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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty By James Thurber.

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1 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty By James Thurber

2 Have you ever had a daydream?

3 James Thurber 1894-1961 born in Columbus, OH/died in NYC When he was six years old, James stood with an apple on his head while his brother aimed a homemade arrow at the fruit The arrow pierced his left eye leaving him blind in that eye

4 James Thurber One of America’s most regarded humorists Wrote essays, short stories, children’s books Cartoonists Gift for being funny and serious at the same time Wrote for The New Yorker magazine and Time magazine In the height of patriotism in America winning WWI and WWII

5 Ellipsis… Known for the use of ellipsis (plural ellipses) Used when omitting words or phrases Used for quotes when you don’t need the beginning, middle, or end If an ellipsis is being used at the end of the sentence, you must put four dots (3 for the ellipsis and 1 for the period)

6 Humorist Captures regular people trying to cope with modern life Funny and serious at the same time


8 Snoopy Walter Mitty (main character in the story) was the inspiration for Charles Schultz’s daydreaming beagle, Snoopy from the Peanuts comic

9 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Setting Waterbury, Connecticut Winter After WWI

10 Walter Mitty Daydreams about heroic real life situations The situations are invented Makes up his own jargon (the language or terminology of a particular trade, profession or group)

11 Walter Mitty Syndrome 'Walter Mitty Syndrome' was put forward in a British medical journal as a clinical condition, which manifested itself in compulsive fantasizing. The title character is a meek, mild- mannered husband, who escapes his everyday existence in heroic fantasies.

12 Vocabulary

13 Rakishly Adverb Having a carefree, dashing manner or appearance

14 Distraught Adjective Troubled; anxious; confused; very upset

15 Haggard Adjective Having a very exhausted appearance; worn or tired look

16 Hydroplane Noun An airplane equipped with floats that allow it to take off from land or water

17 Craven Adjective Very fearful; cowardly

18 Coreopsis Noun The name of a daisy-like flowering plant

19 Insolent Adjective Bold in a reckless way So rude or proud as to be offensive

20 Insinuatingly Adverb Arousing doubts and suspicion In an indirect way

21 Disdainful Adjective Scornful Showing scorn for Something or someone regarded as unworthy

22 Pandemonium Noun Wild noise and disorder

23 Derisive Adjective Mocking

24 Inscrutable Adjective Mysterious

25 Cur Noun A mean, rude person or a mixed breed dog

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