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LMA Luncheon - Competitive Intelligence January 10, 2012 Wanda McDavid & Judy Goater Access/Information, Inc. 1.

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1 LMA Luncheon - Competitive Intelligence January 10, 2012 Wanda McDavid & Judy Goater Access/Information, Inc. 1

2 Who are we? We are one of the oldest information professional companies in the country and the largest of our type in Denver and the Rocky Mountain region. Our staff is comprised of experienced librarians and researchers. We are information experts. 2

3 "Competitive intelligence is a systematic and ethical program for gathering, analyzing, and managing information about the external business environment that can affect a company’s plans, decisions, and operations. Although narrower in scope, it is commonly employed as a synonym for Business intelligence." - Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Definitions 3

4 Competitive intelligence includes planning, identifying decision makers’ intelligence needs, collecting and analyzing information, disseminating intelligence products and services, evaluating intelligence activities, promoting intelligence services among a client base, and additional industry-specific issues –Special Libraries Association – Competitive Intelligence Division Definitions 4

5 Competitive information may be obtained from public or subscription sources, from networking with competitor staff or customers, or from field research interviews. Strategic information is not industrial espionage. Comply with all applicable laws, domestic and international Accurately disclose all relevant information, including one’s identity and organization, prior to all interviews Avoid conflict of interests Provide honest and realistic recommendations and conclusions in the execution of one's duties – SCIP Code of Ethics 5 Ethics

6 CI is a marketing, client development and business expansion tool –Competitors –Industry information –New markets –Prospective partners –Influence business decisions –Merger opportunities/new hires Strategic Information and Competitive Intelligence: 6

7 7 Return on Investment (ROI) Good business decisions require good business information Measurement –Data collection –Effort/Time –Dollars Analysis –Sharing information Upkeep & Monitoring

8 8 Commercial Resources LexisNexis® Company Dossier atVantage

9 Non Commercial Resources Competitive Intelligence – A Selective Resource Guide – December 2011 by Sabrina Pacifica Zimmerman’s Research Guide – Company Information sp.aspx?z=1313 sp.aspx?z=1313 Zimmerman’s Research Guide – Company Personnel - sp.aspx?z=1314 sp.aspx?z=1314 9

10 Virtual Chase Business research resources/business-research resources/business-research County and Municipal Law Resources research/county-and-municipal-law-portals research/county-and-municipal-law-portals 10

11 General Sources Google Scholar 8&tab=es 8&tab=es Google Advanced Scholar Search Page h?hl=en&as_sdt=2000 h?hl=en&as_sdt=2000 Google Advanced General Search Page 11

12 What to include in a Company Profile? Quick Facts Company overview Business Segments Products/Services Business Partners Board of Directors Key Executives Key Developments Representative Clients Legal Issues and Litigation Locations - Where they do business Case Studies Patent Information Marketing Strategy Competitors Sources 12

13 13 Company Information Public Companies –SEC filings –Company Web Sites –News Articles –Links Search –Community Postings –Case Law Databases –Public Records –Commercial Databases –Blogs Private Companies –D&B Reports –Company Web Sites –News Articles –Links Search –Community postings –Case Law Databases –Public Records –Commercial Databases –Blogs

14 Company Information Hoovers 1.html 1.html Yahoo! Finance Google Finance 8&tab=ne 8&tab=ne Nexis Company Information Valuation – Attorneys - 8111Attorneys.htm 8111Attorneys.htm 14

15 15 Competition and Market Information What is the R&D Department doing –U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database How does the company compare to the competition LinkedIn What’s the gossip Blogs

16 Competitor's Web Site The Competitor's Web Site is the single- most valuable source of information. Companies and professional organizations want potential customers to find them and will openly provide information such as product descriptions, pricing, locations, and mission and vision statements. 16

17 17 Public Records Business Records Judgments Civil Actions Criminal Cases Bankruptcies Property

18 Court and Government Information CoCourts Courtlink Court Express – http://www.courtexpress.c om http://www.courtexpress.c om USA Spending site http://www.usaspending.go v/ http://www.usaspending.go v/ Pacer US Patent & Trademark Office 18

19 People Information for Legal Marketers Competitors New hires Mergers & Acquisitions Prospective Clients Current Clients Opposing Counsel 19

20 Persons of Interest -Tips and Caveats Use a wide variety of sources Validate your information Be inventive and follow leads Don’t forget the upkeep and monitoring Be mindful of Privacy vs. Right-to-Know 20

21 Uses for Contact Information Updating marketing databases Marketing campaigns Prospective clients Prospective employees Additional research Locating witnesses 21

22 Contact Information Sources Yahoo! People search salesforce (Jigsaw database) Telephone directories Professional directories Professional licensing agencies Commercial databases 22

23 Business Sources Professional Association Newsletters Company Websites and Press Releases SEC filings/Edgar Commercial databases 23

24 Local and Regional Media Commercial databases Local newspaper search Community news Google News Radio and television transcripts News alerts 24

25 Social Media Martindale Hubbell Linked-In Facebook and Google+ Twitter YouTube Blogs 25

26 Public Records Property and tax records Court filings Commercial database searches and indexes CBI Criminals Records Check Voter registrations/political campaign contributions 26

27 Scholarly Sources Commercial databases Google Scholar Curriculum Vitae WorldCat HeinOnline SSRN, EconPapers 27

28 28 Local Resources Denver Public Library database resources Colorado Secretary of State Colorado Professional Licensing National archives Special collections; e.g., University of Denver’s FACTS database

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