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Ambulatory EMR Selection Project Update OCIO Cross-team Meeting 2/1/2011.

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1 Ambulatory EMR Selection Project Update OCIO Cross-team Meeting 2/1/2011

2 2 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) Recommendations: 12/30/2010 [It is] the strong consensus of the SAC is that Epic is the sole vender of choice most likely to meet our outpatient ambulatory electronic medical record needs.

3 3 OCIO: 2/1/2011

4 4 Conducted phone reference checks: 7 vendors responded to RFP (August) Completed onsite vendor demos (Sept 14- Oct 20) Completed faculty survey re: 5 vendors Completed site visits (Allscripts: GWU/Nov 12; Epic: OSU/Nov 19) Completed technical conference calls and onsite vendor meetings (Dec 1 st /Allscripts-Chicago & Dec 2 nd /Epic – Verona Wisconsin ) Completed follow-up Allscripts virtual site visit with Columbia University Met with ‘executive’ Selection Advisory Committee members (travel team) on Dec 10 to draft recommendations. Met with SAC members on Dec 15 to review/modify/approve recommendations. Met with eCareNet Steering committee on January 10 th – endorsing SAC recommendations. Contacted all other vendors to let them know MUSC is working toward a final solution and that we will contact them with another update in January or February. Currently in contract discussions with Epic. Conducted preliminary implementation and conversion discussions (Epic). Notified all 7 vendors that an ‘intent to award’ to Epic was signed on Monday January 31; the award will be final Tuesday February 8. Current Status (Summary)

5 5 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Acker, Julie Compliance Afrin, Lawrence B. Hem/Onc (MD) Alexander, Amy OCIO Balassone, Mike UMA Bartlett, Nathan UMA Battaglia, Rosemarie Pediatrics (RN) Benton, Ann Therapeutic Services (RN) Borg, Keith T. Emergency Medicine (MD) Brooks, Gladney CT Surgery (RN) Brown, Hope Carolina Family Care Brown, Linus Radiology Bucknam, Judith Ambulatory (RN) Burdick, Jeff OCIO Caraviello, Kellyanne DDC (RN) Carr, Christine M. Emergency Medicine (MD) Onsite Vendor Demo Attendees (one or more) Carullo, Jennifer V. Cardiology (RN) Cave, Courtney Medicine Resident (MD) Cleaves, Rebecca Pharmacy Coefield, Virginia Pharmacy Costello, Philip Radiology (MD) Daniels, Mark OCIO Davis, Kimberly S. Internal Medicine (MD) Demos, Harry A. Orthopedic Surgery (MD) Forinash, Melissa OCIO Foulois, Bonnie Nursing Informatics Fox, James B. Psychiatry Resident (MD) Garrett, Hope UMA Patient Accounting Gillespie-Miller, Sherry Ambulatory (RN) Grover, Sandra OCIO Hargrove, Michelle UMA Patient Accounting

6 6 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Jackson, JohnnaPediatrics (RN) Jordan, AllisonPsychiatry Resident (MD) King, DanaFamily Medicine (MD) Kinsman, StephenPediatric Neurology (MD) Koko, HeatherPharmacy Koval, Mary JaneMedical Records Kratz, John M.CT Surgery (MD) Lewis, MaryCarolina Family Care Liddy, Casey T.Med Ctr Strategic Planning Lin, AngelloSurgery (MD) Madory, JimPathology (MD) Mahoney, PatUMA Patient Accounting Makley, Colleen Carolina Family Care (PA) Malpas, PhyllisDDC (RN) Marley, FranCarolina Family Care Onsite Vendor Demo Attendees - continued Mauldin, JillOB/GYN (MD) Mayes, LauraUMA Patient Accounting McGinnis, MikelynUMA Marketing McMurray, WilliamUMA Administration McNeil, MoseOCIO Merrill, Mary-ElieseClinical Effectiveness Morgan, Lisa R.Cardiology (RN) Naugle, SherylRheumatology (RN) Neff, DaveAmbulatory Administration Northrup, DaveOCIO Nutaitis, MatthewOphthalmology (MD) Oates, JimRheumatology (MD) Obeid, JihadBiomedical Informatics Owczarske, StefanieSurgery (RN) Pletcher, SusanMedical Records

7 7 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Potts, SallyTherapeutic Services (RN) Powell, JodieOCIO Pridgen, KathleenUMA Patient Accounting Puckhaber, MelanieDept of Medicine Rames, Ross Urology (MD) Raney, Lawrence H.Emergency Medicine (MD) Rees, ChrisMedical Center Quality Risher, SandraOCIO Robinson, Christopher OB/GYN (MD) Rodden, Ann M.Family Medicine (MD) Rogers, BenDept of Medicine Russell, ScottPeds Emerg Medicine (MD) Sachs, BartOrthopedic Surgery (MD) Sanders, DeniseRadiology Saul, J. PhillipPediatric Cardiology (MD) Onsite Vendor Demo Attendees - continued Scheurer, Mark Pediatric Cardiology (MD) Sellars, KathyAmbulatory Administration Seyfried, BrettOCIO Shayban, GhadiOCIO Skipper, ChuckOphthalmology Smith, EstelleHospital Patient Accounting Smith, JimOCIO Soper, DavidOB/GYN (MD) Sturdivant, RachelNephrology (MD) Tufts, EdOCIO Waller, JohnAnesthesia/OCIO (MD) Walsh, TasiaOCIO Whelan, Timothy P. M.Pulmonary/Transplant (MD) Woodman, AnnabelleOCIO Zwerner, Peter L.Cardiology (MD)

8 8 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Members of the ‘Travel Team’ Mike Balassone, UMA Rosemarie Battaglia, RN, Manager of Pediatric clinics Courtney Cave, MD, Recent Chief Resident (Internal Medicine) Kim Davis, MD, Internal Medicine Sandra Grover, OCIO John Kratz, MD, CT Surgery, Committee co-Chair Jill Mauldin, MD, OB/GYN Dave Northrup, OCIO Tasia Walsh, OCIO Chris Rees, Director of Quality Phil Saul, MD, Pediatric Cardiology Mark Scheurer, MD, Pediatric Cardiology Tim Whelan, MD, Pulmonary/Transplant Peter Zwerner, MD, Cardiology, Committee co-Chair

9 9 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Functionality45% –Onsite Demos (20%) –Site visits (25%) Interoperability20% Technical Environment15% General Vendor Assessment10% Strategic/Future Considerations10% Vendor Scoring Approach

10 10 OCIO: 2/1/2011

11 11 OCIO: 2/1/2011

12 12 OCIO: 2/1/2011

13 13 OCIO: 2/1/2011

14 14 OCIO: 2/1/2011

15 15 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Strategic/Future Considerations Allscripts has an ED module as an option. Allscripts also has merged with Eclipsys for inpatient functionality. –Eclipsys is not a 'one data base' approach with Allscripts (interfaces). –Score: 2.0 Epic has the following integrated modules for future consideration: ED, Inpatient, Hem/Onc, Transplant, Inpatient Pharmacy, Ophthalmology and others. –Score 5.0

16 16 OCIO: 2/1/2011

17 17 OCIO: 2/1/2011 000s RefDescriptionBaselineAllscriptsEpic 1One-time 6,800 4,985 5,884 2Ongoing 3 Year 1 700 1,139 693 4 Year 2 700 1,139 643 5 Year 3 700 1,139 643 6 Year 4 700 1,139 643 7 Year 5 700 1,139 643 8 Subtotal Ongoing 3,500 5,695 3,265 9Total 10,300 10,680 9,149 10 Percent of Baseline 103.7%88.8% 11Score (5=Highest*) 2.0 4.0 * Percent of Baseline: 1>110%, 2>100%, 3<100%, 4<90%, 5<75% Vendor Cost Scores - Detail

18 18 OCIO: 2/1/2011

19 19 OCIO: 2/1/2011

20 20 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Overall/Final Scores - Detail ScoreWeighted RefDescriptionWeightAllscriptsEpicAllscriptsEpic 1 Functionality - onsite demos 18% 2 Functionality - site visits 23%3.054.510.71.0 3 Interoperability 18%3.714.200.70.8 4 Technical Environment Assessment 14%3.654.530.50.6 5 General Vendor Assessment 9%3.954.830.4 6 Strategic/future 9% 9 Cost 10% 10Total100% 3.44.4

21 21 OCIO: 2/1/2011 SAC Recommendations Need more due diligence in order to determine #2 ranked vendor. Epic recommended top vendor to pursue: –Highest ranking vendor resulting from Selection process (and according to independent KLAS reports). –Epic’s client base is only in Academic Medical Centers or ‘mega’ hospital/health systems; they have less than 300 customers which allow Epic to focus better on fewer customers. –Physician utilization at Epic’s site visit was fairly extensive. –Epic’s company culture is impressive.

22 22 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Epic recommended… –MUSC’s IT experts rate Epic’s technology the highest. Epic appears to be more than an application software company as they are more- so a ‘technology company’. Specifically, Epic pays meticulous attention to testing and the underlying components such as the data base and server hardware. SAC Recommendations – cont’d

23 23 OCIO: 2/1/2011 SAC Recommendations- cont’d Epic recommended Has the most ‘single database’ modules that could be implemented in the future if desirable (e.g., ED, Ophthalmology, Inpatient); Allscripts has an integrated ED module, but not inpatient or Ophthalmology. Epic would allow MUSC the future opportunity to implement a fully integrated electronic medical record.

24 24 OCIO: 2/1/2011 SAC Recommendations- cont’d The committee understands that success of an ambulatory electronic medical record will in large part be influenced by appropriate implementation of the system. Therefore, the committee is also recommending the following receive the full support from MUSC Health clinical leadership: 1.Workflow changes in all clinics well in advance of go- live (e.g., standardization, policies, accountability, etc.). 2.Appropriate levels of implementation support and resources. 3.Appropriate levels of post go-live IT staffing levels. 4.Well-structured governance that is inclusive of all clinical practices.

25 25 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Receive best/final pricing from Allscripts (as they were the #2 ranked vendor). Finalize contract /award/sign (early February). Develop project plan with vendor. Identify project team members to go to vendor training. Official kick-off of project with vendor (TBD – April?) Next Steps

26 26 OCIO: 2/1/2011 Questions?

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