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The Great Life of: Ruby Bridges By: Maija J. Connley.

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1 The Great Life of: Ruby Bridges By: Maija J. Connley

2 Introduction Well today you are going to learn a little bit about a woman named Ruby Bridges... When the presentation is playing you may be wowed.

3 Admire A lot of people admire Ruby for what she did and does. Because she stayed strong through think and thin.

4 Beyond Beyond her bad past Ruby tries to get through her everyday life and not think about those days where kids were rude/mean to her.

5 Courage She has always had courage even if somebody made her mad, sad, or happy she would have courage.

6 Dead Ruby isn’t dead she is still alive as of this day

7 Easy Not everything Ruby went through was easy and not everything will be easy but she finds a way to get around it.

8 Fatigue Fatigue means sleepy and having the job that Ruby has now can often cause fatigue. But then it has its days where you don’t get sleepy it just all depends on what she is doing at the time

9 Graduation Graduated from Spielberg High School in 1971

10 Happiness Ruby was usually happy around her friends and family She always had doubts if she would stay happy.

11 Ignore Ruby always tried to ignore the rude comments that were made to her when she was a child.

12 Jeopardy Ruby sometimes thought that her life was in jeopardy because of the rude remarks that were made to her when she was young but as she got older she realized that the people who made the threats only said it to scare her.

13 Kindness RRuby was very kind and was never really rude or mean to people unless needed RRight now as Ruby is still alive she is still kind the people in her community. She is always giving back and helping people that need it. Everyday she is making a changes ajensen/images/happy-face1.png

14 Louisiana Well as you may know Ruby Bridges was born in Louisiana

15 Malcolm Hall Ruby Bridges married Malcolm Hall in the year of 1984 The marriage took place in New Orleans, Louisiana

16 NAACP In 1960, Ruby Bridges' parents were informed by officials from the NAACP that she was one of only six other African-American students to pass the test

17 Opinions so many Opinions Many people had thoughts on Black people and some were rude some were not it just all depended on the person Most Caucasian people thought that Black people weren’t good enough to go to their school or have the jobs that they have just because they were a different race than they were

18 Pure Happiness Ruby wasn’t always happy but most of the time she wasRuby wasn’t always happy but most of the time she was Ruby was usually happy when she was with her family but then she always had her doubts if she would stay that way.Ruby was usually happy when she was with her family but then she always had her doubts if she would stay that way.

19 Quiet Ruby was often very quiet when she was young but then at times could be loud and outgoing it all depended on how she felt at the moment though

20 Ruby Bridges Born September 8, 1954 in Tylertown, Mississippi Grew up on a farm her parents and her grandparents sharecropped Moved to New Orleans, Louisiana when she was 4 years old

21 Sympathy Ruby was also as a child and still is sympathetic. If You don’t know what that means then I’m going to tell you Sympathetic means you get sad for someone even though what they are sad about isn’t your problem you feel bad.

22 Threats During her time @ school Ruby was threaten a lot of times by the teachers & other students for being the only black child in that school in this time Many people said that they would poison her family Because Ruby was black she was taught on a different floor than the other kids in her school Many students were pulled away from William Frantz because parents didn’t want their child to go to school with a black child. People carried around a black doll in a wooden coffin (mini) saying that that was Ruby in the box, but Ruby didn’t let that get to her she just kept her head held high and went to school to learn not hear what the people at school had to say about her or her family. a/Optimized_IMG_1957_2.png

23 Understanding Ruby has always understood the good and bad things that go on with a person in their life time.

24 Vision Ruby has a vision of the world being a better place than what it is right now.

25 William Frantz Elementary Ruby Bridges was the only Black American to attend this school The first day of school Ruby was escorted by the by 4 large white men

26 MMX MMX is the number 2010 in Roman Numerals Ruby as of 2010 was 56 years old.

27 Young and Beautiful Ruby Bridges is 58 years old…. Young right!!!1 In the year 2013 Ruby would be 59, still young. Even though Ruby is in her late 50s and Early 60s she is still beautiful because age is just a number even though there are rules that apply to some ages.

28 Zealous Zealous means motivation or motivated Ruby was zealous to go to school and get a good education and not care what the kids at school thought of her because of her skin color

29 Conclusion Well now you all have learned about the wonderful Ruby Nell Bridges, one of the greastest women in history and today’s world Hope you payed attention because there could be questions.

30 Works Cited y-bridges-475426 y-bridges-475426 Through my Eyes: By Ruby Bridges

31 Question When was Ruby born? What is Ruby’s middle name How old is Ruby as of this date? How old will she be next year? Opinion: Do you like Ruby Bridges? Does she sound like a good person? Explain.

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