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Summary MAC Region Discipleship Ministry Border Initiative Monterrey, Mexico May 17, 2006.

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1 Summary MAC Region Discipleship Ministry Border Initiative Monterrey, Mexico May 17, 2006

2 The Great Commission Matthew 28:19, Jesus the Risen Lord: “While you are going MAKE DISCIPLES of all nations…baptizing them…teaching them to obey to obey all things I have commanded you.”

3 Making disciples is the heart of the Great Commission and the center of the mission of the church throughout the New Testament. PREMISE

4 Making disciples needs to be the heart of the ministry of the local church, all the ministries of the church should contribute to making disciples. PREMISE

5 The main function of the pastor is to be the chief trainer or disciple- maker and thus develop a group of disciples called a church. PREMISE

6 Intentional and continuous discipleship in the church is the indispensable foundation for the formation of leaders. PREMISE

7 Biblical discipleship is the multiplication system that motivates us to use small groups for spiritual and missional development of the church: necessary elements for planting new churches. PREMISE

8 The mission and vision of the MAC Region Discipleship Ministry is to create a system that provides each local church... Biblical bases. A basic strategy, that motivates a local strategy. Accompanying, consultation and training (team of leaders). Together develop materials, tools. A place to share and improve the discipleship ministry. Establish a solid base for leadership development.

9 Regional Discipleship Strategy Life-long Discipleship

10 Discipleship ABCDE The MAC Region has five levels of discipleship –Level A: approaching non-believers, pre-conversion and post-conversion –Level B: baptism to entire sanctification –Level C: consolidation (Sunday School, living the Christian life; life-long learning) –Level D: developing lay ministers, Entrance level to theological education –Level E: education in seminaries, Leadership School (professional ministry) B C D E A Become mature, attaining to the full measure of the fullness of Christ --Eph. 4:13

11 TC1 (Training Course, CC 1): Discovering my place in the local church  A training activity for all the laity in the local church.  Discover the gifts and ministry of each layperson.  Workshops of the different ministries are offered.  Services of inspiration and ministerial calling to all.  Leaders outside the local church are invited to collaborate in training for the different ministries.

12 TC2 (Training Courses, CC 2): Discovering the Committed  Training activity for leaders of the different ministries.  During a weekend trainers are trained in the specific ministries. Examples: NYI  Camp MAS WMMAC  COM (Camp de Orientation Missionary) SS  ENSEÑAR

13 CC3 (Training Course, CC 3): Consolidating the Ministers  A one year training program for lay ministers in each of the ministries.  Comprises 10 courses that are being developed along with Communications of the Region in videos/DVD format.  Has 4 general courses generals and 6 courses specialized in each ministry.

14 Our Need The benefits Training the laity in ministry  137,000 lay men & women Close the back door  5200 are lost each year Facilitating the response of the many that are called  We need 10,000 pastors for 2010 Entry Level of Theological Education (TR3) Ministry Concentration: 1.Compassion 2.Youth, NYI 3.Pastoral Ministry 4.Worship 5.Evangelism 6.Leadership/Admin. 7.Missions/NMI 8.SSM 9.Discipleship 10.Theological Education (Laity) Ten Routes of Advanced Training (TR3) General Courses: 1.Nazarene Identity 2.Philosophy of Ministry 3.Bible Overview 4.Nazarene Theology

15 The System in Action B C D E A Entrance Level of Theological Education (TC3, CC3) 1 year Discipleship 1. Basic Level: Discipleship 2. Level of entry to theological education Diploma/Bachillerate 3 years Licenciatura 1 year MA 1 year Dr 3. Professional Ministry

16 Dr. Diploma / Bachillerate. Licenciatura. Masters Equipping the saints For the work of ministry Life-long Discipleship A, B, C, levelsTC 1 TC 2 Saints specialized in ministry TC 3

17 Local Church Discipleship Ministry CC3/D A Levels of discipleship B C CC1 CC2 Otros Discipleship E Theological Education Other Ministries Partner with Region Field

18  Serie Siguiendo a Jesús 1, 2, 3. Estudios Bíblicos para Grupos Following Jesus Series 1, 2, 3. Bible studies for groups ( available in English). ‚Lecciones Básicas de Discipulado para Adultos y Jóvenes Discipleship Bible lessons for adults and youth

19 ƒLecciones Básicas de Discipulado para Niños Amigos de Jesús: 6 Lecciones Discipleship basic lessons for Children Friends of Jesus, 6 lessons. Available Spanish Materials „Revista Jóvenes de Discipulado Jóvenes Discipleship Magazine for youth

20 …Complementary booklets for Discipleship lessons Compartiendo a Cristo Con mi Familia y Amigos Sharing Christ with my family and friends Descubriendo a Jes ú s Cada D í a Discovering Jesus every day Diccionario Para Nuevos Creyentes Dictionary for new believers Historia y Ministerio de la Iglesia del Nazareno en el Mundo History and Ministry of the Church of the Nazarene Lo que Creemos los Nazarenos What the Nazarenes believe Unidos a la Familia de Dios United into the Family of God Available Spanish Materials

21 †Complementary booklets for the consolidation of the disciples Cuatro Pasos Para Ser un Diezmero Feliz Four steps to be a happy thither Recibir é is Poder You shall receive power Materiales disponibles

22 Three years of training. 6 workbooks of John Maxwell's materials. Group training sessions every six months. Each participant needs to train, with the same material that he/she received, 25 leaders to assist the next training seminar. Leadership Training: Million Leader Mandate EQUIP John Maxwell

23 Conclusion Our Goal is to multiply disciple-leaders to extend the Kingdom of God around the world.

24 The First Church of Christians “Then the word of God spread, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests were obedient to the faith.” Acts 6:7

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