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Part A. When and where did the murder of Emmett Till take place? How old was Emmett at the time of his death?

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1 Part A

2 When and where did the murder of Emmett Till take place? How old was Emmett at the time of his death?

3 Money, Mississippi. Taken on August 25, 1955. Found dead August, 28 1955. 14years old

4 What was life like in Chicago compared to the south?

5 more laid back. The segregation wasn’t as extreme. Blacks had many more opportunities and much more freedom. Well-paying jobs churches, newspapers, and businesses Racial violence was relatively rare. The quality of life--housing, education, employment, entertainment, and social opportunities--was significantly better for Blacks and whites in Chicago’s than it was in Southern cities (Crowe 27).

6 What was Emmett’s life like in Chicago? What was his relationship with his mother like?

7 “Elementary School, an all-black-school, and lived in a segregated neighborhood-- his life in Chicago was a good one” (Crowe 28). Was not well educated or aware of how bad things were in the south. (pg. 28). Had a great relationship with his mom, and he worked hard to please her.

8 According to pgs. 40-43, what were some of the things that Emmett may have enjoyed during his life? (Ex: TV shows, music, books, sports teams etc.).

9 sports - he highly favored the Chicago White Sox (MLB). TV. BooksMusic

10 What caused Emmett Till’s murder? Name important places, people, and events that took place that started and led to his death.

11 Emmett’s friend’s decided to skip out on church headed over to “Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market” Emmett was bragging about how he has “been with white women” before and his friends dared him to go into the store and ask Carolyn Bryant out on a date. He went and asked “how about a date baby?” Her husband was out of town and by the time he returned, she decided she wasn’t going to tell him but he ended up hearing through talk from the rest of town. Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W. Milam went and tracked Emmett down at his Uncle Mose’s house and took him away. That was the last anyone ever saw of him. 3 days later they found his body in the Tallahatchie River.

12 Name the two people who were responsible for Emmett’s death. Did they have any help? If so, who?

13 Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam. They had help from two unnamed black men.

14 What are the Jim Crow Laws

15 They legalized segregation between blacks and whites. Jim Crow laws mandated the segregation of public schools, public places and public transportation, and the segregation of restrooms, restaurants and drinking fountains for whites and blacks.

16 Define the following words Acquitted: Lynch:

17 a. Acquitted: to free from a criminal charge. To find not guilty. b. Lynch: to kill someone for an alleged crime, typically by hanging

18 Were the men found innocent or guilty? What led to this decision?

19 Guilty- they had an all-white jury. Lawyers used various tactics

20 What was the name of the speech, later made into a book, that Judge Tom P. Brady wrote and what was it about?

21 Black Monday: Segregation or Amalgamation...America Has Its Choice. “Brady unknowingly foreshadowed the Emmett Till case 13 months before it happened” (Crowe 31).

22 How did Emmett’s killers gain sympathy in court?

23 They brought their sons to court with them.

24 What was the key evidence used to identify Emmett’s dead body? What was its significance?

25 “a silver ring with the inscription May 25, 1943, L.T. Mose Wright recognized it as the ring of Louis Till, Emmett’s father, a ring that Emmett had worn” (Crowe 64).

26 List the reasons why people would consider Emmett’s trial unfair today.

27 They had an all-white jury, the jury did not take long to deliberate, which implies that they already had their minds made up before the trial even ended.

28 Who found Emmett’s body and where did they find it (be specific)? What was his body like when they found it?

29 Fisherman found his body in the Tallahatchie River. It was brutally beaten and unrecognizable. It was bloated from being under the water for so long.

30 What is polio? How did it affect Emmett?

31 An infectious viral disease “A speech defect that often caused him to stutter was the only lasting effect of the sometimes fatal disease” (Crowe 39).

32 Who told Roy Bryant about what Emmett Till did?

33 He heard from people in the town

34 What’s ironic about the name of the town Money, MS?

35 It was the poorest city in the state.

36 What did Mose Wright do that was so significant in history?

37 He was the first African American to testify against a white person.

38 Which magazine was the first to publish the gruesome image of Emmett?

39 Jet magazine was the first to publish the picture of Emmett. (pg. 18)

40 Which major franchise (that is EXTREMELY popular today) had its grand opening in Chicago during April of 1955?

41 McDonalds

42 Where was Emmett’s father during all of this commotion?

43 he was killed in World War II when Emmett was only 5 months old.

44 When Emmett is taken, what does his mother, Mrs. Bradley, do after she hears about the news? (pg. 63)

45 Makes her bed and calls every newspaper ultimately forcing the sheriff to make arrests for kidnapping

46 Which story do Milam and Bryant stick to until they are acquitted?

47 They kidnapped him but did not kill him

48 Why did Mrs. Bradley request an open-casket viewing? What effect did this have in the media

49 She wanted the people to see what they did to her boy. More intense print and photo coverage

50 Before trial proceedings started, how did whites in Money, MS feel about the two men? (pg. 71)

51 They were horrified, the men were not liked in community, many felt they overstepped their white authority

52 Explain why the white citizens in Money, MS felt that their Southern culture was in danger.

53 On edge because of Brown v. Board of education, on the defensive, hostile reaction from country wanted to preserve way of life

54 What was the defense team’s strategy in court? (pg. 75-76)

55 Provide jury members with an easy out, Make sure they couldn’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, rebuild the image of the two men, spread rumor that Emmett Till was alive

56 Describe what happened during Mamie Till Bradley’s testimony. (pg. 89-90)

57 mourning death while trying to punish killers, poised and clear-headed, fashionably dressed, air of confidence, answers direct and to the point, using good English and speaking in audible tone. Disputed her ability to identify the body - how can she recognize disfigured corpse?

58 Describe what happened during Willie Reed’s testimony. (pg. 91-92)

59 young 18 year old boy, and he was intimidated by the white people. The defense lawyers continually objected and then tried to create doubt Then they tried to weaken his credibility by trying to prove he was too far away.

60 What does the Sheriff say after Milam and Bryant are acquitted? What is the importance of his comment?

61 If the people who are sending him threatening letters come down to MS, the same thing will happen to them that happened to Emmett.

62 Explain “Black Friday” in context to the book

63 Black Friday was named after southern racism won the battle in the Emmett Till case

64 Describe what civil rights activist did after the trial.

65 They used the momentum from the case to cultivate support. Rallies

66 Describe how Rosa Parks was connected to the movement.

67 She was horrified and inspired by Emmett’s murder. She did not plan to initiate a bus boycott, but weariness from a lifetime of discrimination made her determined not to surrender her seat.

68 Explain the debacle that happened with Look magazine.

69 Finances became tight, and Milam and Bryant had difficulties with their businesses. Because of desperation and arrogance, the two brother decided to sell their story to a reporter for the magazine. They described why and how they murdered Emmett Till.

70 What happened to Bryant and Milam financially and personally after the trial?

71 Finances were tight. lived their lives in shame and anonymity. Their wives divorced them, and they never regained their reputation or livelihoods in MS. Both men remained unrepentant to the ends of their lives. Even though the murder caused them problems they did not regret killing Emmett.

72 What did Mamie Till Bradley do for the rest of her life?

73 She continued to travel the country giving lectures about her son and the civil rights movement completed her teaching degree and became an elementary school teacher she was never able to return to the kind of life she had enjoyed before her son’s death.

74 Your Name My Name Class Assignment Due Date

75 Sam Roberts Parmar 9 th Lit/Comp 12 December 2014

76 Page number at top

77 Parmar 1

78 In-text citation

79 (Crowe 75).

80 Man vs. man

81 A character struggles with another character.

82 Ex: Emmett Till vs. Milam & Bryant Rainsford vs. Zaroff

83 Man vs. self

84 The character’s struggle takes place in his or her own mind.

85 Ex: Rainsfords vs. fear and running away or being strong and fighting GAWM: Emmett Till vs. the idea of flirting with Mrs. Bryant

86 Man vs. nature

87 A character struggles with a force of nature.

88 Ex: Rainsford vs. Ocean (dealing with waves) Rainsford vs. Quicksand

89 Man vs. society

90 A character or a group of characters that fight against the society in which they live.

91 Ex: Emmett Till thinking there’s absolutely nothing wrong with flirting with Mrs. Bryant.

92 Ethos

93 a persuasive device that appeals to credibility or character

94 Ex: Celebrities use this and it works for them

95 Pathos

96 A persuasive device that appeals to emotion.

97 Ex: sad dog/puppy commercial

98 Logos

99 A persuasive device that appeals to logic or reason.

100 Ex: Doctors approve this message

101 Simile

102 comparison using like or as to compare two seemingly unlike things.

103 Ex: Her hair is as soft as silk

104 Metaphor

105 Comparison for two unlike things without using like or as.

106 Ex: Her hair is silk.

107 Personification

108 Giving inanimate object human-like characteristics

109 The leaf danced as it fell off the tree.

110 Imagery

111 Descriptive detail, ability to make image appear in mind based off of words author writes.

112 Ex: Squirming puppies

113 Archetype

114 a perfect example of a type or group. A framework NOT a sterotype

115 Ex: The good wife Hero Villain

116 Tragic flaw

117 the downfall that results from a weakness within the character

118 Achilles heel Odysseus is curious

119 Hero’s journey

120 The long journey in which a main character is tested through stages and receives a treasure as his reward

121 The Odyssey

122 Epic poem

123 a long narrative poem on a great and serious subject that is centered on the actions of a heroic figure.

124 The Odyssey

125 Protagonist

126 the central character in a literary work around whom the main conflict revolves.

127 Odysseus, Emmett Till, Rainsford

128 Antagonist

129 a person or force in society or nature that opposes the central character.

130 Milam & Bryant, Poseidon, General Z

131 Exposition

132 introduces the characters, background and setting

133 Rising Action

134 events that lead to the climax

135 Climax

136 emotional high point; turning point of the story

137 Falling Action

138 events that lead the resolution of the conflict

139 Resolution

140 the end of the conflict

141 Allusion

142 a reference in a work of literature to a character, place or situation from another work of literature.

143 Who is the protagonist and antagonist of the Most Dangerous Game?

144 Rainsford & General Zaroff

145 What is the setting of The Most Dangerous Game?

146 An unknown island in the Caribbean, called Ship-Trap Island. The events happen sometime in the 1920s

147 How does Whitney foreshadow some of the events in the story?

148 He tells Rainsford of the superstitions about it being an evil place. He also mentions that maybe the hunted (animals) have feelings.

149 What does General Zaroff want in a game to hunt?

150 Courage, cunning, and the ability to reason.

151 How does General Zaroff find game for his island?

152 Either they are accidently shipwrecked or he uses fake channel markers and makes the ships wreck in to the reefs

153 Exposition

154 Rainsford is on a boat on his way to a hunt in Rio. We find out that he is an expert hunter. Then he falls off the boat, and swims to Ship- Trap Island.

155 Rising Action

156 Rainsford meets General Zaroff and finds out that the General is bored with traditional hunting and has started trapping sailors and hunting them. Rainsford refuses to help him, so the General starts to hunt Rainsford. Rainsford sets several traps for the General, and ends up killing the General’s dog and Ivan. Then he dives into the sea.

157 Climax

158 Rainsford shows up in the General’s bedroom. Rainsford does not want to just give up and win the game.

159 Falling Action

160 The General and Rainsford fight.

161 Resolution

162 Rainsford sleeps in the General’s bed. We infer that the General lost and was fed to the dogs.

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