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12.40 6.40 6.80 5.80 0.80 1.20 7.80 8.80 9.00 0.20 12.40 7.90 7.50 Guides for gutter Text colours R 27 G 66 B 152 R 0 G 0 B 0 R 127 G 127 B 127 Background.

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Presentation on theme: "12.40 6.40 6.80 5.80 0.80 1.20 7.80 8.80 9.00 0.20 12.40 7.90 7.50 Guides for gutter Text colours R 27 G 66 B 152 R 0 G 0 B 0 R 127 G 127 B 127 Background."— Presentation transcript:

1 12.40 6.40 6.80 5.80 0.80 1.20 7.80 8.80 9.00 0.20 12.40 7.90 7.50 Guides for gutter Text colours R 27 G 66 B 152 R 0 G 0 B 0 R 127 G 127 B 127 Background shading R 242 G 242 B 242 R 225 G 235 B 244 R 227 G 244 B 236 8.40 Colour order (left to right, top to bottom) R 59 G 110 B 143 R 251 G 193 B 119 R 115 G 198 B 161 R 103 G 153 B 200 R 186 G 163 B 171 R 191 G 191 B 191 R 127 G 127 B 127 R 201 G 48 B 146 R 27 G 66 B 152 R 84 G 7 B 91 R 248 G 152 B 29 R 241 G 237 B 238 R 254 G 234 B 210 R 211 G 227 B 237 APM Terminals Company Presentation UK-Cameroon Trade & Investment Forum 2014 London, 7 May 2014 Francois-Xavier Delenclos, VP Strategy & Business Development

2 APM Terminals is one of five primary business units of the Maersk Group Maersk Group Copenhagen, Denmark 2013 Revenue: $47.3b USD (Shipping, Energy, Ports) 89,000 employees in over 135 countries 2 The Hague, Netherlands

3 APM Terminals 2014 A leading global network of ports with significant growth potential 36.3m TEUs (equity) 73.7m TEUs (gross) 60 shipping lines serviced 65operating ports 7new port projects 166inland locations $4.3b USD of revenue 20,300 employees in 68 countries Headquarters The Hague, Netherlands Started terminal operations in 1958 with a general cargo facility at the Port of New York 3

4 Industry-recognized excellence 2013 Awards: Lloyd’s List Asia Awards “Port Operator Award” Containerisation International “International Terminal Operator of the Year” Express, Logistics & Supply Chain Leadership Awards “Best Inland Services Provider” (APM Terminals India) MALA “Container Terminal Operator of the Year” (APM Terminals Mumbai) MALA “Health, Safety and Quality Award” (APM Terminals Pipavav) Exim India “Container Freight Station of the Year-Private” (Chennai CFS) Volkswagen India “Supplier Appreciation Award” (APM Terminals Mumbai CFS) “National Quality Award” [Morocco] (APM Terminals Tangier) “Best Employer” Award” [Morocco] (APM Terminals Tangier) 2012 Awards: Lloyd’s List Global Awards “Port Operator of the Year” Containerisation International “International Terminal Operator of the Year” Containerisation International “Corporate Social Responsibility” Award (Salalah) Nigeria Maritime Excellence Awards “Best Terminal Operator of the Year” (Apapa) All-India Maritime and Logistics Awards “Container Terminal of the Year” (Mumbai) 2011 Social Security Excellence Award for Occupational Health and Safety (Aqaba) Pacific Maritime Association Safety Awards (Pier 400; Tacoma) The Signal Mutual Gerald H. Halpin Safety Excellence Award The Signal Mutual Industry Leader Safety Award Gateway Award of Excellence (APM Terminals Chennai CFS) 4

5 We have recently been very successful in securing new locations APMT HPH DPW PSA Sokhna Tarragona Yemen Algiers Djen Zhuhai Brisbane Amsterdam Buenos Aires Kolkata Pointe Noire London Saigon Kulpi Santos Dakar Stockholm Sydney Chennai Vung Tau Busan Santos Vallarpadam Saigon Panama Great Yarmouth Cotonou Poti Moin Monrovia Suriname Ajman Dammam Callao St. Petersburg Kotka/Helsinki Tallin Ningbo Gothenburg Lazaro Cardenas Vostochny Izmir Ust Luga Abidjan St. Petersburg 2 Buenaventura Lianyungang Mariel Barcelona 200820092010201120122013 Maputo ICTSI Puerto Cortes Buenos Aires Manzanillo Rijeka Mumbai 5

6 APM Terminals can leverage non-containerised cargo expertise for multiple locations VEOS Estonia 10m tons of oil products Pipavav 3m tons of coal, fertilisers and limestone Callao 11m tons: mainly minerals, fertilisers, grains & liquid bulk Salalah 8m tons of limestone, gypsum and liquid bulk Bahrain 2m tons of cement and grains Poti 1.5m tons, mainly grain, coal and ores Monrovia 1m tons of cement and grains Non-containerised cargo handled by APM Terminals in 2013 PLP Russia 1m tons of bulk and 130k units of Ro-Ro and cars 6

7 Eastern Europe/Black Sea: Poti, Georgia 7 Project: APM Terminals Poti Expansion and Modernization $100 million USD investment over five years Current assets include 15 berths totaling 2900 meters Full-service port, handling containers, liquid and dry bulk, Ro-Ro cargo APM Terminals’ ownership: 80%

8 South American West Coast: Callao, Peru 8 Project: APM Terminals Callao Expansion and Upgrade Investment: $749 million USD over the 30-year concession Capacity: 2.9 million TEUs (Completion 2014) Non–containerized cargo capacity: 9.9 million tons APM Terminals’ ownership: 80%

9 Middle East: Port Said East, Egypt 9 Project: Suez Canal Container Terminal Phase II 1200 meters of additional berth to 2400 meters 12 new Super-PostPanamax Cranes for a total of 24 Annual throughput capacity doubled to 5.4 million TEUs APM Terminals’ ownership: 55%

10 West Africa: Monrovia, Liberia 10 Project: Freeport of Monrovia $145 million USD investment in improving the terminal, handling equipment & training: $25 million USD more than required by our concession APM Terminals demolished the severely damaged pier and rebuilt it in 2 years and 3 months into a 600- metre container & breakbulk quay, beating the 3-year deadline despite problems like lack of power & water APM Terminals’ ownership: 100% Had the pier collapsed “it would have caused our economy to come to a halt” Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia

11 5.Human resources potential: -Creates employment locally & offers growth abroad -Strong training programs for all functions & levels 3.Development track record: -Ability to integrate new terminals quickly -Experienced in West Africa, at home in Cameroon 4.Operational excellence: -World-class operating procedures & practices for yard, vessel & berth planning and execution -One of the most highly regarded operators globally 2.Commercial expertise: -Serves over 60 shipping lines across the globe -10 senior Key Account Managers for top 26 customers with regular C-level meetings 1.Financial clout: -Ability to deploy substantial capital quickly -The stability of the world’s largest shipping group What APM Terminals can bring to the Cameroon Government 11


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