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The Founding of Georgia

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1 The Founding of Georgia
The Georgia Studies Book Chapter 6 Ms. Shiflett

2 Georgia is Created June 20, 1732 Three? purposes of Georgia Charity
Economics Defense Religion (not in charter)- Catholic

3 Buffer zone Catholic Florida Slaves Former Slaves

4 Trustees Things they could not have: Slaves Land Office

5 Trustees’ model society
Law on land and work choice of settlers

6 Regulations of the Trustees
Land ownership and inheritance slavery ban prohibition

7 Words to know Parliament Mercantile (system) buffer Protestant
Roman Catholic Trustees founding “squares” backcountry upcountry Commons House of Assembly parishes French and Indian War Treaty of Paris of 1763 Proclamation of 1763 headright system

8 People to Know King George II James Oglethorpe Yamacraws
John & Mary Musgrove Tomochichi Lutheran Salzburgers Scottish Highlanders Captain John Reynolds Henry Ellis Sir James Wright King George III

9 Places to Know Catholic Florida Port Royal Yamacraw Bluff Savannah
Darien (Battle of) Bloody Marsh

10 Forts to Know Fort Frederica Fort Augusta Fort King George Fort Diego
Fort Mose Fortress at St. Augustine

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