimidating) Discomfort over approaching a professor of a different age, gender, race, or culture

4 Benefits For You Personalize your learning experience Reduce stress levels Save study time Gain insight regarding curriculum, careers, graduate studies, etc. Make a connection with someone in your field Obtain letters of recommendation

5 Benefits For Your Professor Gain insight on how the class is going Get an idea of questions other students may have Discover ways to improve students learning experience Professors EXPECT to work one on one with students - TAKE ADVANTAGE!

6 Approaching Your Professor Contact Contact professor immediately after you get a bad grade, don’t understand the material or are unsure of what the professor expects…DON’T WAIT! Check syllabus for preferred mode of contact (office hours, phone number, e-mail) If their office hours don’t work for you or you think you will need more time, make an appointment with the professor Plan Have an agenda for the meeting Write questions out to ensure you don’t forget anything

7 Do’s and Don’ts DO: Research Be punctual Make a good first impression Address professor properly Plan ahead Pay attention Thank professor for their time

8 Do’s and Don’ts DON’T: Wait until the end of the semester Expect professor to CHANGE your grade YOUR academic performance is YOUR responsibility Be rude or impolite Be afraid!

9 Planning Grid Course Professor, Contact Info. & Office Hours Potential Meeting Date Topics to Discuss


11 Resources University Advising Center Tips for Meeting with Your Professor My College Success Story Meeting with Your Professors By: Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. success-tools/meeting-with-professor.html

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