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A worldwide reference in higher education Programs and Research for Aerospace engineering 2012

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1 A worldwide reference in higher education Programs and Research for Aerospace engineering

2 Where are we located ? In Toulouse
(France – Europe) In the heart of the Aerospace Campus 2012

3 Where are we located ? In Toulouse 2012

4 Toulouse, major international complex for aeronautics and space
Aerospace Valley international cluster Toulouse 850,000 inhabitants European Aeronautics and Space Pole Aeronautics: AIRBUS, EADS, ATR, SAFRAN, THALES, Liebherr Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, Latécoère, Air France Manpower : 53,000 - including 5,000 researchers Leading European centre for civil aviation industry Space : ASTRIUM, THALES ALENIA SPACE, CNES Manpower : 12,000 (25% of the European manpower) Leading European centre for satellites industry and earth observation 2012

5 Université de Toulouse
Key figures Students Ph.D. 4% Masters 20% Bachelor 43% Ph.D. Programs Laboratories Ph.D. defended / year 781 Professors Permanent staff 6 funding members INP Toulouse INSA Toulouse ISAE UT1, Social sciences UT2, Le Mirail UT3, Paul Sabatier University Objectives Research : To promote regional research Ph.D. : To coordinate Ph.D. Programs and theses delivery Attractivity : To enhance international visibility and attractivity Projects : To develop societal and multi-disciplinary projects Insertion : To enhance professional insertion of students Services : To gather service activities to the benefits of students Opening : To associate all regional higher education and research establishments 2012

6 Since October 2007: a new institute
2 « Grandes Ecoles »: SUPAERO & ENSICA in the same technical field: aeronautics and space in the same city: Toulouse under the same authority: French Ministry of Defence Merging research, MSc and Specialized Masters graduate programs, international activities… Keeping the two graduate programs: separate admissions distinct educational contents ENSICA and SUPAERO Master’s degrees (« diplôme d’ingénieur ») 2012

7 A new institute with a long history
1909 : creation of Ecole supérieure d’aéronautique et de constructions mécaniques by colonel Jean-Baptiste Roche 1930 : Ecole supérieure d’aéronautique et de constructions mécaniques became Ecole nationale supérieure d’aéronautique (SUPAERO) 1945 : creation of Ecole nationale des travaux aéronautiques (ENTA) 1957 : ENTA became ENICA (Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs des Constructions Aéronautiques) 1961 : ENICA moved to Toulouse 2012

8 A new institute with a long history
1968 : SUPAERO moved to Toulouse 1972 : SUPAERO was called Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace 1979 : ENICA became ENSICA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs des Constructions Aéronautiques) 2007: SUPAERO and ENSICA became ISAE ISAE is a founding member of Université de Toulouse 2009 : SUPAERO is 100 years old 2012

9 Some famous alumni Raoul Badin, SUPAERO 1910, inventor of Liquid-level indicator and Air-speed indicator Henri Ziegler, SUPAERO 1931, who contributed to create Airbus Henri Coanda, SUPAERO 1910, expert in aerodynamics and designer of the first thermojet powered aircraft Constantin Kostia Rozanoff, SUPAERO 1933, the first to reach Mach 1 in a French aircraft Henri Potez, SUPAERO 1911, co-inventor of Potez-Bloch propeller, founder of Potez Aeronautique Pierre Satre, SUPAERO 1934, father of Caravelle Marcel Bloch-Dassault, SUPAERO 1913, inventor of Hélice Eclair propeller, founder of Dassault Aviation François Hussenot, SUPAERO 1935, inventor of Cockpit Voice Recorder 2012

10 Some famous alumni Xavier Lagarde, Serge Dassault, SUPAERO 1951,
ENSICA 1972, Member of board SAFRAN Serge Dassault, SUPAERO 1951, President of Dassault Industries Frédéric d’Allest, SUPAERO 1966, father of Ariane launcher Laurent Collet-Billon, SUPAERO 1974, Head of DGA Délégation Générale pour l’Armement Alexis Kniazeff, SUPAERO 1966, founder of Altran Technologies Jean-Paul Herteman, SUPAERO 1975, President of SAFRAN Rachid Benmokhtar, ENSICA 1967, former Minister of Education (Morocco) Jean-Marc Nozeran, SUPAERO 1976, CEO Continental Automotive Jean-Claude Laprie, ENSICA 1968, former director of LAAS-CNRS Jean-Francois Clervoy, SUPAERO 1983, astronaut Claude Lelaie, SUPAERO 1970, Chief Pilot of A380 maiden flight Christophe Robin, ENSICA 1991, President of DynAero Roger Welaratne, ENSICA 1986, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing at GE 2012

11 ISAE’s assets and values
A worldwide reference for higher education in the aerospace field Developing international opportunities Attracting the best talents Constituting a research centre of international renown High scientific level of programs, multidisciplinary studies Teaching through projects, system approach Programs – Research and technical innovation synergy Management and business Humanities: languages, arts, culture and sports, associations International aspect Strong partnerships with industry 2012

12 ISAE’s organisation President Research Science departments
Communication Quality, Internal Control, Management Control Accounting office President Research Science departments mathematics, computer science and control theory aerodynamics, energetics and propulsion electronics, optronics and signal processing mechanics of structures and materials languages, arts, cultures, societies and economics SUPAERO Graduate Program International development and industrial relations ENSICA Graduate Program Specialized Masters and Masters of Science PhD studies Continuing Education Administration Administrative and Technical Support Services 2012

13 Nationwide competitive exam Baccalauréat (18 years old)
The French System GRANDES ECOLES UNIVERSITIES PhD 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Specialized course Specialized Master 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Diplôme d’ingénieur Master Master M 2 Bachelor Prof Exp. Master M1 L1 L2 L3 M2 M 1 Bachelor Licence 1st Year Preparatory classes 2nd Year Nationwide competitive exam International Students High school strong emphasis on fundamental science Baccalauréat (18 years old) 2012

14 ISAE Programs SUPAERO Graduate Program ENSICA Graduate Program
18 Specialized Masters 3 Masters of Science Continuing Education 5 Research Masters 6 PhDs 2012

15 SUPAERO Graduate Program
Recruitment Nationwide competitive examination Other admissions based on record (French or foreign diplomas) Top ten French Graduate Schools of engineering 1st for Aeronautics and Space Major features Broad and thorough spectrum of scientific and technical knowledge Highly developed work based curriculum System orientation related to general program choice International experience, Multicultural training, Economics and Management Five domains Aeronautics systems Embedded systems Energy systems Information and Decision systems Space systems Engineering career prospects SUPAERO 2012

16 ENSICA Graduate Program
Recruitment Nationwide competitive examination Other admissions based on record (French or foreign diplomas) 1st in its competitive examination Major features Customised program according to an identified professional project Acquisition of 4 major types of competence: scientific and technical, methodology, knowledge of the industrial world, personal development Multidisciplinary advanced scientific and technical level in the fields of mechanics, aerodynamics, propulsion, electronics, computer science, automated systems. Engineering career prospects ENSICA 2012

17 ISAE Masters of Science & Postgraduate Specialized Masters
Master of Science in Aerospace Mechanics and Avionics (AMA) Master of Science in Aeronautical and Space Systems (AESS) Master of Science in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) 18 Postgraduate Specialized Masters 14 Specialized Masters in Toulouse (10 taught in English) 1 Specialized Master with HEC, in Toulouse & Paris 3 Specialized Masters with CAUC, in Tianjin – PR China 2012

18 ISAE Postgraduate Specialized Masters
Strengths Advanced courses, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles Professionally-oriented, meeting specific needs of the French, European and Foreign aerospace industry: To acquire in-depth or double competencies To develop expertise strengthening employment capabilities To provide global market with high qualified specialists Selective recruitment Students holding a master degree, Professionals with a Bachelor degree and having at least 3 years of experience 2012

19 ISAE Postgraduate Specialized Masters
Teaching organization Two semesters: one-semester academics session, run by ISAE’s permanent professors and experts from aerospace industry: lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions, engineering and design study seminars, integrated team projects, etc. one-semester professional thesis : within an aerospace industry or state organisation carrying out consulting mission concluded by a report and an oral defence in front of jury. 2012

20 ISAE, a comprehensive set of Specialized Masters
Aerospace Electronics & Telecommunications Project Management Full-time Space Communication Systems Systems Engineering Finance Engineering and Models Space Systems Engineering Aerospace Project Management Embedded-Systems Experimental Flight Test Engineering Aviation Safety Aircraft Airworthiness Aeronautical Maintenance & Support Aeronautical Maintenance Aeronautical Engineering Helicopter Engineering Aircraft Airworthiness Aeronautical & spatial Structure English Aerospace Propulsion Systems Flight Operations French 2012

21 ISAE, Masters of Science, National Master Degree
Objectives Provide high-level training with state-of-the-art of aeronautical and space engineering Expose students to the European and French technologies and cultures Publics Students with Bachelor degree – Aeronautics, Aerospace, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering Main outlines Accredited National Degree by Ministry of Education and Research Teaching based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) 4-semester program 2012

22 Master AMA, Master AESS and Master GNSS
Comprehensive MSc offer for personalized education path Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Students with Bachelor Aerospace, Mechanics, Mechatronics MSC AMA Common Core Foreign lang. Aerospace and mechanical engineering MSc AMA Common Core Foreign lang. 1-Design-aerodynamics & fluid dynamics 2-Aircraft control 3-Aeronautical structures MSc AMA Common Core 1-Adv fluid dynamics 2-Flight control-Guidance 3-Aeronautical structures 4- Aeronautical engineering 5- Helicopter Engineering MSc AMA Master thesis MSC AESS Common Core Foreign lang. Aeronautical Engineering Electronic Engineering MSc AESS Common Core 1- Avionics 2-Flight control and Guidance Students with Bachelor Aerospace, Mechanics, Mechatronics MSc AESS Common Core 1- Aircraft systems 2- Embedded Systems 3- Space Applications 4- Space system MSc AESS Master thesis Students with Bachelor Aerospace, Mechanics, Mechatronics MSC GNSS Fundamentals courses MSC GNSS 1- Advanced signal processing 2- Antennas and propagation channels 3- GNSS II 4- Hybridization between GNSS and other sensors 5- Etc. MSC AESS 1- Receiver design for navigation and telecom 2- Advanced telecom 3- GNSS III 4- Etc. MSc AESS Master thesis 2012

23 Research Masters Sciences, Technologies, Health
Computer Science and Telecommunications (IT) Applied Mathematics (MA) Mechanical Engineering (GM) Fluid Dynamics, Energetics and Transfers (DET) Astrophysics, space sciences and planetology (ASEP) 2012

24 Ph.D. Programs (ED) and Teams (EAD)
ED MEGeP : Mechanics, Energetics, Civil Egineering and Process - EAD EDyF : Energetics and Fluid Dynamics ISAE (DAEP) – ONERA (DMAE) - EAD ICA : Clément Ader Institute ISAE (DMSM) – UPS, INSA (LGMT) – Mines Albi (CROMEP) ED GEET : Electrical Eng’g, Electronics, Telecommunications - EAD OLIMPES : Optronics, Laser, Physical Imaging and Space Environment ISAE (DEOS/MOSE, CIMI) – ONERA (DOTA, DESP/ECM, CSE) ED SDU2E : Universe, Environment and Space Sciences - EAD PSI : Space Physics and Measurement systems ISAE (DEOS/SSPA) – ONERA (DESP/MEM) ED MITT : Mathematics, Computer Science and Telecommunications EAD SCANR : Signal, Communication, Antennas, Navigation and Radar ISAE (DEOS/SCAN) – ONERA (DEMR) EAD MOIS : System Modeling and Engineering ISAE (DMIA/MARS) – ONERA (DTIM, DPRS) ED Systems : Systems EAD CSDV : System Control and Flight Dynamics ISAE (DMIA/ADIS) – ONERA (DCSD) 2012

25 Ph.D. Programs (ED) and Teams

26 Continuing education and training projects
ISAE Postgraduate Specialized Masters and Masters of Science Short courses (Mastères courses units) on Helicopters, Airworthiness and Maintenance ECATA (European Consortium on Advanced Training in Aeronautics and Space): ISAE is the consortium administrator, created to train European executives in the aerospace multinational programmes between major companies and Institutes representing Germany, France, Italy, Netherland, Spain, United-Kingdom 320 executives trained through the international Aerospace Business Integration Programme, members of the Ecalas Alumni association, areas addressed: Aerospace environment awareness, Integrated product development, Systems Engineering, Multinational Project Management, team work, cultural awareness and leadership. 2012

27 Continuing education and training projects
EUROSAE: common subsidiary continuous training company with ENSTA 200 short courses in the fields of sciences and techniques, engineering and management, 2300 trainees mostly from aerospace companies, yearly turnover of around k€. Developing custom built training courses (national and international) 2012

28 Continuing education and training projects
Developing Institutes: China (Tianjin), India (Jaïpur), Morocco (Rabat) Developing long international training courses (more than 2 weeks) to help French and European industrial groups abroad Organizing yearly course sessions for US Students: Summer program (GEA partnership) - 2 months training, Spring Semester (INSA,ENAC partnership) - 5 months training. 2012

29 Research Policy Fundamentals
A strong link between research and training To strengthen the excellence of ISAE training programs An international hosting center for master and Ph.D. programs Articulation between own capacities and strong partnerships A good balance between academic visibility and response to industry needs To develop scientific knowledge and exchanges To develop partnerships with agencies, industry and companies Aeronautics, Space and Embedded Systems Other sectors present (e.g. automotive) 2012

30 Structural Research Partnerships
ONERA: Global strategic partnership Common objectives - 5 common doctoral teams ONERA and ISAE both present themselves as privileged partners LAAS-CNRS: Communication networks architecture Thematic preferential partnership ISAE is one of LAAS academic structural partners (with UPS, INSA, INPT) Clément Ader Institute: Mechanical engineering Mechanics of structures and materials Common laboratory with UPS, INSA, Mines Albi TeSA: Telecommunications for Space and Aeronautics Cooperative laboratory with Thales Alenia Space, Rockwell Collins Support by CNES, DGAC Academic partners: INPT (ENSEEIHT), ENAC, UPS, GET 2012

31 Research Site Policy Toulouse University
ISAE funding member ISAE associated to 6 Ph.D. Programs in Mechanics – Electrical Eng’g – Maths-Computer Sc.-Telecom. – Systems – Universe Sciences – AA Aeronautics and Astronautics Ph.D. School ISAE leading establishment Multidisciplinary theses in the aeronautic or astronautic domain RTRA Sciences and Technologies for Aeronautics and Space Toulouse University funding member Aerospace Valley international cluster ISAE member of the board of directors and executive board Aerospace Campus Project 2012

32 Training and Research Departments
5 Departments − 1 Centre DAEP Aerodynamics, Energetics, Propulsion DMSM Mechanics of Structures and Materials DEOS Electronics, Optronics and Signal MOSE Micro-waves and optronics for embedded systems CIMI Integrated matrix image sensors SCAN Signal, Communication, Antennas, Navigation SSPA Space Systems DMIA Mathematics, Computer Science, Automatics MARS Modeling and Architecture of Systems ADIS Automatics, Dynamics and Interface of Systems CAS Aeronautics and Space Centre LACS Languages, Arts, Cultures, Economics, Societies 2012

33 ISAE Education and Research Human Resources
Total: 190 + 160 Ph.D. Students registered and/or working at ISAE 24 HDR: Authorised to supervise research 2012

34 International relations
Co-operation with many universities in the World: 80 academic partners (universities) in 25 countries (TU Munich, TU Berlin, ULB, UPM, UPC, Cranfield, Politecnico Milano, MIT, Stanford, Georgia Tech, NUAA, NPU Xi’an….), 39 double degree possibilities (through a particular agreement): mobility between 18 and 24 months from the 3rd year, substitution of one or two semesters (mostly through ERASMUS) mainly during the 3rd year. Internships abroad: many students achieve their master thesis abroad and so they start their career in a foreign country. 2012

35 International relations
Outgoing students: Obligation for the SUPAERO and ENSICA students to stay abroad: - at least 2 months (academic exchange, internships, projects), 55 SUPAERO students in academic exchange abroad during the year , 32 ENSICA students in academic exchange abroad during the year mostly United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Canada but also China, Japan, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland or Netherlands… Incoming students: 101 students ( ) - mostly from Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Portugal. 2012

36 Active participation to networks
GEA (Groupe des écoles aéronautiques et spatiales): founded by SUPAERO and ENSICA with ENAC and ENSMA, participation in specific programmes like the Summer Program for American students from partner universities, Sino-European Institute of Tianjin (China). PEGASUS: created by the GEA schools, co-operation network of 23 European aerospace universities, ISAE is the permanent office of the network. TIME: SUPAERO Graduate Program belongs to TIME network, 41 mostly European partners; students have been able to obtain a double degree since 1995. 2012

37 Relations with companies in brief
Strategic partnership with companies: DASSAULT, CNES, ALTRAN (june 2009) AIR FRANCE (December 2009) EUROCOPTER (February 2010) EADS SOGERMA (May 2010) ACCENTURE, ZODIAC AEROSPACE (June 2010) LIEBHERR (October 2010) AEROCONSEIL (June 2011) EADS ASTRIUM (June 2011) Many conferences made by companies intended for ISAE students: Made by SUPAERO or ENSICA alumni, Visits. ISAE SUPAERO Foundation: Creation of a foundation, fundraising. 2012

38 Students’ association and clubs at ISAE
Exploit the scientific, aeronautical, international, cultural environment in Toulouse, etc More than 140 clubs… Micro-drones contest, Eco-marathon Pilot training International Challenge on Robotics Cultural Trip abroad On campus cultural activities Air expo: air show Supaerowing: rowing competition 2012

39 Life on campus Key figures 2 campuses – 30.7 ha
80,000 m2 of habitable space nearly 800 student housing units 2,000 people at the two sites More than 140 clubs and activities The ISAE offers on its 2 campuses (SUPAERO and ENSICA) appropriate resources for high level Graduate Programs and an environment propitious to personal fulfillment: - swimming pool, - tennis and squash courts, - sports hall, - football and rugby fields… 2012

40 ISAE profile Graduates (per year): Student population: Lecturers:
SUPAERO: 180 ENSICA: 130 Specialized Masters: 250 Masters of Science: 15 Research Masters: 60 PhD: 45 Permanent staff: 440 among them 55% for research & training Budget: : 65 M€ Student population: 1.500 incl. 26% from abroad SUPAERO and ENSICA graduate programs students: 1.000 Specialized Masters and Masters of Science students: 300 PhD students: 200 A network of alumni Lecturers: 2.000 providing more than teaching hours a year Programs: SUPAERO graduate program ENSICA graduate program 18 specialized master’s degrees 3 Masters of Science 5 Research Masters 6 PhDs Relations with industry : Partnerships, conferences, visits, ISAE SUPAERO foundation International: 66 exchange agreements (24 countries) including double degrees 1 master Erasmus Mundus: EuMAS – European Masters Course in Aeronautics and Space Technology) PEGASUS (Partnership for a European Group of Aeronautics and Space Universities) TIME (Top Industrial Managers for Europe) – GEA Tianjin Research: 50 scientific partnerships, participation in 6 PhD programs Turnover : 20 M€ 2012

41 The ISAE-SUPAERO-ENSICA alumni association includes:
Graduates of ISAE Programs (SUPAERO & ENSICA Graduate Programs, Specialized master's degrees, Masters of Science and ISAE PhD, Students of these programs, who can subscribe to it as junior members, in very advantageous conditions of contribution. This more than graduates network is present in 67 countries worldwide and covers all the professions and the industrial but also economic business sectors. 2012

42 The ISAE-SUPAERO Foundation
As a public interest organization, the purpose of the ISAE-SUPAERO foundation is to contribute to the national and international influence of ISAE. The foundation has three main orientations: Support the international mobility of students and professors Foster the development and influence of research Encourage social openness at ISAE 2012

43 ISAE’s project to broaden student intake socially
OSE ISAE ISAE’s project to broaden student intake socially Even if no young student is barred from entering a "grande école" because of their social origin, the student population present is not representative of the social and cultural diversity of the society we live in. ISAE SUPAERO Graduate Program has thus initiated a project to broaden intake socially to get to the root of some of these causes. A number of working approaches have been opened out within the scope of the “equality of opportunity” call for projects Minister Azouz Bégag launched in 2006. 2012

44 Projects developped by “OSE l’ISAE”
OSE ISAE Projects developped by “OSE l’ISAE” developing individual tutoring with secondary school students selected by their teachers; providing information on the "grandes écoles " track by getting ISAE students to speak to classes of school students (lower or higher secondary) at schools targeted in rural areas in Midi-Pyrénées; gender equity; integration of the disabled people; scientific awareness 2012

45 The ISAE group The ISAE group has now achieved a size and reputation enabling it to bring together a group of schools, called the ISAE group, around the excellence of its training courses (SUPAERO, ENSICA, Masters, Ph.Ds) and its highly reputed brand. ENSMA (National School of Higher Education in Aero mechanics and techniques) has joined the ISAE group on may 2011. The vocation of the ISAE group is to bring together French higher education institutions in aerospace under a single banner, in order to extend the influence of these institutions both nationally and internationally, and to promote aerospace engineer training. The creation of the ISAE group has received support from institutions (GIFAS, 3AF – Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France, the Air and Space Academy, the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster), local stakeholders (Midi-Pyrénées region, Poitou-Charentes region) and industrials. 2012

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