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Reading Comprehensions are interesting and challenging, though difficult.

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3 Reading Comprehensions are interesting and challenging, though difficult.

4 中考阅读理解的主要题型 一、细节理解题 二、词义推断题 三、逻辑推理题 四、归纳概括题

5 中考 阅读理解 技 巧(一) 词 义 猜 测 词义猜测是指在阅读过程中根据对语篇的 信息、逻辑、背景知识及语言结构等的综 合理解去猜测或推断某一生词、难词、关 键词的意义。它是一种非常有用的阅读技 巧,通过上下文提供的线索或生词本身的 结构特点对词义作出正确判断,能提高阅 读速度和阅读能力。

6 Find out the key

7 原文回放: Seasick means sick by the movement on the sea. Skill 1

8 原文回放: Ventilation, as you know, is a system or means of providing fresh air. It plays a very important part in the field of engineering.

9 原文回放 : What about the cell phone owners, the students? Most of the students said cell phones were essential and the cell phone was like an extra hand or foot for them. Skill 2 :

10 If you want to help the environment, the best place to find clothes is at a vintage store, but you might not want to buy everything used.

11 原文回放: In this short time, one of the best chance of surviving an earthquake by staying near the inside walls, in bedrooms and under beds.

12 As they go around town, the police help people. Sometimes they find lost children. They take the children home. If the police see a fight, they put an end to it right away. Sometimes people will ask the police how to get to a place in town. The police can always tell the people which way to go. They know all the streets and roads well. Skill 3 :

13 原文回放: An explosion( 爆炸 ) in space in 1999 made a cloud of 300,000 fragments, each at least 4mm in size. A small piece of these even knocked a spaceship window.

14 原文回放: So the Italian government asked some of Italy’s biggest construction and engineering companies to build the MOSE project, which was planned to be built under the sea water to stop floods

15 原文回放 : ……You must try your best to protect your eyes from harmful things. For example, sunglasses are not just for fashion but they can also serve as a great way to protect your eyesight from UV rays…… Skill 4 :

16 原文回放: At Beichuan Middle School, Premier Wen embraced a student named Zheng Haiyang,who lost both his legs in the earthquake.

17 原文回放: Mother was tall, fat and middle- aged. The principle of the school was an older woman, almost as plump as mother, and much shorter. Skill 5 :

18 原文回放: In the past the world seemed to run in an orderly way , however, everything seems to be in a state of turmoil now.

19 原文回放: There is a place on our earth where hot water and steam come up under the ground. It is on a large island in the Pacific Ocean. The island is North Island in New Zealand. Skill 6 : and

20 原文回放 : Because I could not afford to purchase the original painting, I bought a replica. Skill 7 :

21 熟能生巧!


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