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OUR CLASS PRESENTS….. Famous Black Americans GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER (1861-1945) George Washington Carver was an American scientist, botanist, educator,

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2 OUR CLASS PRESENTS….. Famous Black Americans

3 GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER (1861-1945) George Washington Carver was an American scientist, botanist, educator, and inventor. He made over 300 uses for the peanut. Our school was named in his honor. George Washington Carver Elementary and Arts Magnet.  PRESENTING…….

4 DIZZY GILLESPIE (1917-1993) Dizzy Gillespie was a famous trumpet player. He was born in Cheraw, South Carolina, and was the youngest of nine children. He help start the era of Be-Bop in the American jazz tradition. He was most noted for his trademark "swollen cheeks“. By: Devontrey Jackson  PRESENTING…….

5 TONI MORRISON (February 18, 1931-present) Toni Morrison an American novelist, editor, and professor. She graduated from a Historically Black University (Howard University). She received the Nobel Prize in 1993 for her novel Beloved. Her novels are known for their epic themes and detailed black women characters.. Vanzetta Andrews.  PRESENTING…….

6 MARION ANDERSON (1897-1993) Marion Anderson In 1928, she performed at Carnegie Hall for the first time. She performed for President Roosevelt and his wife. She was the first african american ever to receive that honor. By: Aliyah Warren  PRESENTING…….

7 JAMES BOOKER (1939-1983) James Booker, nickname was “Piano Prince of New Orleans” took piano lessons at age of 6, and studied classical piano and saxophone. He attended Xavier University, and released his first single in 1954. James Booker’s music style was a mixture of jazz, ragtime, classical, and rhythm & blues. By Xavier Boswell  PRESENTING…….

8 GRACE BUMBRY (1937-Present) Grace Bumbry was an African- American opera singer. In 1962 Bumbry was invited to sing at the White House where she met President John F. Kennedy. She is 78 years old now and lives in Austria. By: Kayla Summerlin  PRESENTING…….

9 MOSE TOLLIVER (July 4,1920 - October 30, 2006) Mose Ernest Tolliver was born one of 12 children in Pike Road, Alabama on July 4, 1920. His legs were crushed when a load of marble fell on him when he was working in a furniture factory. To help with being bored he taught himself how to paint and would sign his work with a backward “s”. He would often turn his paintings upside down to paint them and he painted many self portraits with crutches. Some of his paintings hang in museums in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Montgomery, Alabama. Mose T died at the age of 82 on October 30, 2006.  PRESENTING……. Kennedi McCall

10 MOSE T PAINTINGS Kennedi McCall

11 LEVAR BURTON (1957-Present) LeVar Burton was an actor, producer, director and author. He started his career by playing a lead role in the miniseries Roots. He hosted the PBS kids show Reading Rainbow which helped children learn to read. Mr. Burton also played in Star Trek and directed many film and TV projects. Now, he is bringing Reading Rainbow back to iPad under the name Rrkidz. By: Tyler Collins.  PRESENTING…….

12 MATTHEW HENSON (1866-1955) Matthew Henson was the first African American Artic Explorer. They made six voyages and spent a total of 18 years in expeditions. Henson served as a navigator and craftsman. By: AC Walters  PRESENTING…….

13 BILLIE HOLIDAY (1915–1959) She was one of the greatest female jazz singers who has ever lived. She had no proper musical training at all. She was nicknamed ‘Lady Day’. Some of her famous songs are Strange Fruit, God Bless the Child and Body and Soul. Her singing has had a big influence on singers of popular music as well as jazz. Taylor Tucker George Washington Carver Elementary and Arts Magnet  PRESENTING…….

14 B.B. KING (September 16, 1925 – Present) Current Age: 89 Riley B.B. King is a famous Blues Musician, Singer, Song writer, and Record Producer. He is called the “King of Blues”. He was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 as a Performer. King opened his own Blues Club in 1991 and named it “B.B. King’s Blues Club”. By: Jacob Johnson PRESENTING…….


16 JOSEPHINE BAKER (1906-1975) Josephine Baker was a dancer, singer, and civil rights activist who was a great performer in France. She fought against racism and segregation in the United States. She marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the March on Washington. By: Ayana Griffin  PRESENTING…….

17 JOSEPHINE BAKER ( June 3, 1906 - April 12, 1975 ) Josephine Baker became popular in France during the 1920s. She was a Singer, Dancer, Civil Rights Activists, who devoted much of her life to fight racism. KaDijah McCrary  PRESENTING…….

18 ALVIN AILEY (1931–1989) Alvin Ailey was a choreographer who founded the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in 1958. It was a hugely popular, multi-racial modern dance ensemble. Ailey choreographed close to 80 ballets. Ja’Meria Berry  PRESENTING…….

19 DOMINIQUE DAWES NOVERBER 20, 1976 Dominique Dawes was one of the first black American women to ever make the United States Gymnastics Team. In 1994 she was the first woman in 25 years to earn first place in every event in the American National Championship. Dominique also won gold medals in 1992 and 1996. By: Jaia Colvin  PRESENTING…….

20 ALEX HALEY (AUTHOR, JOURNALIST) (1921-1992) Alex Haley was an American writer whose work of historical fiction shed light on the struggles of African Americans. He is the author of the book “Roots”, a book that retold stories of his ancestors journey as slaves and their rise to freedom. By: Jaice Moseley  PRESENTING…….

21 LEONTYNE PRICE (1927-) Leontyne Price is known for her singing. Price made her opera stage debut at the San Francisco Opera in 1957. Widely regarded as the first African- American singer to earn international acclaim in opera. By: Aniya Logan  PRESENTING…….

22 LOIS MAILOU JONES (1905-1998) Lois was an African- American painter and educator who became very influential during the Harlem Rennaissance. Her studies and experiences in France and Africa influenced the subjects of her paintings to include portraits, landscapes, and especially masks. By: Kayla Jenkins presenting ……….

23 ELLA FITZGERALD (April 25, 1917 – June 15, 1996) Ella Jane Fitzgerald was an American jazz vocalist. Fitzgerald made her singing debut at age 17. Over the course of her 60-year recording career, she sold 40 million copies of her 70-plus albums. George Washington Carver Elementary and Arts Magnet.  PRESENTING……. By: Kaylin Jackson

24 THOMAS WRIGHT “FATS” WALLER (May 21, 1904-Dec 15, 1943) Thomas Wright “Fats” Waller was an American jazz pianist, organist, composer, singer, and comedic entertainer. He won several awards including the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. His Harlem style music laid the ground work for modern jazz piano that we still listen to today. By: Matthew Doniver  PRESENTING…….

25 RONALD ERWIN MCNAIR (1950 - 1986) Ronald McNair was an astronaut who flew on the fourth space shuttle mission in 1984. McNair performed cutting-edge research on the use of lasers for space communication and the use of high-powered lasers for the separation of isotopes. He died January 28,1986. In the Atmosphere over Atlantic Ocean (challenger explosion) By: LaSonja Prince  PRESENTING…….

26 CREDITS We hope you have enjoyed our class powerpoint. Each of us did our own research, selected and imported our pictures, and typed in the information on the slide. We look forward to creating and sharing more slideshows. Thank you!! Mrs. Struggs’ 2 nd Grade Class 2014-15


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