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© Learning ZoneXpress 1. 2 Where do you take your Etiquette? The question is... The answer is... Everywhere! Home School Public.

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1 © Learning ZoneXpress 1

2 2 Where do you take your Etiquette? The question is... The answer is... Everywhere! Home School Public

3 © Learning ZoneXpress 3 Having Good Manners What’s the Payoff? Your parents will be impressed Your friends will be surprised Your teachers will notice Life will be easier

4 © Learning ZoneXpress 4 Personal Manners Manners – Up Close and Personal Know common courtesies Use words that work Prepare to meet and greet Learn table tips

5 © Learning ZoneXpress 5 Personal Manners Rate Your Smile A. I don’t smile. I’m mysterious. B. I smile while laughing like a hyena. C. My smile is a smirk. I’m cool. D. I smile to say I’m friendly. Answer You guessed it - D is the best

6 © Learning ZoneXpress 6 Personal Manners Respect Others’ Space: What’s a Good Comfort Zone? A. A foot if I like them. Four feet if I don’t. B. Create an 18-inch personal zone. C. Move closer until they feel nervous. D. Space is an abstract concept. Answer B. 18 inches

7 © Learning ZoneXpress 7 Personal Manners High Five Hygiene Wash and wear your manners Privatize your grooming Ban body noises

8 © Learning ZoneXpress 8 Personal Manners Words Are the Currency of Etiquette Spend Them Wisely “Please” and “thank you” not only golden oldies “No problem” is a problem Code words exclude others Slang confuses others

9 © Learning ZoneXpress 9 Personal Manners How to Stop Swearing in 21 Days! Which techniques could work for you? A. Fine for each swear word B. Friends catch your slips C. Replace good word for swear word D. Imagine Grandma listening in Answer All of them if you do them

10 © Learning ZoneXpress 10 Personal Manners I’d Like You to Meet… Introduce People According to Custom Younger person to older person Male to female New friend to old friend Employee to boss Student to teacher Friends to parents

11 © Learning ZoneXpress 11 Personal Manners Introduction - Stick with a Plan Mention each name twice Tell something about each person You: Emma, meet Mrs. Sampson, my basketball coach. She helped me improve my free throw percentage. You: Mrs. Sampson, I’d like you to meet my sister Emma.

12 © Learning ZoneXpress 12 Personal Manners The Dreaded Handshake Stand up Make eye contact Shake with medium firmness Shake three times Add a greeting– “Hello.” “How are you?”

13 © Learning ZoneXpress 13 Personal Manners Wow! Look at That Table Dining Decoder Your napkin goes: ___ on the table ___ in your lap Your beverages are on: ___ left or ___ right? Side foods are on: ___ left or ___ right?

14 © Learning ZoneXpress 14 Personal Manners Silverware – The Shiny Truth Use silverware first from ___ inside or ___ outside? A knife is a: ___ spear ___ food holder ___ pointer ___ none of the above Between bites put your utensils: ___ in your hands ___ on table ___ on plate

15 © Learning ZoneXpress 15 Personal Manners What’s on Your Plate? If you don’t like a food: ___ hide it in napkin ___ eat a few bites ___ say it’s gross If you don’t know how to eat a food: ___ don’t eat it ___ ask someone how ___ watch others Your mouth is full. Someone asks a question: ___ answer anyway ___ ignore the question ___ signal you’ll answer later

16 © Learning ZoneXpress 16 School Manners Be a PRO at School Manners Bully proof classrooms, hallways, cafeteria P – Pledge patience R – Respect the rules O – Own your behavior

17 © Learning ZoneXpress 17 School Manners Classroom Code Learning is your #1 job Classroom don’ts: Disrupt Cheat Monopolize Classroom do’s: Do bring supplies, patience, respect

18 © Learning ZoneXpress 18 School Manners Cliques are Crummy Avoid categorizing people Say “hi” outside your group Rejection breeds retaliation Stand up to your crowd

19 © Learning ZoneXpress 19 School Manners Break the Bully Chain Bullies are made, not born Teasing Name-calling Shoving Threats Violence

20 © Learning ZoneXpress 20 School Manners Serve Up Manners in the Cafeteria Forget food fights – you know that Others’ food is off limits Cliques not on menu Keep it clean

21 © Learning ZoneXpress 21 Public Manners Take Your Manners Public P – Politeness is portable U – Use the basics B – Be nice to everyone L – Leave a place better than it was I – Invert rudeness to niceness C – Continue courtesies

22 © Learning ZoneXpress 22 Public Manners Travel with Style Practice patience in line One seat per passenger Skip the picnic Do not disturb – other passengers

23 © Learning ZoneXpress 23 Public Manners Manners Shine in the Dark I’m on time ___ yes ___ no I stay in my seat ___ yes ___ no I face the back when I pass down a row ___ yes ___ no I stop talking once the feature starts ___ yes ___ no I pick up my trash ___ yes ___ no What’s your Movie Mojo?

24 © Learning ZoneXpress 24 Public Manners ‘Sweatiquette’ for the Gym Sniff - wash your workout clothes Whiff – wipe off equipment Share machines Enter a no-compete zone Keep your eyes on the prize, not gym members

25 © Learning ZoneXpress 25 Public Manners Get a 5-Star Restaurant Review Review dining etiquette Decide how to pay Hold the mayo, but limit substitutions Nix table hopping and eavesdropping Yes, yes, yes – leave a TIP

26 © Learning ZoneXpress 26 How Would You Rate Your Manners Future? ___ I’ve got my silverware and I’m good to go. ___ I could be valedictorian of classroom manners. ___ I’d be welcome on any bus, train or airplane. ___ Let me introduce you to my new polite self. There’s no curfew for etiquette Practice manners day and night

27 © Learning ZoneXpress 27 Review 1. Where should you practice good manners? Everywhere 2. How much personal space should you give another person? 18 inches — about an arms length 3. Why is over-using code words and slang impolite? Code and slang excludes people who can’t translate 4. How many times should you shake a person’s hand? Three times

28 © Learning ZoneXpress 28 Review 5. Name several bully behaviors. Teasing, name-calling, shoving, threats, violence 6. How can you be a PRO in the classroom? Pledge patience. Respect rules. Own your behavior. 7. Why is it rude to eat messy food and drinks on a bus? They could spill on the person next to you

29 © Learning ZoneXpress 29 Review 8. What two things should you towel at the gym? Yourself and the equipment after you use it 9. Is it okay to ask for substitutions at a restaurant? Yes, but just one or two 10. Are you ready to polish your manners? YES!

30 © Learning ZoneXpress 30 Etiquette Activities List five things you plan to do to improve your manners. List five things you wish others would do to improve their manners?

31 © Learning ZoneXpress 31 Etiquette Resources Books Be the Best You Can Be Emily Post’s Teen Etiquette Etiquette for Dummies How to Behave: A Guide to Modern Manners for the Socially Challenged How Rude! The Teenagers’ Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and Not Grossing People Out The How Rude! School Manners for Teens Social Smarts: Manners for Today’s Kids

32 © Learning ZoneXpress 32 Etiquette Resources More From Learning ZoneXpress Extreme Etiquette Series Video/DVD: o The Courtesy Challenge o The Netiquette Edge o The School Manners Adventure o Take Your Manners Public

33 © Learning ZoneXpress 33 Copyright 2008 Learning ZoneXpress 888.455.7003

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