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(tips for adding variety to boring sentences) Sentences.

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2 (tips for adding variety to boring sentences) Sentences

3 Computers Computers are not necessary. At least for me. I can live without computer. You don’t need a computer to breath. So there for they aren’t necessary.

4 Do bad manners bother you? Yes, it bothers me, because it would irritate me. I wouldn’t feel appreciated if I was around someone who is disrespectful. When I would be nice and friendly they would destroy my kindness and be rude. I couldn’t work with a disrespectful person, because they wouldn’t get a good education hanging with an rude person, who don’t really care about their life.

5 Is drinking necessary? Yes!! Because it feels really good. And if you made out with a ugly girl then you have a good excused of why you did that. Everything is funner and better when your drunk. And you can play games like “See who can drink more.” Or! Umm… uh.. “See who can drink more.” The point that im trying to make is that there’s no point to drinking… So be stupid and go do it anyway.

6 Why use variety in your sentences? Sentence variety is necessary for a number of reasons: * Sentence variety makes your writing more interesting to read! * Sentence variety adds style to your writing! * Sentence variety will help develop your writing skills!

7 Six Sassy Sentence types: 1. Two-adjective beginnings 2. “-ing” at beginning or end 3. “-ly” beginnings 4. Informative interrupters (appositives) 5. Balanced sentences 6. Dependent clauses

8 1. Two-Adjective Beginnings: Tall, handsome lifeguards flirt wildly with the pretty girls. Rickety and dilapidated, the old schoolhouse didn’t stand a chance in an earthquake.

9 Now you try:

10 2. “-ing” at beginning Running like the wind, Forrest Gump made national headline news. Saving the best for last, Lisa finally ate her Reese’s peanut butter cup.

11 Now you try:

12 “-ing” at end He trudged along the hot desert for days, wishing he had brought more water. Sandy gave the homeless man all the money she had, hoping that her small act of kindness might bring him some comfort.

13 Now you try:

14 3. “-ly” at beginning Cheerfully, she answered the phone for her mother. Slowly opening the door, the servant tried not to wake his master.

15 Now you try:

16 4. Informative Interrupters The fish, a slimy mass of flesh, felt the alligator’s giant teeth sink into him as he struggled to swim away. The child, face covered with chocolate doughnut, asked his mother if he could have some milk.

17 Now you try:

18 5. Balanced Sentences He runs onto the baseball field, spins around second base, and looks back at the academy. Choosing a Christmas tree, putting up Christmas lights, and baking Christmas cookies are all included in my December traditions.

19 Now you try:

20 6. Dependent Clauses Because it rained, the garden party was postponed. Since the road construction is complete, Jim can make it home in only ten minutes.

21 Now you try:

22 Created by Anita Mattos and Melissa Hilton 2002 (Resources include Barry Noden’s Image Grammar and The Write Source, 2000.)

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